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Skies of Arcadia, fanfic-acitis
Chapter three
“So explain it to us again. Why is Alfonso coming with us?” Gilder asked, and Vyse sighed.
“Because the damn plant is extremely expensive and he's the only one we know who can pay for one.” He said.
“Vyse, correct me if I'm wrong here… but we are pirates! Could you not have robbed Alfonso?” Gilder asked again.
“Ah, shut up!” Vyse said, taking the wheel. At that moment the door swung open and Alfonso stepped inside the bridge.
“You weren't thinking of leaving without me were you?” he asked
“We wouldn't dare…” Vyse said without looking back. “So the next plant is the Green nightmare, and can be found in Ixa'taka. Well, that sure is a charming nickname…” Vyse sighed as they set sail.
“Ok, Gilder, Fina you're with me. We will take a lifeboat to the surface and ask the village people if they know where to get the plant.” Vyse said as they arrived at Ixa'taka.
“Can I come too?” Alfonso asked, hopping up and down.
“Sure.” Vyse said. “Maybe we can dump him there.” He added to Gilder, who sniggered.
They touched down with the lifeboat ten minutes later, and Vyse looked around. The Ixa'takans were nowhere in sight. Suddenly, Fina winced and hopped sideways.
“What was that?!” she shouted. Vyse looked up just in time to see a stone shoot by them. Next moment, stones were flying at them from all directions. Alfonso, who was the quickest of them, was soon hiding behind a large boulder. The rest joined him.
“Why are we being pelted with stones?” Gilder asked as the rain of small pebbles subsided a bit. Everyone looked at Alfonso, who was filing his nails.
“Well, its just a small theory, but I think they might still be mad because Alfonso and the rest of the armada burned down their forests and kidnapped men from their villages, to force them to dig for moonstones.” Vyse said. “We need to find a way to gain their trust again… Well, we cant do anything behind here.” he said, and he stepped out from behind the rock. Fina, Gilder and Alfonso followed. The Ixa'takans grabbed a few more pebbles, but Vyse held up his hand to stop them.
“I think there may be small misunderstanding here.” Vyse said, and the Ixa'takans murmured angrily.
“No misunderstanding! You are armada scum, here to take us to the mines! But we wont let you!” said a man nearest to them.
“No, we're not from the armada!” Vyse said, trying to smile.
“Why's he with you then?” demanded another Ixa'takan, pointing at Alfonso.
“He's… uh… our servant! Yeah, we imprisoned him ages ago. He cant do evil anymore…” Vyse said. The crowd Oooooh-ed, and a little kid threw another pebble at Alfonso.
“So anyway, we need to find the Green nightmare plant. Can you tell us where to find it?” Fina asked, trying to distract the crowd.
“Yeah, it is at the top of Moonstone mountain.” said an elderly man.
“Oh great!” Vyse said sarcastically. “Well… thanks for your help.” and they set off for the huge mountain.
After hours of horrible climbing, they reached the top of moonstone mountain.
“Ok everyone, keep your eyes open for that plant!” Vyse said, as they spread out.
“Oh Vyse! I think I found it!” Alfonso said, jumping up and down and pointing at a little plant. Vyse examined it and said “No Alfonso, that's just poison ivy…”
Alfonso pouted and asked “What about that one then?”
“That's that same poison ivy again…” Vyse sighed, and looked around.
“Vyse, is this it?” Fina asked 10 feet away. She was pointing at an ugly green plant that seemed to be a mix between a venus flytrap and a cactus.
“Yes, that's a nightmare alright. And its green too.” Vyse said, comparing the plant to the picture. “Well, lets dig it out and throw it in this bag.”
After five minutes of digging and trying to pull the murderous plant out of Fina's hair, they climbed down the mountain and returned to the lifeboat.
“Well strangers, did you find the plant?” asked the elderly man when they arrived at the spot where they were pelted with the rocks.
“Oh yes, it's in this bag. Man, that was a mean climb!” Vyse said.
“Climb? But sir, why didn't you just use the elevator?” asked the man laughing.
“There was an elevator?! Damn Alfonso, you've been here before! Why didn't you tell us there was an elevator?!” Gilder shouted, swinging the bag with the green nightmare.
“You never asked.” Alfonso said simply. “Besides, it slipped my mind.”
As they climbed into the lifeboat the old man approached Vyse and said “That servant of yours still has quite some nerve. You should not feed him for a few days. That ought to work.”
“Yeah, well I'll…. Hey, I thought you people were against slavery!” Vyse said.
“If we are the slaves, yes.” Said the old man shrugging.