Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, sweet revenge. ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

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Skies of Arcadia, sweet revenge.
A year has passed since Vyse became captain of the Delphinus and got his own base. Since Vyse saved the world of Arcadia. Since Galcian called down the rains of destruction on Valua. To celebrate the occasion, there was a big party at Crescent isle. Everyone was invited to come. And so, in the middle of the night, crewmembers started swaying back to their cabins. The smell of alcohol lingered around the island as Vyse left for his room.
“No, seriously Gilder, I've had enough.” Vyse said to Gilder, who pushed another mug of Loqua in his face. “I'll see you in the morning.”
Silence pressed upon the island when the party finally ended. Not even the crickets chirped. Nobody could see the dark shadow that was moving across the island. And nobody could hear the door to Vyse's room open. Nobody heard the muffled scream coming from the room, and nobody saw the little ship that left the island. But in the morning, everyone noticed that Vyse was nowhere to be found.