Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Faith and Luna's Final Fantacy Crystal Cronicles ❯ The Musroom Forest ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Faith looked at the giant mushrooms. Very disgusted, she pushed Bal Dat into one. She felt rather amused at this. "I think he looks better covered in that, don't you Luna?" Faith taunted as he tried to hoist himself out. "Faith don't do that, he could attract a monster." "But, but, he looks better this way! And besides, I was wanting to make mushroom soup later with him!" Faith looked at him like she was a wolf on the attack. "Not funny. Poor guy he's being tortured!!" "Sorry but, this isn't a catch and releace program. I'll tell you what, I'll let him be IF he'll marry me." Poor Bal Dat didn't seem to triled at that. "Faith!! That's so wrong!" "Well according to Selkie traditions, if a male attacks a female in a attempt to steal her stuff. Then that Female has the right of marrying that male. So he is mine by that factor. So Bal Dat cannot refuse me, unless he would like to stay my slave. That word is used because if a male loses, then he cannot return to his village as a man, but as a piece of trash." Faith gave him a scary look. "Man, I thought you had forgotten those traditions, guess not!" Bal Dat seemed like he really didn't want to marry. "I don't believe in that.It's all a rift raft." "Nope, I'll show you the tradition book later. In fact I think I showed it to you. Its the BIG book I brought." "Oh boy" Faith then grabed Bal Dat. "But Luna, he's so cute!" "But that's sooo wrong!!!" "Who cares! Hey look! It's a monster! I call first dips!" "Go head." "Yay!" Faith then went after it. "Don't get yourself killed!!" "Why not!?" Faith said as she hit the monster. "It sounds good to me, Luna," Bal Dat said from behind them. "Yeah it would lighten the caravan" "You two would miss me! Besides, who would annoy you two till your head bursts!?" Faith said as she delievered the final blow. "Right." "Why so sarcastic?" "Don't worry. Let's go."
Faith looked across at a monster with one eye. "Hey Luna, Bal Dat, isn't that monster funny looking? Can I kill it?" "Do what you want and stop asking!!" "Yay, meow!" Faith yelled as she jumped on a musroom, which shot her in the air. "She's not from this world. At all." "I agree," Bal Dat said as Faith took the monster face on. "She's just not serious enough." sighed Luna. "Maybe, not, but she's spunky enough!" Bal Dat laughed out. "Hey, quit talking and help me out!" Faith yelled at them. "Fine. Come on before she gets hurt." "Right." Bal Dat sighed as they got onto the musroom. "Oh! By the way, this thing uses slow and it can do thunder! So be careful!" Faith warned as they came over. "Okay, got it," Luna said as she ran over. "Look Luna! It's a whirly bird! Hahaha!" Faith said as the monster started to go in a circle. The monster then disappered, to reveal an item. "MINE!" Faith screeched as she picked it up. "Hey, it's a phonix down! Yay!" Faith then ran off. "Hey!!Think before you just run off like that!!You're ganna get killed!!!"yelled Luna. "Hey Luna, what's the meaning of the word 'think'!? I don't know that one!" Faith laughed as she found another monster. "God you make me worry so much Faith." Luna mummered to herself. "Ow! Luna! I'm on FIRE, HELP!" Faith screamed to her as Bal Dat laughed. "Hold up, just for alittle" Luna said.
"Stop! Drop! Roll!!!!Retared!!" yelled Bel dat. "Thanks!" Faith said doing as told. Luna and Bel Dat laughed as Faith rolled on the ground. "Thank you again, Bal Dat, now it's time to kill that monster, that set me on fire!" Faith was angry now. Pushing them out of her way, she killed it. "All right then, let's get moving."said Luna.
"Luna, is that good?" Faith asked as they came upon a green monster, known as a marbolo. "NO!!" screamed Luna as they ranto a safe distance. "Great, Faith's going to die today! I'm going to go grave shopping after this!" Bal Dat said as Faith shot him a bad look.