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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Title: How Do You Do, Miss?
Author: Sonata Night
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Hasunuma/Mitsuo
Summary: Hasunuma and Mitsuo finally decide who's the female in the relationship. Debating if I should do an yaoi version of this. Slightly OOC. I'll get better, I promise.
Spoilers: Prolly a few from all the manga. Sorry.

~~~"I'm not the woman in this relationship!""Neither am I!""You dressed up like a girl!""I was trying to help you out! You know as well as I do that there was no girl!"
"I am not playing the girl in this relationship!""Why not?""Because!""Because why?""Because!""That's not a good reason! Give me a better reason why you're not willing to be on bottom!""BECAUSE!"Mitsuo and Hasunuma glared at each other. Mitsuo was flushed and Hasunuma was ready to scream at him. Mitsuo hardly ever annoyed him but right now, he was incredibly tetchy over the fact that Mitsuo wouldn't even give him a decent reason as to why he wouldn't be on bottom.

"Look, Mitsuo, why don't you want to be on bottom?""Because." Mitsuo said. Hasunuma sighed, stood up, and began to walk away. "Where are you going?" Mitsuo asked. Hasunuma stopped and looked at Mitsuo. "I have to leave for a little bit before I explode on you. I can't take you simply saying because. I want a better reason. I know that you have a reason but that you don't want to say it. Hell, you might not have admitted it to yourself just like you wouldn't admit to yourself that you were in love with me." Mitsuo looked at Hasunuma and echoed Hasunuma's sigh, his much heavier and upset. "Really? You're leaving me?""For a little bit, yes." Hasunuma answered. He almost laughed at Mitsuo's guilty, upset expression. "I'm not breaking up with you. I just need a few minutes alone. I promise I'll be back."Mitsuo stood, tugging slightly as his boxers. They'd settled in for bed; Mitsuo's parents weren't there and they'd been up for several hours talking. "No. Stay here. I'll leave for a few minutes. I want to get something to drink anyways." He walked over to Hasunuma and pointed to the bed. "Sit." Hasunuma quirked an eyebrow at him but did as he said, reclining on Mitsuo's bed. "Mm. Comfy. Too bad we're not going to get to try it out tonight." Hasunuma said, teasing Mitsuo. Mitsuo blushed slightly, and Hasunuma had to smile at how adorable he looked. Mitsuo seemed ready to say something but then hurried out of the room.

Hasunuma stretched out his legs, moving to rest his head on his arm. "I guess I could be the girl in the relationship for a bit. I'm not necessarily feminine, but if Mitsuo is happier that way, I could let him be on top until he gets used to the idea of being with a guy. I think that's his biggest worry is what it's going to be like. We should probably take it slow." He stared at the ceiling, a small smile on his face. "We're not being very mature about this, rushing into it, saying, 'We should make love but only if I can be on top.' Hell, we don't even have to make love right away." He looked around Mitsuo's room and spotted the picture of them at that camp, kissing. Hasunuma remembered Mitsuo's fear that he would die if he didn't stop hiccupping, how he'd grabbed Mitsuo and how Mitsuo had responded ever so slightly, giving Hasunuma hope that he should continue to pursue him. Mitsuo had been so embarrased by that photo for the longest time but now when he looked at that photo, a small smile crossed his face. Hasunuma smiled now, also.

"Yea. What the hell were we thinking?" He asked. He languidly slid off the bed, letting his long legs drop to the ground before standing, stretching slightly, and then going to talk to Mitsuo. He tried to walk up behind Mitsuo quietly but Mitsuo heard him and turned. "Hey." Hasunuma offered quietly.

"I'm sorry. I really was kind of being annoying, wasn't I?" Mitsuo asked. Hasunuma nodded. "Sorry." He pulled out a chair from the kitchen table. "It was my fault.""Well, I was being stubborn. If you want to be on top, I guess I could deal with that for a little, until you get used to what we're doing. But I'd like to be on top. I do need to play a masculine role in his relationship too. I guess we could both share the role?" Hasunuma phrased his last statement as a half-question. Mitsuo sat down and nodded. "Mitsuo, do you really want to do this right away? Or would you want to wait and, for lack of better words, ease yourself into this relationship?"Mitsuo looked at him with surprised, bright eyes. "You know, I don't think that I would have realised that's what I wanted and we would have had to go through another few months of us having tension between us. But I think that if we did that, that would be best for both of us right now. Unless you want to ..." He blushed. "Unless you want to do it."Hasunuma rolled his eyes and knelt down to wrap his arms around Mitsuo's neck, meeting Mitsuo's gaze. "Idiot. I'm not going to force you to do something. I'd definitely like to sleep with you but you're choosing how far we go. I can wait." The happiness that lit in Mitsuo's eyes was wonderful to see. "I love you, idiot." He whispered. Mitsuo slipped down from the floor to sit on Hasunuma's lap, facing Hasunuma but resting his head on his Hasunuma's shoulder. "So, why am I playing the girl in the relationship?" He asked with a smile, tightening his arms around Mitsuo. Mitsuo moved to kiss him, ignoring the question. "I won't always be playing the woman, Mitsuo.""I know. But until then, I'm going to call you miss. Hello, miss. How are you doing, miss? Do you want to find a private place to get to know each other better, mi-" Mitsuo said. Hasunuma cut him off by moving his hand under Mitsuo's shirt. Mitsuo squirmed slightly beneath him, not pulling away, and Hasunuma continued to let his fingers brush against Mitsuo's soft skin until he came across a hard nipple, lightly tweaking it between his fingers. Mitsuo gasped and jumped, his knee hitting Hasunuma's groin. Hasunuma drew in a silent breath of pain."Ow." Hasunuma tried to hide the fact that it hurt more than he was letting on. Mitsuo looked at him, worry already clouding his face. "I'll be fine. Come here. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." "No. I... I enjoyed it." Mitsuo blushed. "But that's just so... I didn't know you could do that. I mean, I didn't know that could feel good. I'm so sorry about that, Hasunuma." Hasunuma shook his head. "It's your first time experiencing this kind of thing. I'm expecting you to freak out a bit. I promise you, I'm not going to get mad over something like that." Mitsuo settled down next to him again, resting his head in Hasunuma's lap cautiously, both for Hasunuma and himself. Hasunuma tilted his head slightly to look at Mitsuo, a slight smirk on his face. "Mm. Turn your head a little." Mitsuo's cheeks flamed again. "I can't help teasing you. You look so cute when you blush." He paused, looked at Mitsuo again. "Though you're starting to look like you're a lobster."

"Shut up!" Mitsuo said, laughing slightly. Hasunuma grinned at him. "Shut up, you jerk."
"Hm. I'm a jerk? Then I guess you don't want me to do this." Hasunuma leaned over, lightly kissing Mitsuo. Mitsuo wrapped his arms around Hasunuma's neck. "Or you do." Hasunuma pulled away and then moved to his hand to rest it on Mitsuo's stomach. "Can I try again?" He asked. "If you don't want me to, just tell me.""Uhm..yea. Go ahead..." Mitsuo murmured, looking nervous. Hasunuma tugged his shirt up, revealing the pale flesh. A light touch that quickly ran from his stomach to along his side made him shiver and Hasunuma found himself enjoying the fact that he could get Mitsuo react to him that easily. Mitsuo fidgeted for a moment as Hasunuma continued to draw patterns across his flesh. "Relax. I'm not doing anything bad to you." "I know. It feels n-nice-ah!" Mitsuo yelped as Hasunuma slid his other hand along the inside of Mitsuo's thigh to under his boxers. "Ha-Hasunuma?" Hasunuma withdrew his hand. "Sorry. You can keep doing it. I just didn't know that you were going to put your hand there." "I really should stop, Mitsuo." Hasunuma murmured. Mitsuo nodded. "I guess. I don't mind if you go further. I won't stop you." Mitsuo mumbled, trying not to look away. Hasunuma stroked Mitsuo's hair. "How anyone couldn't have fallen in love with you before me is a shock." Hasunuma said. "I'm not going to go any further.""I want you to.""No. Mitsuo, we should take this slow. Let's not be fumbling teenagers trying to rush ahead." Hasunuma said. "I mean, I've never really fooled around with guys either. I don't want to screw up with you and make you think that being with me won't be any good." Mitsuo's eyes once again because something that Hasunuma could stare into all day, filled with love and disbelief. Hasunuma stretched out next to Mitsuo. "Hasunuma, being with you will be good." "I know. But it will be good if we wait a bit, too. I don't want being with you to end up rushed and needy and I know it won't be perfect the first time, but I don't want it to be bad either. I want you to enjoy it." Hasunuma kissed Mitsuo's cheek. Mitsuo nuzzled against him.
"How's your lap?" He asked. "I really didn't mean to hit it.""It's recovering just fine." Hasunuma laughed. "Maybe we should go to sleep." He said. Mitsuo yawned and nodded, closing his eyes. "You look so sweet and innocent. Your face is so peaceful. I could just watch you sleep forever." Mitsuo was already half asleep, drawing himself up into a ball, one arm sprawled out across the floor. "Mm...lvyhsnma." Mitsuo mumbled back. Hasunuma could make out the reply and he smiled.

"Love you too, Mitsuo." He stretched out. "We should move into your room.""Mm." Mitsuo said. Hasunuma moved to pick up Mitsuo, standing slowly and carrying Mitsuo across the room to gently place him on the bed before lying down next to him and wrapping an arm around him. "Goodnight, miss.""Shut up." Hasunuma breathed against Mitsuo's neck, meaning exactly the opposite. Mitsuo pulled Hasunuma's arm around him tighter and turned slightly so that he was able to rest his forehead against Hasunuma's chest. Hasunuma let out a soft sigh, finding himself completely content. This is only the beginning. He thought, and it's only going to get better. Mitsuo will be my first and hopefully my only. With that last thought, he let himself settle more comfortably on the bed and then into sleep.
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