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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
And so, Alfonso returned to Valua, where he became first admiral again. Moe the admiral got back to being Moe the janitor. Alfonso annoyed the other admirals, and disposed of a few more vice-captains, before his life was dramatically cut short by the rains of destruction. (damn youuu Galcian!)
While at Crescent isle, Vyse and the rest of the crew celebrated. There was a big party in the meeting room, and even Gilder and Drachma came. While Drachma stood in a corner, constantly checking whether his arm was still attached, Gilder was in deep conversation with Domingo. Enrique was still sulking because he lost his college funds, and Fina was still recovering from Antonio's attack. Vyse himself celebrated the loudest, and when he met Lawrence's eyes, he noticed Lawrence was smiling too.
Rupee Larso's carpets turned into the biggest carpet industry in the world of Arcadia.
And so they lived happily ever after, except for Alfonso and all the other admirals. (though Vigoro did survive) Daaamn you, game script writers!!!
I would like to thank my sister, Setsuna_cutey, for several jokes.
I would like to thank my friend Neo, for the Drachma's mechanical arm joke.
I would like to thank Ruud, a friend of my sister's, for the `Mee' joke.
And I would like to thank all my readers. I hope you enjoyed this fanfic!
Remember, I do not own Alfonso, Vyse or any other Skies of Arcadia character. They are owned by Sega.