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Merrik had gotten Hermione the information she needed about the BladeBreakers, and some team called the Demolition Boys, but had failed to find anything other than the name of Harry's team and the people on it. All in all, he was just as useful as he could, but wasn't helping her much.

She sighed, and looked over at the files he had brought her again. There were nine people there in all, four for the BladeBreakers, and five for the Demolition Boys. It seemed as though Harry wasn't the only one ringing in a New Age. The man Voltaire (who she had learned was one of Tyson's teammates guardian) had apparently dumped his old champion team in favor of a new, and improved lineup.

Karl Donneker

Age: 17

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

Bitbeast: Whyndom the Fire Cat

Stats: unknown

Christian Donneker

Age: 17

Eyes: green

Hair: brown

Bitbeast: Highdom the Ice Cat

Stats: unknown

She wasn't much interested in anything besides their bitbeasts, which consisted of one of each element. The leader of the group, Justin's Bitbeast was forged out of electricity and `Mione seriously doubted her skills against his. She shook her head, and reminded herself that now wasn't the time for self-pity, and putdowns.

She had been at Dumbledore Manor for five days now, practicing her magic, and brewing what simple potions that she could. She was waiting now for Professor Dumbledore's arrival, and could barely be bothered with looking over team stats again. Although, there was one picture that always seemed to catch her eye.

Tyson's teammate Kai Hiwatari had to be one of the cutest boys she had ever seen. His eyes were a main fixation for her. They were so unlike Harry's, whose eyes had always, in some way, tormented her. Kai's eyes had become a sort of a healing balm. The mix between silver, and blue intrigued her, and made her wonder if they were even more captivating in real life. Her musings were put on hold when she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in," she didn't think she would ever get used to saying that ever again. After living in prison where anyone could just walk in whenever they wanted to torment you, and ghosts that flew out from the walls with no warning, she was always braced for intrusion. Looking up from her files, and saw Merrik approaching her bedside.

He looked exited, a little flushed, and his violet eyes were twinkling incessantly which told her that Dumbledore was waiting for her. Just in case it was something different, though, she waited until he said something, and wasn't disappointed.

"My grandfather is here, Hermione. He wants you to pack, and meet him in the Grand Foyer in a few minutes."

Hermione scowled, and asked "He doesn't' want to see me before then? Doesn't he have something that he wants to say to me?" She had been hoping for a chance to speak with him about Harry today. She watched as the twinkle left Merrik's eyes, and felt her frown deepen.

"I think that he's afraid of what you'll say to him, Hermione. I don't think he'll forgive himself for what he deems as a great error on his part. He feels that if he hadn't of left Hogwarts, that if he hadn't had any doubts about you, you would not have gone to Azkaban. You need to give my grandfather some time to work this out before you speak to him about it." Merrik peered into her eyes, and saw only shock, and a bit of disappointment.

"I understand," she said when the shock had receded. "And thank you for telling me that, Merrik. I don't know why he thinks the way he does, but I'm willing to speak with him when he's ready, and not before then."

She rose, and without a word, flicked her wand towards the chest of drawers, and then towards the trunk sitting in the corner. Merrik ducked as, what looked like hundreds of under things whizzed by his head, and froze when a pair of black, silk panties struck him in the face. He pulled them off, and was immediately struck again with a pair of blue jeans. When he peeled them off, he found Hermione doubled over with laughter.

"Camera…please…gods," she managed to choke out, but her amusement was replaced by embarrassment at what he next said.

"Yes, Hermione. I'm sure my family would get a thrill from seeing me with your underwear in my face." He blushed when he realized what he said, and Hermione felt the laughter come back.

"You have such a dirty mind, Merrik. What would your mother say?"

Hermione had met Merrik's mother Alberta Dumbledore the day after her arrival at the manor house. The heavyset woman reminded her of Mrs. Weasley, and Professor McGonagall rolled into one. She had the same violet eyes, and brown hair as Merrik, but lacked the Dumbledore Twinkle as Hermione called it. Since her arrival, Alberta had plied Hermione with so many sweet, and savory dishes that she avoided the older woman when she could.

Hermione left Merrik to his stuttering, and picked up the fallen items of clothing, and placed them into her trunk. She turned, and walked out of the room followed closely by the young minister.

She frowned when she realized that she hadn't seen the black bag where she kept her beyblade as she was packing, and then remembered that Merrik had asked to see her beyblade a few hours before.

"Hey, Merrik," she called, and continued when she saw him nod. "Where did you take my Gryfnix Blade?" she asked him as she closed the door behind them. She knew that he couldn't' use it. How could he when she put every protection spell she could think of to keep him from screwing it up?

Merrik paled, and smiled tentatively. "I, uh, sent it on ahead with your trunk."

Hermione stopped in front of a large staircase, and turned to face him. If she had learned wandless magic, he would have been Avada'd by the fury she was producing. She took a deep breath, and let the air out of her lungs slowly. When she was calm enough, she simply stated. "If one of those BladeBreakers touches my Gryfnix, I'll make sure you never show your face in public again." With that, she took the stairs down two at a time, stopping every once in a while to glare up at him.

Merrik Dumbledore was extremely grateful to be alive.

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Tyson Granger stood, broom in hand, sweeping furiously at the piles of dirt on the carpet. He cursed his luck when all his efforts seemed to do is smear the dirt around.

"'Mione's coming," he muttered to himself. "Got to clean up `cuz `Mione is coming."

Max, and Kenny stood next to him, laughing silently as they watched their friend curse at the ground. It was Kenny that spoke up first.

"Do you think that we should tell him he's sweeping the ground?"

"I don't know Chief," said a voice from next to him. "Do you think we should tell him that this is Kai's house?"

Max just laughed. "No, Dizzy. He's taking over the servants jobs, and they seem to like it."

They watch as a gray-haired bearded man walked passed Tyson, and said, "You missed a spot, boy." The two of them sweat dropped when Tyson hurried over to sweep the ground next to a flowerbed.

"All this trouble," Kai said as he came out of the house. "For a girl who probably can't even beyblade."

Tyson looked up from his sweeping, and stopped muttering altogether. "I can't wait until you say something like that to her when she's here," he told Kai. "I'll make sure that Chief has Dizzy record her putting her fist in your face. She's my cousin Kai, and I won't let you do anything to her. Got that?" he added when he saw that Kai didn't seem to be interested in what he was saying.

Kai was shocked, but he wouldn't let them know it. "Hn," he snorted. "She had better stay out of my way. I don't have time to baby-sit anyone else." He looked pointedly at Tyson. "But if she's your family, I just might have to. I still don't know why she has to be here in the first place. Can you honestly tell me that she has the type of experience a real blader needs?"

Before Tyson could answer, a smooth, feminine, cultured voice broke in. "I don't know what kind of experience you think I need, but I'm more than willing to battle you if that's what it takes to prove that you don't have to baby-sit me."

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