Fan Fiction / Demon Diary Fan Fiction ❯ Disclaimer ❯ Unanswered questions & the truth ( Chapter 3 )

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Lee-chan: like OMG it took me 4ever 2 get this chappie written down.. how sad. Srry 2 my viewers. Well here it is anyway.
After Eclipse told him that he went off to bed. It was now 2 week later. Eclipse had spoke nothing of this girl anymore. Now matter how hard Raenefa had pressed the subject. It was obviously something Eclipse didn't want brought up. Chris had come back by now and Raenefa had told him the story. Chris told him that he should be careful. This girl obviously had a place in Eclipses heart, and you wouldn't want him to start ignoring you if he finds this girl. “Eclipse would never ignore him.” Raenefa had thought to himself. “He couldn't. He had a place in Eclipse's heart to..right? Or was he just nice to him because he was his Tutor. He would ask him the next chance he got.”
…………………….Meanwhil e……………………
“…..Would you hurt me,
If i told you i loved you?
Would you tell me you hated me, and wish to never see me again?
Would you beat me senseless for even thinking that thought?
Would my life end if you shone me to the side?
or maybe by the fight
that's destined to happen
would i still love you even after my time?
could i move on, not knowing your thoughts?
or if your feelings were the same as mine?
Even if you told me that i would die,
by the sin of my thought
i would still love you no matter what" The group finished off the last of the song to be recorded for their Newest Album “Synthetic Heartz, Bloody Hugz, and RazorBlade Kissez”
“So Omi… tired yet? Nope not a -yawn- wink.” The petit girl replied. “We should head home. We'll see you guys tomorrow ok. I better get this girl home before she falls asleep on me.” A teenager about 16 commented. “You'd enjoy that to much Katori.?” Another guy shot back. The 16 year old just smirked. He ushered the girl out of the room. “We'll meet at 2. ok “guys the girl yawned out. “Yah at 2.” the boy from before replied.
“Hey Thao, you think we're workin Naomi too hard? I don't know Kolowo.” Thao the boy from before commented back. “ She's always tired and is at a loss of energy. What could be wrong? Is she sick? I don't know Kolowo!” Thao replied, trying to keep himself calm so'z not to lash out at the younger boy.
…………………meanwhile meanwhile……………………… 230;.
(Next Day)
Eclipse? Raenefa asked warily. Eclipse was angry today because of something that happened at his meeting. Yes? What's the matter? Nothing of your concern. Eclipse? Yes. The elder demon answered more impatiently. Do you like me? Like, do you just hang out with me because you have too. Or…” He never got to finish. “Of course I like you.. And not just because if have to. Who put these mad thoughts in your head. Where's Chris? Uh! No he didn't tell me this. I just felt like you didn't like me. “ Eclipse got up from his chair and went over to Raenefa. He knelt in front of the younger demon. Raenefa blushed when he saw Eclipse got down on his knee. Eclipse being the height he is came right to eye level with Raenefa. He grabbed hooked his finger around Raenefa's chin. “Never think your not with someone. I may act like I hate you when you don't do your studies, or are just plan idiotic. But never think I don't care about you.” Eclipse said with stern eyes. Then his expression softened. “to tell you the truth, I wouldn't know what I would do with out you.” This surprised Raenefa. Did eclipse just say that? Suddenly a blast through Raenefa into Eclipse, who caught Raenefa in flight. “Aww, am I disturbing something? A womans voice echoed off of the rumble that was once wall. “Eurtis!!!!!!!!” Raenefa yelled jumping out of Eclipse's arms and running into the dust.
………………………&# 8230;………………………… ……….
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