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The underground subway. Dark, dank, and frankly, a little odd-smelling. The speeding train running along the old tracks was the worst taken care of, of every inch of the line combined. Above the rusting grab poles and moldy seats was the dirty, smoke-stained ceiling of the train car. Florescent light bulbs above flickered spastically, as if trying to give the nearest onlooker a seizure. It was on this train, sitting on one of the moldy, rotting seats, a teenage girl, about 17-years-old. She had her elbows on her knees and rested her chin in the palms of her hands.
The girls’ clothing was a bit odd for the average bystander. Her top was a lacy black Lolita dress-like shirt, with long sleeves that were tattered at the ends. White lace caressed her exposed collarbones and around the top of her bust. A black collar was fastened around her neck, with two thin black strings that connected her collar to her top. Around her waist was a short, intricate, black skirt which ended a little ways before her knees. From her shins down was black as night stockings, laced up at the top with navy blue thick lace and string. On her feet were two black buckle shoes, with one unbuckled. It was more comfortable that way, or so she claimed.
The girls’ dark green hair kept slipping over her bare shoulders, but she had long since given up on putting it back. At least her bangs were tied up with her large black hair bow on the back of her head. Her large light blue eyes, framed by thin, flattering black glasses, stared at an old advertisement on the wall across from her. Two for three dollar special on burgers from several months ago. The girl sighed and sat up straight, stretching her hunched back. Why was it taking so long to get to the city? Aggravated and curious, the girl stood up and started for the front of the underground train. As she did so, the train lurched violently, sending her sprawling on the rotten floor. Eww…how old was that gum?! She straightened up instantly and dusted the grime and oily mess off her front. Next time, she’ll take a car. No, even walk to the city!
But she could sense something was wrong. After that lurch, the train felt like it was moving faster and faster, gaining speed with every second. Eventually, the girl made it to the second-to-first train car. Instantly upon entry, sparks flew at her from the right side, making her yelp and jump away. The green-haired youth spun around to find someone had broken the handle off the emergency brake. There was a solid concrete wall at the end of the line, and she was speeding right for it.
What was the conductor thinking?!
The girl sped to the front of the train, cursing this string of bad luck all the way. As soon as her slender fingers touched the handle of the door, the whole train went dark, sending her into complete and utter blackness. A power out, but still it ran constantly to the end of the tunnel. Not too long after the lights died, they were brought back to life, determined to stay shining bright. The teen girl opened the door to the conductors’ car, which surprisingly opened easily for her.
Inside, this train car was the best kept out of all of them. The windows were spotless as well as the control board and the seats were made from some of the finest leathers…and looked really comfy too! The girl suppressed her anger for a second to look for the brakes. Any kind of brake. Hell, she’d even throw the expensive-looking chairs out the window to stop this train! Over the rushing sounds of the train and the roar of the engine under the control panel, the girl was able to pick up the sound of a slow, constant dripping. She turned her head to the source to find the drip and almost fell backwards in surprise. The conductors chair was drenched in fresh blood with some splattered on the side of the control panel. The girls’ eyes followed the trail of blood to a side window where someone or something had broken a large hole though. It explained a lot…
But just below was the large red emergency brake, still intact. The girl dove, avoiding the blood as much as possible and pulled on the lever with all her strength. Slowly, the train pulled to a stop. Relieved, the girl plopped onto the carpeted floor and heaved a sigh of relief. Her relaxation was son cut short by the PDA of the train playing its three note tune, followed by a recording of a woman’s voice, “”
“…?” The girl asked herself.
In all her life, she’d never heard of that name. What happened to , huh? Well, maybe there would be a way to make it to her job on time now. The girl exited the deathly silent train onto the holding bay. This was just like the train cars. Dirty, smelly, and overall in horrible condition. There were a few standing objects left in the almost dark waiting bay. Three metal trash cans, (devoid of any garbage), a bench to the girls right, and a large dark tunnel to her left. A green neon sign flickered above her. The tubing read BARTON and ended with an arrow pointing to some stairs on the girls right. But the stairs to the world of light was blocked by broken chunks of concrete, plaster, and plumbing. There was no way on Heaven or Earth she’d be able to make it through that huge collapsed mess. The only other way to go was through the tunnel.
The girl gulped and slowly started for the gaping hole, her footsteps echoing loudly on the dirty tiled floor. Even this close to the tunnel, there was no way to see anything at all, even with the help of the lights behind her–dim as they were. But she could hear noises. The sounds of little claws scurrying quickly across some metal pipe. The sounds of dripping water echoed ominously before her. The girl took a gulp, and stepped into the swallowing blackness.
As soon as she did, something jerked in her stomach, as if someone fastened a hook around her gut and pulled her forward with immense speeds. Her green hair went flying straight backwards behind her as she was rushed through the pitch blackness. Sounds swiftly flitted by her ears over the rush of wind. Suddenly, everything stopped. The girl was standing in blackness. Was she lying down? Standing up? Upside down? There was no way of telling. Her arms and legs felt heavy like they were weighted down with sand. Then a small voice whispered in her ear.
“Angel…This world desperately needs your help…will you accept the terms of being a soldier of Draemm?”
Soldier…? Draemm…? What did all of that mean?
“The light of hope burns brightly inside you, Angel…please help us…”
The voice sounded like it belonged to a small child. Angel started to feel pity for the voice. She should help. It was the right thing to do. And after that, she could go back home. Though it would be hard to explain all this to her boss…
“Alright. I’ll help.” Angel said to the dark.
Silence answered her. Angel waited for the voice to give some kind of thanks, but none came. Instead, she felt a burning on her left hand. Like fire was engulfing her knuckles. Angel cried out in pain, and raised her hand up to her face. She couldn’t see, but the burning grew more and more. It was too much for the teen girl. She blacked out and crashed to the cold stone floor.