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Kingdom Hearts MST - Deep Jungle
Goofy: Hey, Donald, maybe King Mickey's down there.
Donald: In a backwater place like that? No way! Let's move on.
Mandy: of course, if the king is going to be trying to save the world he still has to make certain he only saves the parts that are high class. Give me a break.
Sora: Hold on, Riku and Kairi might be down there. Let's just check it
Donald: Forget it! We're on an important mission!
Sora: Just land!
Donald: No!
Sora: Come on!
Donald: Aw, phooey!
Sora: We're landing!
Donald: Don't touch that! Nooo!
Xel: Hehehe
The Gummi Ship crash-landed in Deep Jungle and Sora fell into a Tree
House. Sora is separated from Donald Duck and Goofy.
Sora: head... Donald? Goofy?
Suddenly, Sabor came to attack Sora. Sora fights Sabor and after the
fight, Tarzan came and kept Sabor away from Sora. Sabor got away.
Tarzan: Sabor, danger.
Sora: Um...thank you.
Tarzan: Thank you.
Sora: Huh? Uh, what is this place?
Tarzan: This place, this place.
Xel: (Giggling)
Mandy: (Backs away)
Sora: Okaaay... Where did the others go? Look, I got separated from my
friends. Have you seen them?
Tarzan: Hmm?
Sora: Friends...
Tarzan: Friends!
Sora: Right, my friends! There's two of 'em. The loud one is Dona-
Tarzan: Huh?
Sora: You know what? Never mind. I'm looking for my friends, Riku and
Xel: Yep, just forget about the whole saving multiple worlds.
Tarzan: Look for Riku, friends?
Sora: Right!
Tarzan: Kairi, friends?
Sora suddenly saw an image of Kairi.
Sora: Uhh...right...
The Kairi image walked away.
Tarzan: Friends here.
Sora: Really!?
Tarzan: (making weird noises) *&&X%. *&&X%. Friends here.
Mandy: …Is he cussing?
Sora: Not sure I understand, but show me! Take me to Riku and Kairi!
Tarzan: Tarzan. Tarzan go.
Sora: And I'm...Sora. Tarzan go, Sora go go!
Xel: Hmmph
Meanwhile with Goofy and Donald Duck...
Goofy: Gawrsh, where are we? I sure hope Sora's okay.
Donald: Aw, who needs him? We can find the king without him. (saw a
gorilla) Huh?
Mandy: Don't you need the key, though?
Donald Duck and the gorilla freaked out when they saw each other. Then,
the gorilla left a Gummi piece behind.
Xel: Oh, eww. Where did that come from?
Then a hunter, Clayton appeared.
Later, Sora and Tarzan proceeds to the Camp and then in the Tent. In
Tarzan: Jane!
Jane: Tarzan! Oh, and who is this?
Sora: Uh, hi there. I'm-
Jane: Oh, you speak English! So, then, obviously, you're not related to
Tarzan... Are you here to study the gorillas?
Mandy: …Umm…you couldn't tell he wasn't related to him before?
Clayton: Highly doubtful.
Clayton appeared with Donald Duck and Goofy.
Goofy: Sora!
Sora: Goofy! Donald!
Donald Duck and Sora hold each other's hand in a friendly way. Then
Goofy stands while Donald Duck and Sora crosses their arms looking the
other way.
Mandy: (Blink blink)
Clayton: A circus of clowns. Not much use for hunting gorillas.
Jane: Mr. Clayton, we're studying them, not hunting them. This is
Xel: hehehe
Clayton left.
Jane: Well, the more the merrier. Do make yourselves at home.
Sora: Well, anyway...
Sora & Donald: I'm staying.
Sora: Huh?
Goofy: Sora, look what we found. Look at this.
Goofy shows an item.
Xel: Really?
Sora: What's that?
Goofy: A gummi block. It's the same stuff used to build our ship.
Sora: So that means...
Donald: The king could be here. So, we've gotta work together to look
for him. For now.
Sora: Fine. I'll let you tag along. For now.
Sora's group got the Protect-G. Sora's group goes back to the Tent and
talks to Jane.
Jane: Apparently, Tarzan was raised in the jungle by the gorillas.
Communicating with him still isn't easy, but he's learning.
Sora: So he was speaking in "gorilla" back there... He said Riku and
Kairi are here. And one word I couldn't understand...
Mandy: I still say he was cussing.
Jane: Why don't we try this? We'll show Tarzan some slides and see if
any of them match that word. Oh, what happened to the slides?
Sora talks to Jane again and showed the slides to her. Sora looks at
the first photo of a castle.
Sora: ......
Jane: What's wrong, Sora?
Sora: What? Um... Nothing. (wondering) This place... it just looks so
familiar. But how? I've never been off my island.
Sora looks at five more photos and after that...
Jane: Well, Tarzan?
Sora: Where are my friends, Riku and Kairi?
Xel: In hell!!
Mandy: Xelloss!
Xel: hmm?
Tarzan shakes his head as if saying he doesn't know.
Sora: Hey, I thought--
Clayton: That leaves just one place.
Clayton enters the Tent.
Clayton: Young man, we've been in this jungle for some time now. But we
have yet to encounter these friends of yours. I'd wager they're with
the gorillas. But Tarzan refuses to take us to them.
Jane: Really, Mr. Clayton. Tarzan wouldn't hide-
Clayton: Then take us there! Take us to the gorillas. Go-ril-las.
Mandy: This is all so incredibly pointless.
Tarzan looks at Sora and nods his head.
Jane: Tarzan...are you sure?
Tarzan: Tarzan go see Kerchak.
Jane: Kerchak?
Clayton: He must be the leader. Perfect. I'll go along as an escort.
After all, the jungle is a dangerous place.
Clayton shows a mischievous smile. After that, Sora's group heads out
of the Tent. Along the way, Sora's group fights Sabor for the second
time. After the fight, Sabor got away. Sora's group arrived in the Vine
Area. There, Tarzan talks to one of the gorilla named Kerchak.
Tarzan: Kerchak, please listen to me. I know the nesting grounds are
secret, but I trust them. You see, I want to help them
because...because...well, they need us.
Kerchak is not doing anything.
Mandy: And they had to tell us that?
Goofy: (to Donald) Did you get that?
Donald: No.
Tarzan: Kerchak.
Kerchak looks upwards.
Tarzan: Kerchak...
Kerchak and Kala walked away. Tarzan looked down.
Goofy: (wondering) He seemed sorta distracted by something.
Donald: (wondering) Was he looking toward the tree house?
Mandy: (Bored) Does it really matter?
Sora's group proceeds to the Tree House. In there, Terk is playing with
a globe and then Clayton attempts to hunt Terk down with his hunting
rifle, but before he could take an accurate aim, Donald Duck scared him
by screaming like crazy and the shot narrowly missed Terk.
Donald: (to Clayton) What's the big idea!
Tarzan: Wait, Kerchak. Please!
Kerchak and Terk left.
Clayton: You don't understand. I was only trying to... Ah. A snake
slithered by, you see. I saved that poor gorilla's life.
Mandy: Bad liar.
Tarzan doesn't believe him.
Xel: Gee, I wonder why not.
Sora's group proceeds to the Cliff. There,
they fight Sabor for the third time. After the fight, Sabor got away.
Xel: Most likely meaning they fight him a fourth time. Why don't they just finish him off?
Sora's group proceeds to the Camp and then in the Tent. Inside...
Jane: (to Clayton) How could you do such a thing!
Clayton: Now, Miss Porter, as I told you, I was not aiming at the
Jane: You are not to go near the gorillas again!
Clayton: All because of one mishap? Come, now...
Everyone is not happy with Clayton's behavior. Clayton feels
embarrassed and walks away in frustrations.
Clayton: What am I doing with these imbeciles? Blasted gorillas! I'll
hunt down every last one of them! I'll track them down somehow. I'll
stake my life on it.
Mandy: Umm…okay.
Before Clayton could smoke his pipe, he heard a noise, and in the Tent,
Sora's group heard a gunshot. Sora's group goes outside and then...
Sora: Heartless!
Sora's group fights the Heartless who is trying to attack the gorilla.
Sora's group manages to defeat the Heartless. After finding four more
gorillas to rescue from the Heartless, Sora's group goes back to the
Tent. In there, Sora talks to Jane.
Jane: I do hope Mr. Clayton is safe...
Mandy: I think I'm just lost.
Xel: Well, it is a jungle, perhaps that was the point.
Sora's group goes outside and then, a gunshot is heard from the Bamboo
Thicket. In there, Sora's group saw Clayton's pipe. But then, Sabor
came to attack. Sora's group fights Sabor.
Xel: Called it.
After Sora's group defeats
Sabor, they received the White Fang. Then later, Terk ran into the Tent
and grabbed on to Jane and are surrounded by the Heartless. Later,
Sora's group goes back to the Tent and inside, Jane is not here.
Sora: Hey, where's Jane?
Goofy: What's wrong, Tarzan?
Tarzan: Something coming. Jane, danger. Jane near... Near tree house.
Donald: Sounds like trouble. Let's go.
Mandy: Something coming and Jane in danger, nah, not trouble at all.
Sora's group proceeds to the Climbing Trees. In there...
Jane: Tarzan!
Jane and Terk are trapped in an area. Sora's group destroys the big
black fruit to free Jane and Terk. After that...
Jane: Clayton came to the tent, and... That's the last thing I
Sora: Clayton?
Tarzan: Gorillas trapped. Terk ran.
Jane: We must help the gorillas.
Sora's group proceeds to the Cliff. In there, the Heartless and Clayton
surround the gorillas. Before Clayton could open fire...
Sora: No!
Clayton is looking at Sora's group oddly.
Sora: Clayton?
Tarzan: Not Clayton! *&&X%! Not Clayton!
Xel: He is cussing.
Sora's group fights Clayton and the Heartless. After the Heartless got
defeated, Clayton floats and some invisible enemy appeared. It is
Stealth Sneak.
Mandy: Stealth sneak?
Xel: They didn't waste much creativity on this game, did they?
Sora's group fights Clayton and Stealth Sneak. After
Sora's group defeats Stealth and Clayton, Stealth Sneak lands on
Clayton and both are defeated as the Stealth Sneak's heart came out.
Sora learns Cure. Then the gorillas appeared and Kerchak threw Sora,
Donald Duck, and Goofy up to the next area. Tarzan jumped up to that
area himself.
Tarzan: Tarzan, home.
Sora's group enters the Waterfall Cavern and in the area with a blue
light. Jane and Terk also enters.
Tarzan: *&&X%.
Sora: This is your home? But that means...
Goofy: Huh?
Mandy: `That means 'huh'?
Jane: The waterfalls... They're echoing all the way here.
Tarzan: *&&X%. Friends there. See friends.
Jane: Oh, now I've got it. *&&X% means heart. Friends in our hearts...
Xel: How did she figure that out? Guess your theory was wrong, Mandy.
Mandy: No, it just means that to gorillas `heart' is a cuss word.
Tarzan: Heart...
Sora: Oh, so that's what it meant.
Tarzan: Friends, same heart. Clayton, lose heart. No heart, no see
Sora: (to Donald) Sorry about what I said.
Donald: I'm sorry too.
Goofy: (placing his hands on Donald and Sora's shoulder) Yeah, All for
one, huh?
A keyhole suddenly appeared from the blue light. Sora uses his Keyblade
to emit a beam at the keyhole to seal Deep Jungle from the Heartless.
An item dropped after that.
Donald: A gummi!
Goofy: But it's sure not the king's.
Xel: Hmmph
Terk wants to be friendly with Donald.
Xel: (Laughing hysterically)
Mandy: A gorilla and a duck, I'm gonna be ill.
Jane: I think someone has a new admirer.
Donald: No, no, no, no! Daisy would kill me!
Sora's group laughed. They also received a Navi-G Piece. Meanwhile in
the dark area with the Disney villains...
Jafar: What drew the Heartless to that world?
Maleficent: The hunter lured them there. It was his lust for power that
was the bait. But it seems the bait was too tasty for his own good.
Oogie Boogie: (laughs) Yeah, he got chomped instead!
Xel: (Half-singing) I am the face on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright.
Jafar: A weak-hearted fool like him stood no chance against the
Heartless. But the boy is a problem. He found one of the Keyholes.
Mandy: He found two.
Maleficent: Fear not. It will take him ages to find the rest.
Maleficent reveals Sora's group's image in the table.
Maleficent: Besides, he remains blissfully unaware of our other plan.
Oogie Boogie: Yes, the princesses...
Maleficent: They are falling into our hands, one by one.
An image of Alice appeared.
Mandy: …Alice isn't a princess.
Maleficent: Speaking of which...
Later, in the Tent at Camp...
Sora: Well, guess we better get going.
Jane: Where is your ship, anyway?
Donald: Well, uh... Not too far.
Tarzan: Sora, Tarzan, friends.
Tarzan gave Sora, a Jungle King key chain. Sora's group also learned
Red Trinity. Then, Sora's group proceeds to the Gummi Ship.
Sora: The gummi block that came out of that glowing hole... It's not
like the others. Wonder what it's used for.
Donald: I dunno.
Goofy: Maybe Leon'll know.
Donald: Hmm... He might. Back to Traverse Town, then?
Sora: I wanna be pilot!
Donald: Hey, stop it!
Sora: Oh, come on! I'm the Keyblade master.
Donald: I don't care who you are! No!
Goofy: Here we go again...
Mandy: Poor goofy, stuck babysitting.
Xel: Chapter end!