Fake Fan Fiction / Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Darkness Reigns Supreme ❯ 2/5 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Darkness Reigns Supreme
Warnings:same as before....violence, language, etc.
Author: Eliza ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Hey Drake, you want to stay for dinner? I'll make whatever you want."
JJ glanced out into his living room. His partner Drake lay on the floor asleep. Shaking his head, JJ went over to the sleeping man and shook him.
"If you're going to sleep at least lay on the couch. I'll trip on you if you lay there."
Drake blinked and stretched. Standing, the taller man gave JJ an annoyed look then flopped down on the couch. JJ sighed as his friend went back to sleep. Leaning over, JJ gently kissed Drake on the forehead .
"Good night." Drake opened one eye and grabbed JJ. Bringing JJ's face closer, Drake kissed the smaller man. Surprised, JJ pulled Drake up and kissed him back.
"Why don't I sleep in your room tonight. I'd love to see how far this can go. I'm not afraid anymore JJ."
A huge grin took up half of JJ face as he led Drake into the bedroom. Closing the door, JJ squealed as Drake picked him up and carried him to the bed. Laying the smaller man down, Drake straddled JJ and continued kissing him.
" Hmmm...Drake. I never thought you would ever go this far on your own." Drake smiled in response.
In the morning JJ awoke to the rather pleasant feeling of being wrapped up in someone's arms. He sat up suddenly, startled, but then relaxed when he saw it was only Drake. Drake opened his eyes and smiled at his new lover.
"Good morning love. So did you like last night?"
JJ blushed as he recalled what had happened last night. Smiling, he gave Drake a warm kiss. Drake yawned then almost jumped out of his skin as JJ's alarm clock went off.
"Aww shit. I was hoping I could sleep a little more. Well we might as well get going. Don't want rose getting pissed off do we, Drake?"
Drake laughed slightly and slid out of bed.
Pulling into the garage, JJ and Drake jumped out of the car and almost flew up the stairs. Panting as they reached the conference room, JJ and Drake started laughing.
"We just ran that whole way here thinking we were late and we're the first ones here. Aww man are we stupid!" Drake laughed again then stopped as the other's appeared from down the hall. Commissioner Rose gave the two men a strange look, shook his head, then led everyone into the room. Shido was already standing in front of the long table and nodded as Rose acknowledged him then left. The other detectives stood around the table and waited for him to begin.
"It's good to see that you are all well rested. Today I will further explain what we discussed yesterday." Shido looked around the room at the other detectives. As he pulled a file from his bag, the others gathered around him. Shido opened the file and Ryo gasped slightly. "Oh...that doesn't belong in here. Sorry." Shido took the top photograph out of the file and put it in his pocket. Backing away, the officers of the 27th stared at the pictures Shido had spread on the table. JJ got closer and looked down at the photos. "Are those NightBreed Shido-sempai?" Shido nodded. Ryo came up behind the vampire and tapped him on the shoulder. "Can I see the photo you put in your pocket?" Giving Ryo a perplexed look, Shido pulled out the picture. " Who is he Shido?" Shido sighed and looked at the photo. "That is my sire, the man who made me a vampire." Ryo stared at Shido, mouth agape. "You're Cain's fledgeling?! No wonder why I thought i knew you!"
Shido stared at the man with amazement. "You know Cain? What's going on here?"
Ryo scratched his head and smiled slightly.
"Ummm.... I met Cain when I was younger because he came to ask the great elder for advice. He told me all about you then although I was asked not to tell you anything he said."
Shido gave Ryo a weird look. " He came to talk to who?"
Shaking his head, Ryo sighed.
"Well, to explain who the great elder is, I'll have to tell you the entire history of the vampires in relevance to the elder."
Shido looked at the man, confused.
"Then please do, Mr. Ryo."
Ryo nodded and cleared his throat.
" Years ago...somewhere in the thousands...vampires lived just like humans. They did everything humans did and they still can despite the fact that many forgot. Vampires and humans lived peacefully together until a few rogues started slaughtering humans for no reason. Eventually humans began to think all vampires are like that so they started hunting them. The great elder, who was thought to be one of the first vampires ever, used her powers and exiled her kind into darkness to save them from extinction. Over the years vampires began to forget how life before was and most who became vampires after the exile knew nothing about it. Their jealousy of those of the light became hate, their hate became the NightBreed. It is also said that after the elder goes into the eternal slumber, her only natural born child will bring the Golden Dawn....the time when vampires go back to living the way they did before."
Shido interrupted suddenly.
" What do you mean, the eternal slumber? And what is a natural born."
Ryo nodded and explained.
"The eternal slumber is when a vampire 'dies'. Since they can not really die, they go into a never ending sleep when they are fatally injured and risk exposing their kind. A natural born is one who is born a vampire. As I said before, vampires where like humans once, meaning that they could...have sex and reproduce that way. Most natural borns, there are very few, age to a specific age and then stop. The age they reach is completely random and different for each one. Natural borns also tend to be 2 times as strong as one who was turned. The great elder had a natural born son not too long ago with a much younger vampiric man. He and his sister where both turned by the same man but for no real reason. The sister also has a fledgeling who happens to be her husband. The elder and her mate went into the eternal slumber around 16 years ago."
Astonished, Shido questioned the detective again.
"How do you know the elder then? Why did you meet Cain when he came to talk to her?"
Ryo closed his eyes and breathed deeply.
"I know the elder because she lived at my house when I was a child. That's why I met Cain when he came to talk to her. I was 10 at the time."
After Ryo had finished, Dee spoke up.
"Why did the elder live with you? What are you hiding, Ryo?"
Ryo took a deep breath.
"She lived with me because she.........was my mother."
*gasp* Ryo's a vampire!!! Quite a surprise, ne?
Oh, and on the time frame, I writing this to be taking place now. In my view, Dee met Ryo in 1994 when Ryo was 27. I believe it was 3 years before they got together. This is taking place when Ryo is 37, Dee is 36, Carol is 23, and Bikky is 20.