Fake Fan Fiction / Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Darkness Reigns Supreme ❯ 1/5 ( Chapter 1 )

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Warnings:AU, crossover, implied shonen-ai, language, violenceRating:Pg-13(later)Disclaimer:I don't own them, they don't belong to me, yaddah, yaddah...you knowthe drill...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T he wonders of what people do for kicks. All of the victims were torn apart...by what we don't know. The wounds look like they were inflicted by some sort of animal. Who could have possibly done this? How could they have done this?~Dee looked up as Ryo sat across from him. The half-Japanese man put on his glasses and began sorting through the files on his desk. Grimacing as he looked at the victim files, Ryo didn't notice Dee come up behind him. Dee wrapped his arms around Ryo and glanced down at the files.
1. " Isn't it horrific what happened to those women? Drake, J.J., and myself are still dumbfounded by the state of the bodies. I mean...what could have done that?"
Ryo shook his head then lowered it. Dee squeezed his love again and sighed. The two were brought out of their solemn state by the sound of Drake's voice.
"Hey you guys! The commish wants to see us. The guy he told you about is here."Ryo looked at Dee quizzically then followed him to Rose's office.Upon entering Rose's office, the three detectives noticed the absence of the man. The door behind them opened and J.J. entered along with Rose and a stranger. Rose sat at his desk and motioned for the others to sit as well."This man will be assisting your investigation. He is a private detective fromJapan and has dealt with cases with a similar M.O.." Standing, the man bowed slightly. As he erected himself, his long hair slid down past his shoulders."Whoa! You got one hell of a ponytail there man!" Dee stood then slapped the newcomer on the back. Ryo sighed and Dee turned, making a face. Clearing his throat, the lavender haired man introduced himself.
" My name is Tatsuhiko Shido. You may call me Shido. As Mr. Rose has stated, I am a P.I.. This thing committing these murders is something far more sinister than anything anyone one of you has dealt with before. It is the NightBreed."
Many eyebrows rose as questions flooded the detectives' minds. What the heck was this strange man talking about? Brought out of their thoughts by the sound of clearing ones'throat, the members of the 27th looked at their commissioner for instructions. " I believe it would be best to continue this in a separate room." Rose ushered the others out of his office.
"Now what exactly are we up against?" Drake looked at Shido puzzled. The 5 detectives had retired to an empty conference room as Rose had suggested to discuss what Shido had told them. Shido stood near the front of the table rubbing his temples. Explaining what the NightBreed were to a group of New YorkCity bred cops wouldn't be easy. He had barely said two words and the questioning was already beginning. "The NightBreed are a group of vampiric creatures that resemble demon or monsters. They are creatures of darkness and naturally want to cross over into the light. These demons will do anything to get what they want but we can not let them have it. If they were to crossover,chaos and darkness would reign supreme."
Astounded, the others stared at the Japanese man in silence until Dee spoke up.
"What do you take us for? I mean,demons? Vampires? They're only myths."
Shido shook his head. He had expected this response.
"Now I know this is hard to believe but just listen to me. I'm not lying to you about this. I would never lie about something so serious. These monsters are real and they won't stop untilthey are killed. I've slaughtered quite a few myself. And Vampires? they're real too."
At this, Shido's eyes turned amber and he smiled, revealing his long fangs. The entire room fell silent as Shido bit his thumb then materialized the Bloodsword.
"Holy shit! What the fuck is that thing?!"
Dee walked over and stood next to Shido, looking at the sword. Shido held up the sword and turned towards the other officer. "This is my primary weapon against the NightBreed. It is made of my vampiric blood and is the only thing capable of destroying the NightBreed."
Shido's eyes returned to their natural blue and the sword disappeared. Astounded, the others jumped as Commissioner Rose entered. Looking around the room, Rose came up to Shido.
"Are you done briefing Mr. Shido? If so, everyone is dismissed. Be back by first shift tomorrow. Goodnight."
Rose exited and the others rushed to leave. Ryo turned back as he opened the door.
" Do you need a place to stay, Mr. Shido? You are more than welcome to stay at my home."
Shido shook his head. " Thank you for your kindness but I'm staying with Mr. Rose while I'm here."
Ryo nodded and went to catch up with Dee.
Entering the parking garage, Ryo found his car and unlocked it. Ryo slid into the drivers seat and reached over to unlock the passenger door. Dee got in and looked over at his lover. Ryo gave Dee a weak smile and started the car. Sighing as they exited the garage and hit NYC traffic, Ryo turned on his radio. The traffic report came on and Ryo slapped the steering wheel in frustration.
"What do you expect Ryo?. I mean, it's rush hour in New York City. We're gonna hit traffic. I want to get home as much as you do and try to comprehend what we learned today."
Ryo sighed again and changed the station. He smiled a bit as Pink Floyd came on. Dee grinned and began to sing along, making Ryo laugh.
Two hours passed before the two finally reached their apartment. Dee opened the door and kicked off his shoes as he entered. Ryo followed and grabbed Dee's discarded coat and put it on a chair along with his. He flopped onto the couch and pulled his shoes off, throwing them over near Dee's. Dee sat down next to his obviously exhausted lover.
"Wow! Who would have thought?" Ryo shrugged as Dee looked over at him.
"Is something wrong babe? You seem distraught."
Ryo leaned over and gave Dee a Quick kiss. Lowering his head, Ryo rubbed his temples.
"I don't know Dee. I have this feeling I've met Shido before." As he closed his eyes, Ryo heard a deep voice within his mind. ~You do know him Ryo. you know him more than he knows himself~ Confused, Ryo rose his head and glanced around the room. Dee looked at his lover quizzically then stood, outstretching his hand to Ryo.
"Come on babe. It's late and we're both tired. Let's go to bed."
Nodding, Ryo grabbed Dee's hand and followed him to their bedroom. As the slipped beneath the covers, Ryo looked out at the city through his window.
~Why did I just hear your voice? What's going on? How do I know Shido? What are you trying to tell me Cain?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~