Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day eight. ( Chapter 8 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day eight.
Vyse woke up in his bed with a huge hangover. He also didn't seem to have his shirt on. However, Vyse couldn't really remember what happened the previous night.
He tried to get out of bed, but nearly stepped on Alfonso, who was lying on the floor. Alfonso mumbled something about too much rum, before rolling on his side. Horrified, Vyse stepped over Alfonso and left his room, leaving the door ajar. He hurried to the cafeteria, where he found his shirt on the floor. He quickly put it on and ordered a huge pot of coffee. After half an hour, Alfonso came in, and smiled at Vyse, who shuddered and took a large gulp of coffee.
In the afternoon, Vyse paced around near the fountain. he could almost guess what had happened. “How much rum did I have to do something like that?” he wondered. He noticed Alfonso, who was sitting next to the flag over the pond, still reading the interior decorating book. Vyse walked up to him and said “Say, Alfonso… uhm… last night…”
Alfonso, who didn't look up from his book, replied with a “Hmmhm?…”
“Well, I don't think I live with the memory that we… that you and I…” Vyse began, but Alfonso laughed. “You think that we… Hahaha!” he closed his book and put it aside. “Sit down.” He said, pointing to the ground next to him. Vyse reluctantly sat down.
“Last night I had a sip of rum, but spat it out and turned back to mineral water. You however, had about 4 bottles. In the end, you got so drunk you started flirting with Polly and stripping on the table. So I decided to take you back to bed. I tried to go back for your shirt, but the door automatically locked as I closed it behind me. I didn't know the combination, so I fell asleep on the floor.” Alfonso explained. Vyse turned red. “Oh eh… thanks…” he muttered.
Suddenly, a few people started shouting. Vyse ran to the village square, followed by Alfonso.
“Whats going on?” Vyse asked Enrique, as the island went to red alert. Alfonso automatically jumped in a tree behind Vyse. Enrique pointed at a small ship, that flew overhead and landed near the flag. Ramirez stepped out and started walking towards Vyse. Vyse drew his cutlass, but Ramirez merely pushed him aside and looked up the tree. “Alfonso, I have come for you!” he shouted. “W...what?!” Alfonso said. “You do love me!”
“Huh? No! Your father invested a quarter in some place called Rupee Larso's carpets, and now you're rich again! We can always use a rich admiral!” Ramirez said.
“Oh, hooray!” Alfonso shouted, and he jumped into Ramirez's arms. “I cant wait to get out of here! This place is sooo filthy!” Alfonso said as Ramirez turned a bit pale and dropped him on the ground.
“Hahah… Well Alfonso, now that you are rich again, you can give us back our money.” Vyse said hopefully. Alfonso laughed.
“Give it back?! Haha, never!” he said. “Antonio the seventh, dispose of them!” There was a moment of silence. Then Antonio VII came bursting out of the cave, and ran at Vyse. Alfonso whistled, and Celine the poodle came running at him. Alfonso picked her up, turned around and followed Ramirez to his ship. He was about to board when Lawrence approached him. “So, you're leaving are you brother?” he asked.
“Yes, naturally. I am rich again!” Alfonso said, pushing his hair out of his face. “Hey, why don't you come with us? You can be like… the sixth admiral!”
“No, my place is here.” Lawrence said, looking back at the island where Vyse was pulling Antonio's tail, to keep it from trampling Fina, while Enrique and Aika attacked it. Ramirez rolled his eyes, but nobody noticed.
“Very well then. I'm sure we will meet again brother.” Alfonso said, as he got into the ship.
Lawrence waved at Alfonso as he disappeared into the sunset, and then turned back to help Vyse fight off Antonio.
The end!
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