Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Faith and Luna's Final Fantacy Crystal Cronicles ❯ The Mushroom Forest (Con.) ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Faith looked at the giant green thing amazed that it was so big.
"Oh my god!! Giant veggies attack!!!" yelled Luna.
"Luna, MOVE!" Faith yelled feeling an attack coming.
The monsters roots pierced through the ground. Faith and Luna stumble in shook of the force.
"Hey Bal Dat, help out some would ya!?" Faith yelled at the boy.
" Y-Yes sir!!" said Bal Dat as he started to run towards the monster retracting its roots.
"I'm going in after Luna, watch our backs!" Faith yelled at her partner.
"yes sir!" replied Bal Dat.
"TRY MA'AM!" Faith yelled attacking the giant green thing. "Bal Dat, take out the little ones, I'm going for the big one!"
Bal Dat ran to the two little monsters.
Faith saw the monster look as if it was concentrating on something.
"Bal Dat! MOVE!" Faith said seeing something under him.
"I am!! Stop yelling!!" Bal Dat said in a confused why.
Faith looked at where he once stood to see blizzard in his place. She then remembered her and Luna picking up some fire elements.
"Luna! Catch! Make Firaga if you can!" Faith yelled passing her the fire she had.
"O-okay!" replied Luna
Bal Dat and Faith continued their pursuit on the monsters.
"Faith I'm almost done!!" yelled Luna charging energy.
"Good!" Faith yelled while dodging the monsters poisonous breath.
"Hey girls, explain to me again, why I'm here!?" Bal Dat yelled.
"You eat our food, travel in our caravan, and you use our stuff, so you have to pay us back! So SHUT UP!" Faith yelled at him.
"Annoying girls!!!: yelled Bal Dat.
"I'm done Faith! Back off so you don't get burned!!" warned Luna.
"Good!" Faith yelled back running away from the upcoming blaze.
"Burn baby, burn!" Faith yelled at the monsters.
The monster started to disappear as the wind blew crying away it ashes.
Faith started to walk when she noticed that her leg hurt. Looking down, she saw blood.
"Luna, do you have any bandages?" She asked before she fell to the ground.
"Ah!! Yeah, hang on." Luna ran towards Faith.
Sol Rat came over to Faith, picked her up, and head toward the tree.
"We can put the bandage on after we collect the myrrh, so don't worry about that now." Bal Dat said to Luna.
"That's not for you to decide!!" yelled Luna.
"Maybe so, but if you don't hurry, Faith won't be the only one hurt, your whole village will." Bal Dat stated.
"It's fine Luna, my leg can wait." Faith said, not wanting to hear an argument.
"...Fine.." said Luna.

____________________________________________________________ _______________________

Faith, Luna, Bal Dat, and Mog came over to the myrrh tree.
"Here kupo, go and take it," Mog instructed Luna.
Luna grab the crystal and walk towards the glowing tree.
They watched as the tree lite up with beautiful colors and a drop came down.
Okay, now my leg." Faith said while Bal Dat dropped her on the ground. At that moment a moogle came up to them.
"Mail kupo!" He said cheerfully.
Ah! Mail, I hope it's mother!" said Luna while cleaning Faith's wound.
Faith took a letter from the moogle.
"Snap, it's from my older brother, what does that twit want now..." Faith said annoyed.
Bal Dat took interest.
"Wait you have a brother?" He said almost sneering.
"Yeah, two," Faith said even more annoyed.
"What about you Luna?" Bal Dat asked seeing as he wasn't going to go nowhere with Faith.
" Ah! I have two brothers. One's older and one's younger. There annoying!! Augh!!" Luna glared at Bal Dat with the intent of killing him for bringing up family.
"Here moogle, hey, watch out when we go the our village Bal Dat. My brother is known to hurt men whom talk to me." Faith said almost laughing.
"What, why?" Bal Dat asked confused.
"Because, I told him all the pain you put us through!" Faith said now really laughing.
"Hehe, I can't wait to see that! Though my family wouldn't care, as long as I'm good I'm pretty much set. Here moogle." Luna passed her letter to the moogle and he flew away.
"Okay! One tree down, two to go!!" said as she sprung her self of the ground.