Fan Fiction / Demon Diary Fan Fiction ❯ Disclaimer ❯ Debut in Tokyo ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lee-Chan: nothing much to say except that every single one of my stories have two or more chapters. YYYAAAHHHH!!!
Raenef: yah, does that mean party???
Lee-Chan: yup sure does.
Eclipse: oh great, something else to get him wired. Im not going to clean the puke if some one spikes the punch.!
Chris: * spiking punch* now this is going to be a party. Hehe
Erutis: were did Chris go?? CHRIS GET AWAY FROM THAT PUNCH BOWL!!!! Oh god, I hope im not to late.
Eclipse: Raenef get away from that punch bowl. We need to use Tae as a genuine pig. To see if its spiked.
Raenef: oppss *hiccup* to *hiccup* late *hiccup*
Lee-Chan: im going to back away now. AAAHHH ive created monsters. Well technically I didn'Wait. Weres the monster I created?? oh great. *yells at top of her lungs* NAOMI"S OUT!!!!!!
Alll: AAAHHHH run hide. She could be any were.
Raenef: Eclipse!! *hiccup* Stop get *hiccup* ting in my w *hiccup* ay. Don't just *hiccup* stand there.
Eclipse: Raenef im over here. Your talking to a tree.
Lee-Chan: hid in the trees. But what if shes in the trees!!!!! RRRUUUUNNNN!!!!!
Naomi: ZzZzZzZ. No mr. tomato. They wont bother us. Whats that you say.? Oh. Ok. Mr tomato says. " with out further ado Disclaimer" ZzZzZzZz. ok mr tomato. No we don't need these ropes to jump off the cliff. HAHAHA. Mr tomato went splat.
Oh yah remember...
~telepathically speaking~
(me speaking. So u better listen!!)
*six years into the future*
% and with out further ado Chained Alchemists with their new hit. " Caked on".%
Hey everyone. (screaming fans) how y'all doin ta'nite? You all must know my band. Our band. Stop takin the credit for yourself!! Hehe. Ok our band. Well we hate to keep you waiting so with out further ado. OUR band Chained Alchemists!!! (AAHHHH, THAO WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!)
The music starts out slow with just the bass guitar. Then the electric joins in. then the Keyboardist/drummer hits with a high power pull on the drums. (in this song he's using the drums.) then the singer comes in.
Then you look down with those.. dirty eyes.
The ones that were s'ppose cry,
Awhile I, drove away e,
In our heart, our minds have died,
No were to go, no were to hind.
As we drift asleep, I wonder why,
You affected me,
I feel like im abb.out to bleed,
Now when you look down with those dirty eyes,
I look back no place to hinddd yah,.
You tare my soul to tiny bits,
no vengeance in dirty tricks,
The skys all blacken with your fear,
You know im hereee.
Dream on to another day,
You think your goina get away waay. No.
We're crusted on,
It might take long,
To get us off.
We don't need coff, in to rest in peace,
All you have to do,
Is tell the truth,
We're crusted on
(the music stops,.......... then quietly the crowd hears)
We wont get along.
Im just like the dirt left on your workin boots,
Right after you get back from a shoot.
I bet you dream,
I bet you scheme,
I bet you think I was there,
(everyone stars playin)
But now you know I don't really care ,
Your childish atraits,
While im tryin to concentrate,
Im crusted on you life,
I wont come off till you do me right,
We're crusted on,
It might take long,
To get us off.
We don't need coff, in to rest in peace,
But now I know we just keep,
Try to see,
I need to be frreee!!
(music stops, singer breaths heavily)
Crowd goes WILD. Calling out their idols name. the band members are bowing. Little did the band know that their success was being watched every where. Soon girls would be buying the black buckle back shirt with the chained front, with the black Capris. Guys would be wearing baggy chain pants. In which all of these are against school rules. If not those then every one would be wearing the Alchemist sign t-shirts, sweat-shirts, ect.
We'll meet with all you guys in just a second. We want to pick another song. Hehe, just kidden. Chow!!
Omi breathing heavily grabs for water while off stage. Omi, you sure you wan to go on? I mean don't push yourself or anything. Yah Thao, im ok, just that one took a lot of energy. Man Japans a rush. People here are like mad crazy. Nith what are you doing??? Just watching the crowd. Look at them. We only did one song and their bending over backwards to our every wim. Man I cant wait to get back to our home. I cant read the signs on the rest room doors. Jeez Katori. Whats with the showin of you un understandable bath room readings?? Shut-up Kisama. (correct me if im wrong but I think that's right)
All I want to know is why couldn't we debut in our own country.? Why did we go around the world?? Hey, Omi you look nice in Thao's clothes. Don't i? wow. Thao.. not going to wear the buckle back shirt. Nah, to cold. Tae I don't know how you do it??.. but I do like the chains in front. (now Omi's wearing a white baggy shirt with black chain pants, Thao is wearing a black chained shirt, with black Capri's on. They swapped clothes)
Ok, lets do this. They all run out on stage. Hey everyone, we're back!! With more songs for you. Here we go. Omi's on bass. Singing her heart out.
A/N that's were we leave them for the night. Can you guess who this singer is?? Why is she so special that she gets her own chapter.