Fake Fan Fiction / Nightwalker Fan Fiction ❯ Darkness Reigns Supreme ❯ 3/5 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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Title:Darkness Reigns Supreme 3/5
Pairings:Dee/Ryo, JJ/Drake, Shido/?
Warnings:AU, implied m/m relationship, violence cursing crossover
Disclaimer:I don't own anything other than the ideas and plot in this fic.
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"She's your WHAT!?"
Ryo startling revelation had left everyone dumbstruck, especially Dee. Dee and Ryo had know each other for 10 years and had been together for 7. Dee expected that Ryo would have some secrets but nothing as big as this.
"She was my mother, Dee."
"If she was your mother then doesn't that mean you're a...."
Ryo sighed and smiled slightly.
"Yes JJ. That means I'm a vampire."
Dee stood abruptly, knocking over his chair.
"Why didn't you tell me this Ryo?! I mean, being of a different race is definitely something you should tell your lover. What the hell is wrong with you?!!"
Stunned, Ryo struggled to find words. Dee glared at Ryo angrily when he didn't respond and stormed out of the room. Ryo ran into the hallway to see Dee tearing downstairs.
"Wait!! Dee, please wait!!"
Calling after his lover, Ryo rushed to catch him. The others peered out the doorway and followed the two.
"Dee! Please!! Let me exp..."
Ryo collapsed onto his knees as Dee sped out of the parking garage. JJ approached his distraught friend but was stopped by Drake. Drake shook his head no and stood quietly as Ryo began to cry. JJ turned to his lover and buried his face in the juncture of Drake's neck and shoulder. Hugging the shorter man, Drake stared blankly at Ryo's heaving back.
"Dee....Dee...why couldn't you just wait until I..."
Ryo broke down and started sobbing miserably. Shido lowered his head and a tear slipped from his eye. Although he barely knew him, the vampire could feel Ryo's pain. It was if Ryo's sadness was his own. Ryo rubbed at his eyes and stood. His friends watched as he took a few shaking steps toward the building. Just as Ryo was about to collapse again, the stranger watching them darted out from the shadows. Catching the distraught man easily, the newcomer tried to calm him.
"It will be all-right, Prince Ryo. If that human man really loves you, he will see his mistake and forgive you of yours. If he loves you, he will return."
Ryo sniffed audibly and sobbed against the man's shoulder. The man patted Ryo's back sympathetically then pushed him away. Staring into the younger vampire's eyes, the elder made a subtle motion with his head. Ryo nodded, understanding, and whipped away his tears. Turning to face the others, he nodded again and went after Dee. JJ looked at Drake, perplexed, then glanced towards the new man. Shido only glared at him and brought his hand up, preparing for a fight. The other shook his head and motioned Shido to stop.