Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Shadow of love ❯ Shadow of love ( Chapter 1 )

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me: I got realy bored with this one. I don't own FF7. Now lets see if you can figure out who it's talking about.

A gasp,

an autible moan,

never before has he felt so alone.

A smooth voice,

a whisper of words,

all of this he wish he never heard.

A baratone voice,

a groan of a name,

and his heart broke all over again.

A comand,

a low cry,

and he wished this world goodbye.

A gun,

a glimer in the dark,

a cold barrel against his heart.

A bang,

his blood against the ground,

gone without a single sound.

A soul,

travling without it's shell.

went welcomingly to hell.