Fan Fiction / Demon Diary Fan Fiction ❯ Disclaimer ❯ Finding lost futures,, and the dscovery ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lee-Chan: yo, peace my celtic dudes!!!! Hahaha, I bet u fell 4 that. Whatever. Well, ur lucky I got this chapter up. I had to nurse Raenefa back to health *chris was left out on the street* cause him and Chris drank the whole punch bowl.
Eclipse: damnit!
Lee-Chan: what??
Eclipse: I said I was not going to clean this up!!!
Lee-Chan: damn Eclipse.... just clean it up/he's your Demon lord!
Lee-Chan: for now!!!
*both are fighting while Raenefa pukes his brains out.*
Naomi walking down the street wearing her normal attire. Tight leather pants, a white backless *tummy showing* shirt that has black Celtic lettering, her hair up in two pigtails that are spun into spike buns *her own hair style that only she knows how to do* black mountain boots and last but not least a lose dog collar and goggles on her head. Also she can be identified by her tattoos. Her whole back with the scene of a angel with broken wings, a demon with a sad look on his face, like he's sorry for the angel.
Naomi and a band mate walks down a busy street chatting about their recent hit "Drowned". When out of now where, some one bangs into Omi's shoulder. She falls to the ground. When Katori yells " hey kisama, you could say sorry. After all you knocked her down *he's helping Omi up when* " why would I need say sorry when she got in my way. Hey jerk, you saw as well as I did that you knocked in to her!! *his temper rising* come on Kat. Lets go. No! I want him to say he sorry. The man turns around. Omi's facing Kat*Katori* when he flinches. She turns around to be looking at the demon on her back. Long black cloak, really long and shiny jet black hair. A cold glare in his eyes, but they softened in surprise and disbelief when she turned around. There was an instant click between the two. come on Kat, it was nothing really, now come on Thao's waiting for us. Ok, hold on. Be thankful jerk that my friend forgave you, or your head would blend with the trash! The demon was too stunned to hit him with a come back. All the while Omi was looking away. Katori and Omi kept walking but both were silent. Neither had a comment on what just happened. The Demon just stared in disbelief, as if he saw a ghost. Raenef.. im back!! ECLIPSE!!!!! The garden is on fire!!! Good, those putrid flowers will burn now. Eclipse?! Will be in my room if you need me. *Eclipse poofs to his room* that's weird, why would Eclipse go to his room. It's still night, he would be either in the library or in the maze of a garden staring at the moon mumbling about some girl. I wonder who this girl is, and what she did to Eclipse.? I'll make it my duty to find out, and rid him of this evil person!!!! *he's shouting at this point* mahahahahaha!!!!!!! Raenef!!! SHUTUP!!!!!
*knock, knock* what?? Hey it's me... come in. umm yah, I was wondering, can I ask you a question?? Of course Raenef, you know you can ask me anything. Ok, but you may not like this. Ok here I go, who is that girl you are always mumbling about...?? *Raenef braces himself for yelling but hears nothing. He watches Eclipse get up and walk to his bed side. He opens the dour. He pulls out something square* she cutest thing I ever have laid eyes on. And she was mine, until I had to protect. *Raenef freaked out by Eclipse acting like this* did she.. love you? In a way. But then the Demon lord before you was going to toy with her innocence. That's when I stepped in. I would not allow it. She was only ten when I gave her up. We found her when she was 7 maybe 8. What happened to her? I took to the creatures of heaven. WHAT?? WHY!! That was the only way, that or kill her. I knew they would take care of her. How did you meet her? The lord before you destroyed her village. She was the only survivor. Was she crying?? No, in fact she was doing quite the opposite. She was smiling. Looking around, spinning in a circle. Looking at all the devastation before her. When she came to live here, she didn't talk. We thought for the longest time that she was mute until that day. What happened?? We walked in from the garden. She had picked a black dying rose. I had to tend to some business in the dungeons. While I was down there I heard it. She cried out for me. She called my name. then I heard a hush, then feet pounding the pavement. I came running up the stairs. Her hand was drenched in blood. The rose was on the floor, its stem covered in blood. She turned and looked at me, I froze in fear. Yes me freezing in fear of a child, but it was then that I knew who she really was. She was the girl of legend. She was the one all of us would fear one day. Why, she's just a girl.. girls cant be demons. You told me that yourself. I told you that cause I was told to tell you that. She is the only girl demon in existence. Wait.. what. You never told me why you "froze". Oh yes that. As I was saying. When she turned to me and looked up, her eyes were a raven black. Cold, heartless, painful. No one believed that her eyes turned another color so I kept it a secret. But when you looked into those eyes, you could tell that she would be capable of anything, even murder. Wait, wait... this doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't the lord sense a powerful presence within her? That's what I thought, but she was able to keep up a barrier. So what happened to her. Well, I was punished for losing the lord's new toy. Toy? His new "play" mate. It still makes me cringe when I say that. Anyway. I tracked her for about a year. She was put in to a family. They seemed nice at first, but then things started to go wrong. The father beat her, the mother was a druggy. She ran way. The last that I saw anything of her was in a news letter saying that there was a nation wide man hunt for her. They never found her. Im sorry. It's not your fault don't feel bad. I think I should, because a former me tried to hurt her. I have one more question. Ok but that's it for the night. You need your rest. Ok, here it is. What was her name? hmm, her name. it was the most beautiful name I've heard. Her name was Naomi. Naomi..hhhmmm... do you miss her? Oh course I do. But not so much now. Ill tell you one thing before you go to bed.
I bumped into someone today. So... well, I didn't think anything of it, until I saw who a bumped into. Who was it? Do I know? Well I think I found Naomi.