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Skies of Arcadia, fanfic-acitis
Chapter one
It was a bright day on Crescent isle. Most of Vyse's crew was hanging around outside in the sun. So naturally Vyse himself was in the crew lounge with Lawrence, playing a game of darts.
“Ha! Bulls eye again! Your turn!” Vyse said as he did a small victory dance.
“Oh ok.” Lawrence said, picking up his darts. He stood in front of the dartboard for a few seconds, staggered, and fell to the ground.
“You don't have to overreact Lawrence, its just a game.” Vyse said. “Uhm… Lawrence?”
Vyse crouched down next to Lawrence and felt his forehead. He had a fever.
“Oh damn! Mayday! Helmsman down! Man overboard! Amber alert!” Vyse shouted as he ran out the door to find Ilchymis.
Soon Lawrence was moved to Ilchymis's first aid post, and the crew gathered round in the dungeon.
“Whats wrong with him? Can you make him better?” Vyse asked, hopping around hysterically.
“Well Vyse, from what I can tell, Lawrence appears to have a disease called fanfic-acitis.” Ilchymis said, covering Lawrence with a blanket.
“Uhm… He has what now?” Gilder asked, as the rest looked around in puzzlement.
“Fanfic-acitis. You get it when you appear in too many fanfics.” Ilchymis said, looking the disease up in his book. “Apparently the disease has five symptoms. First you get a high fever and experience horrible nightmares. Then your voice will become extremely high for a couple of days. The third symptom is running around naked. In the fourth phase you will get terribly depressed. And the fifth symptom is… death.” Ilchymis said in a dramatic tone. Everyone gasped.
“So is there a cure?” Vyse asked.
“Oh yes, according to this book you have to find five different herbs from all around the world and mix them into a potion. These herbs are very rare and hard to find.” Ilchymis said, holding up his book to show the pictures.
“Oh, just my luck!” Vyse sighed. “Well, copy the information of those herbs on a piece of paper, cause I will find them all before symptom five sets in!”
The crew cheered.
“Ok, Enrique and Aika, you stay here to take care of Lawrence. I will take Gilder, Fina and my active crew to search for those herbs.” Vyse said as the crew left.
“Oh Vyse, you would surely do the same thing for me if I had fanfic-acitis wouldn't you?” Fina asked him.
“Ehm… sure I would Fina. Sure I would…” Vyse said, as Lawrence screamed and fell out his bed.
“What was that?” Vyse asked as Lawrence frantically crawled under his bed.
“That would be phase one. The bad dreams.” Ilchymis said, frowning.
“Oh yeah. Its ok Lawrence, what did you dream about?” Vyse said, looking under the bed.
“No! Its too horrible! I cant say!” Lawrence said, hiding in a corner.
“You can tell me Lawrence. Its allright.” Vyse said, trying to comfort him.
“I… I dreamt… I was playing strip poker with Osman… and I was winning!” Lawrence said, sobbing frantically. Vyse shuddered, and Osman gave a small cough from across the dungeon.
“Well, don't worry Lawrence, I will find those herbs and cure you!” Vyse said, pulling Lawrence out from under the bed.
“Well Vyse, here's the list with herbs and where to find them!” Ilchymis said, handing Vyse a little piece of paper.
“Looks like the first stop is Valua, for a Florium Nickeltonia.” He said, looking at the list.
“I suggest trying local flowershops for this one.” Ilchymis said.
“I thought these herbs were rare and hard to find?” Vyse said sceptically.
“Yes, but this is a very beautiful plant, and due to crossbreeding programs Florium Nickeltonia can now be bought at flowerstores in upper Valua.” Ilchymis replied.
“Uhm… Whatever you say.” Vyse said, shrugging. “Ok, let's go!”