Fan Fiction / Demon Diary Fan Fiction ❯ Disclaimer ❯ the girl who stole his black heart. ( Prologue )

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Lee-Chan: hey peeps.. It takes place six years before the story. And this story is different then Angelic Arrow. Disclaimer. It basically is almost the same thing as Angelic Arrow. But different. So how about you just read.
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Oh, ps. Without further ado, Disclaimer , and this is before Eclipse met Raenef. So ya. Raenef is not lord, but some other guy is.
***************************************************************** ****
Why have brought a mere child into my lair. Sir, she was homeless, her parents killed. So, that why we are here. To cause chaos and pain. To laugh at the dismay of others. But sir, she is just a mere child of 7 or 8. HHMM, she looks quite pretty, gorgeous eyes. Maybe we could use her as a servant, or something else. Well, we'll decide later. Eclipse, yes your highness. Take the ragamuffin away, and get her some real clothes.. Yes sir.
You know child, you are lucky that the lord decided to spare your life. *looks up at Eclipse with big eyes. Conscious of everything around her* here. This will be your room. These girls will set you up. You guys pay attention. She *pushing the girl forward* will be taught the demon ways over the next two years. Then she will start to do chores. Leafe will further apon tell you anything the lord has prepared. Do to her age she will learn fast, and most of you will probably love her. But don't get too attached. She may do something that will cost her, her life.
***************************************************************** *
That small one is doing quite the job. I think she was demon to begin with. Ant shes cute, very cute. Sir her name is Naomi. And I care for this why?? Well, like you sir, she has a name, just like all the other maids/servants. Hhmm, Naomi, that's a pretty name. I think some how ill remember that. Naomi. Bring her to me. Sir? I said Bring her to me. Sir yes sir. How pretty is that hair. (A/N hair goes down to her lower back. And she has adopted Eclipse as her "father" she only speaks to him and now shes 9) sir we cant find her. She is not in the building. Send Eclipse to find her. Eclipse walks in walking slowly. Naomi behind him, holding a black dying rose. She looks up at the guards with big grey eyes. Tortured eyes. Eclipse walks off toward the basement. Naomi starts to follow, but the guards grab her. Then it happened. When they grab her, she squeezed the the flower, and the thorns pierced her skin. Everyone waited for her to start crying, but she didn't.? she just looked at the blood, then at a guard. Now everyone knows Naomi's eyes, grey, sad. Well when she looked at him, he backed up and ran. His partner, called him a baby, and grab Naomi's hand. Her shin burned. It was hot to touch. Then Eclipse came back up, saw the blood, the freaked guard,*laughing at him* then Naomi's eyes. He took her uncut hand and lead her away. The guard yelled that the lord wanted to see her, but only got the iciest glare ever.
***************************************************************** ******
Its been a year since that day. And now Naomi is 10. and the demon lord has taken a liking to her.
Sir Eclipse, the lord would like to see Naomi. Eclipse hated this day. He knew it would come. He would torture his own family so this child did not have to go through what she was about to go through. Naomi had grown very pretty. She had black hair that reached below her knees. And white highlights grew only at the tips. Her grey eyes changed with her mood. And she was innocent. He was not about to let that filth of a demon to take it from her. He wrapped her in the finest of silks, and garments. And they disappeared. He took her to the gods. The white creatures of heaven. There he left her. And returned to claim she ran from him. And there he was punished for his actions.
***************************************************************** **
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