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Skies of Arcadia, fanfic-acitis
Chapter two
The next day the Delphinus docked at upper Valua.
“Well, let's spread out and find that plant people!” Vyse said as he looked around. The place was still filled with snooty rich people, drinking their tea. He hesitated and approached a table.
“Uhm, excuse me?” Vyse asked, and one of the ladies set down her cup.
“Yes, you poor little boy?” she answered, looking down at him.
“Poor?…” Vyse repeated. “Anyway, do you know where I can find a flower shop around here?”
“Why yes, there is a flower shop at the end of that street over there. But if you are looking for a job, don't bother. They don't hire your kind here!” the woman said as she turned back to her cup of tea.
“Ehm… I wasn't looking for a job. But thanks anyway!” Vyse said, and he left for the flower shop. The woman continued her conversation about her new solid gold toilet seat.
Vyse entered `The platinum rose' and looked around. He noticed a sign saying `Yes, we have Florium Nickeltonia.' There was still one plant underneath it. He reached out to grab it, but someone else swiped the unsuspecting flower before Vyse could grab it.
“Hey you! Put down the plant!” Vyse said angrily as he turned to the flowerthief.
“Ha! Like I would hand it over to the likes of you!” said a voice Vyse knew only too well.
“Ah no! Alfonso!” Vyse said, jumping up and down.
“Yes, it is me. And now I would like to pay for this beautiful flower, but you are in my way.” Alfonso said, as he pushed Vyse away.
“No wait! Give me that plant! Pleaaaaase!” Vyse said, following Alfonso to the register.
“No! It is going to look great on my windowsill! Especially since all my other plants died.” Alfonso said as he smiled at the plant.
“You… plant killer you!” Vyse hissed.
“And why do you want it so badly?” Alfonso asked him.
“Because I need it to make a medication for Lawrence, my helmsman!” Vyse hissed.
“Lawrence is ill?” Alfonso shrieked.
“Oh yeah, I forgot, you two are brothers right?” Vyse sighed.
(Insert Author's note: Yes indeed. They are brothers in my fanfic universe. Read Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate, for more info! And don't forget to review! *blatant self advertising*)
“Yes, he has fanfic-acitis, and I need five plants and herbs so my doctor can make Lawrence an antidote!” Vyse said, as he tried to make a grab for the plant.
“Oh, well in that case, I simply must come with you!” Alfonso said as he pulled the plant out of Vyse's reach. “I have to help save my brother!”
“And why do you think I would let you come with me?” Vyse asked sceptically.
“I will pay for this plant.” Alfonso said, pulling out his wallet.
“Oh, you think I cant pay for a measly little plant like this? What do you take me for, some hobo or something?” Vyse said, as he looked around and saw the nearest price tag. “Hah, see? 40 gold! Anyone has that kind of money!”
“That is not 40 gold, that is 40000 gold. All the costs in upper Valua are multiplied by 1000.” Alfonso said as he started counting his money for the Florium Nickeltonia. Vyse choked.
“40000 gold? Oh my god! No wonder Ramirez went nuts in this place! Who would pay that much for a stupid plant? I'm out of here!” he said and he stormed out the flower shop as Alfonso put his receipt and the plant in a bag.
But what Alfonso didn't know was that Vyse was following him. After visits to a few dozen clothes and shoe stores, Alfonso got to his house and Vyse hid in the bushes.
“Fine, I'll just steal the damn plant and hurry back to the Delphinus before anyone knows I'm here!” Vyse muttered. He looked up and saw Alfonso setting the plant down on a windowsill on the second floor. Vyse climbed a large oak tree and crawled out on one of the branches. He stretched out his arm to open the window, but at that moment Alfonso appeared again, this time carrying a bucket of water. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Vyse outside his window, and opened it.
“Vyse… Are you aware that you are in my prized oak tree, with a stocking on your head?” he asked.
“Uhm… Vyse? I'm not Vyse… I'm eh… Vize the impostor! Yeah! And I'm stealing your plant! Hand it over!” Vyse said, putting on a heavy accent.
“Vyse, I know its you! And I told you, you can have the plant if I can come with you.” Alfonso said as he made to close the window again.
“Oh fine! You can come!” Vyse said, pulling the old stocking off his head.
“Goody! I'll go pack my backs straight away!” Alfonso said, and he hurried out of the room.
Vyse sighed and fell out the tree.