Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sympathy for the Damned ❯ Part 8 ( Chapter 8 )

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"Sympathy for the Damned"

Part 8

Despite the fact that Sephiroth had recently orgasmed and he had softened somewhat within Kuja's body, the genome gently undulated on top of his companion. He worked at the buckled straps holding Sephiroth's long jacket closed, and he smiled mischievously at the swordsman when Sephiroth looked at him curiously. "You have to give me some time to rest, you little hellion," the swordsman said breathlessly. He was still trembling from the force of his last ejaculation.

Kuja paused and hummed thoughtfully, looking off to the side as if considering Sephiroth's words. "No," he said simply, and he planted a quick kiss on his companion's lips before resuming his work. His own groin was sated for the moment, but it didn't stop him from enjoying sliding his body along Sephiroth's and feeling his manhood slide back and forth within him. Even softened, Sephiroth was big. Kuja smiled in pleasure and began to pull at the straps with his teeth.

"Hey! Those aren't chew toys!" Sephiroth said firmly. His palm came down on one of Kuja's smooth, round butt cheeks with a resounding smack, making the sorcerer cry out and jerk.

"Oooh, do that again," Kuja said, licking his lips.

Sephiroth's eyebrows shot up, and for possibly the first time in his life, he bore an expression of utter amazement on his sculpted features. "You're joking."

Kuja shook his head. "Nuh-uh. It excites me." He was grinning wickedly at the taller young man and pulling on one of the jacket straps, having finally released the buckle. His manhood was beginning to stiffen against Sephiroth's abdomen as proof that he was getting excited again.

Sephiroth shrugged. "You asked for it." His hand came down again, harder this time, and Kuja arched his back and whimpered. Sephiroth rubbed the reddening spot soothingly, grinning and shaking his head at his slender companion. "You're a really strange person, Kuja."

Kuja chuckled and continued to pull his jacket open with his teeth. "That's better," the genome finally breathed when the stubborn jacket came open all the way. He stared down at Sephiroth's toned chest and abdomen, admiring the lean muscles that moved gracefully beneath the tanned skin. He lowered his face to the alluring torso and began to kiss the smooth flesh, while slowly rotating his hips. Sephiroth sighed and began to harden again, and Kuja smiled. His tail slid beneath Sephiroth's thigh and wound around it as he thrust.

Sephiroth closed his eyes and moaned softly, meeting the thrusts with upward lifts of his pelvis. He didn't know if it was because it had been so long since he had last had sex, or because Kuja was just so damned good in bed, but the swordsman couldn't concentrate on anything except the pleasure. Even the chaos in his head subsided. He opened his eyes and looked up at Kuja, who had risen back up and was staring down at him with a crooked, sultry little smile on his lips. His silver, violet-tinged hair was falling partially over his blue eyes, and he tilted his head back to shake the unruly locks back into place. Sephiroth gazed at the genome's lithe body, amazed again by the beauty of it. The pink nipples were hardened with arousal, the flat stomach flexing and relaxing with his motions. The hips, which were unusually shapely for a male, moved back and forth over Sephiroth's pelvis, and their smooth, sensual motions entranced the swordsman. He stroked the genome's hips, letting his eyes drink in every angle, curve and valley in Kuja's body.

Kuja sighed in pleasure at Sephiroth's touch, allowing the callused hands to explore him at their leisure. He began to realize that Sephy seemed a bit unsure of himself as the swordsman's hands kept gliding over his thighs and hips, and then his stomach, but always seemed to change their mind when they got too close to his stiffened genitals. It was, after all, Sephiroth's first time with a male. He couldn't have made it plainer if he had shouted it out loud. Deciding that he was getting irritated with Sephiroth's hands procrastinating, he took one of them in his and guided it slowly to his rigid sex, staring deeply into the other's green eyes as he did so. Sephiroth looked from Kuja's face to the erect organ that he was guided to, and he allowed the genome to gently close his fingers over it. Kuja wasn't a large size, but neither was he very small. In fact, his sex was proportioned perfectly to his nearly delicate frame, and Sephiroth stared at the velvety member as he caressed it. Like the rest of Kuja, it was pretty.

He could see the shadow of the sorcerer's testicles behind the hardness that he touched, and he felt confident enough to slide his other hand beneath the gap and cup them carefully. Kuja moaned his name and closed his eyes in pleasure, his hips steadily rocking back and forth. Sephiroth shuddered and sucked in some quick, sharp breaths to hold off the orgasm that was trying to surface. The urgency from earlier was gone now, and he wanted the sex to last for a long time. After all, there was no telling how long it would be before he bedded anyone again, after this.

It took a bit of coaxing and tutoring on Kuja's part, but he guided Sephiroth's hands and let him know with breathy gasps when he was touching him right. Soon, Kuja was moving more quickly, and his tail constricted tightly around Sephiroth's lean-muscled thigh. The swordsman bucked beneath him suddenly, nearly lifting him off of the mattress, and Kuja groaned loudly as the hard cock within him pushed against his prostate. He jerked and shivered uncontrollably as he came, and he looked down at Sephiroth with half-closed eyes and saw that the swordsman was watching his penis jerk in his hand. This turned Kuja on even more, especially when Sephiroth smoothed his thumb over the spurting cap and gasped that it was beautiful. Brilliant colors burst behind Kuja's eyelids as the thrill of ecstasy pulsed through him, and he came close to passing out.

"Ah, Sephiroth," Kuja gasped, bowing his head and letting his hair fall forward over his face and shoulders. The other's agile hands slowed in their fondling of his pulsing genitals, soothing them as the orgasm finished. Kuja smiled down at Sephiroth and lowered his upper body to rest against his chest. Sephiroth's hands moved around to his hips and caressed them as Kuja continued to slowly undulate. His breath was quickening, and his body was growing tense. Kuja chuckled and whispered, "You don't have to hold it in. It isn't as though this is the only time I intend to have sex with you."

Sephiroth didn't respond with words. He hugged Kuja tightly to him and groaned into his hair, lifting his hips to impale him deeply. The sorcerer closed his eyes and purred as he felt Sephiroth's hot seed spurt inside of him. Panting, Sephiroth nuzzled his smaller companion's hair and held him tightly until the climax ended. He stroked Kuja's back in long, smooth motions, letting his hand caress his tight bottom at the end of each stroke. He had decided that while the genome's entire body was lovely, he was most fond of his hips and ass. Kuja sighed in contentment and snuggled against him, and he didn't seem to mind just leaving Sephiroth's manhood inside of him. Sephiroth stared up at the ceiling and wondered where this was going to go, considering how unstable he was. He could never truly be close to anyone, for he was too dangerous. When his spells came upon him, he would have to hide away, so that he wouldn't try to hurt Kuja.

"What are you thinking about?" Kuja asked lazily, yawning lightly as he ran his fingertips up and down Sephiroth's left bicep. "You've gone awfully quiet."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes. "Can't I just catch my breath?"

Kuja chuckled and kissed his chest. "Apparently not. Something's on your mind, isn't it?"

"You're a perceptive creature," Sephiroth sighed. "Look, I don't want you to think that we can have this every night. I'm not always this…this calm. I can't promise that I won't try to hurt you, if you catch me during one of my bad times."

Kuja rolled his eyes. Leave it to this gorgeous buffoon to ruin a perfectly wonderful afterglow. It wasn't like he was asking Sephy to marry him, for the love of Terra! "Listen, Sephiroth. If I were truly in so much danger from you when you go off on your little tangents, wouldn't it stand to reason that you should have already attacked me, by now? You know where my room is. I doubt a simple lock would keep you out, and even if I locked the bolts on it, you could get in. You've never once truly attacked me. The closest you've ever come was when we had our little disagreement in the basement that day, and the only thing you attacked me with then was your tongue."

"That doesn't mean that I couldn't-"

"I know, there's still that chance that you're not willing to take," Kuja interrupted with a sigh. "I respect that…I even understand it. I just wish you would stop going on and on about it, okay? Let's just be happy with what we can get, and try to figure out a way to escape this place."

Sephiroth closed his mouth and nodded, but Kuja could feel that he wasn't really agreeing with him. Still, he stopped talking about doom and gloom, which was good enough, for now. Kuja basked in the afterglow of the most intense sex he had experienced in years, and he slowly drifted off to sleep. Sephiroth stayed awake for a while, stroking the genome's smooth back with his fingertips and staring at the ceiling with troubled, glowing eyes. Finally, he followed Kuja into slumber, though his was uneasy and filled with fears that he didn't understand.


"What are you doing?"

"I am trying to study this object. Gaians my age seem to enjoy tossing it back and forth, though I do not understand why. Perhaps there is some special property it contains that I have not yet discovered."

Kuja looked down at the other genome, which was still a child, and he shook his head. What did his kind lose, by being kept here as vessels? What sort of personalities might develop with time, if the children that Garland created were allowed to grow on their own? Without completely understanding why he bothered, Kuja knelt before the child and held his hand out meaningfully.

The smaller genome handed the ball to him, and Kuja mused over it and turned it over in his hands. "There's nothing special about it," he explained, "it's just a game they like to play with each other. It's a sort of exercise that they do for fun." Kuja gently tossed the ball back at the little girl, who caught it and gazed at him with confusion.

"Why? What does it accomplish?" She questioned.

Kuja shrugged. "Nothing, really. It's just fun. More fun than staring into a blue light all day long, I can tell you for certain."

She scratched her blond head, which was cut in a style similar to all of the other genomes. Of their entire species, Kuja was the only one whose looks didn't fall into line with the others'. The little girl reached out and curiously took a strand of his pale, shiny hair between two fingers. "You look different than the rest of us."

"That's because I've been infused, and I've developed as a result. The rest of you will get your turn, sooner or later."

Her hazel eyes stared at him with obvious fascination. "Will we be as pretty as you are?"

Kuja actually blushed at that, though he wasn't sure why. He was used to people expressing their appreciation of his unusual looks, but coming from this innocent, it felt different. He smiled at the girl and spread his hands. "I can't tell you. Each of you will attract different spirits as you mature. Who knows, maybe you'll get to develop on your own someday, without having someone picking and choosing what features you get. I'm sure you'll be beautiful, though." It was the kindest word he had ever given to any of his fellow genomes, for this was the first time that one of them had ever complimented him.

"You are going away?" The child seemed distressed.

"Yes. Look for change, little sister. Perhaps when I return, things will be different for the genomes."


The dream faded, and Kuja thought for a moment that he would cry as his mind recalled his first hopes, when he discovered the details behind Garland's plans. Garland had chosen him because of the individuality that he had begun to show at an early age. When Kuja learned this and saw Zidane's progress, he tried to "hide" him from Garland by sending him to Gaia. He had met the little girl sometime later, after he resolved himself to secretly gather his strength and defy his so-called "Master". Sometime during his absence from Terra, Garland had chosen to infuse that same little girl with collected souls, and Kuja returned briefly to report to him and discovered that she hadn't survived the process. This, of course, only made him more determined to put an end to his creator.

He swallowed and listened to Sephiroth's slow, easy breathing, taking comfort that the swordsman was still in bed with him. He had expected Sephiroth to wake up sometime in the night and demand that he return to his own room, but instead, he found himself lying beside his companion. Sephiroth's hand was curled possessively over Kuja's hip, and one of his knees was pushed between the genome's thighs. He must have woken up and re-fastened his pants in the night, for they were pulled back up around his waist and closed again. He was still bare-chested, however, and Kuja silently admired his partial nudity.

"And here I am, as naked as can be," thought the sorcerer with a smirk. That didn't bother him, though. He was comfortable, and the casual way his sleeping companion was touching him sent a little flutter of emotion through his breast. What was it that he felt? He hated bowing to others, especially after Garland. In bed, he could be the aggressor or the supplicant, though with men, he generally behaved submissively. There was more than just sexual submission here, however. It annoyed him when Sephiroth got bossy with him, but at the same time, it thrilled him. He only hoped that the gorgeous man lying next to him didn't take things too far and try to own him. That would certainly be too much.

Sephiroth's eyes suddenly opened, and the emerald glow was a bit eerie in the dim room. "What time is it?"

Good. A perfectly normal question. Not; "What the hell are you doing in my bed," or "How did we end up like this", or even worse, "I've decided to kill you now."

"It's early morning," Kuja whispered, reaching out to stroke a loose strand of silver hair out of Sephiroth's eyes. "It'll probably be another couple of hours before it starts to get light out."

Sephiroth yawned and blinked, then he slowly scanned Kuja's nude body with his eyes. "You can go back to your own room, if you want," he said. The words came out slowly, as if he was reluctant to say them, and he had cupped the genome's smooth hip with the hand that was resting on it.

"I think I'll stay here until morning, if that's alright by you," Kuja said lightly, stretching a bit. "I'm already settled in, and your bed is comfortable enough." It wasn't a large bed, which incidentally fit Kuja's purpose all the better. They were forced to lay close together on it.

Sephiroth nodded, and without another word, he slid his hand up and put his arm around the sorcerer's waist to pull him closer. Kuja was surprised and delighted, and he rested his cheek against the swordsman's hard chest and caressed his back with his fingertips. He smiled when he felt Sephiroth nuzzle the crown of his head. Perhaps this sort of contact wasn't going to be a regular occurrence between them, but Kuja believed it was worth waiting a few days in between. When Sephy was like this, he felt very safe and protected. His blue eyes opened wide at his own thoughts, and he almost groaned aloud. This place was going to turn him into a housewife, if he didn't get out of here! He was becoming far too comfortable with his surroundings, and far too dependent upon Sephiroth. He reminded himself that Sephiroth wasn't just some gorgeous young actor or musician that he had picked up. The man was a killer, and crazy, to boot. Kuja knew this, and yet another sigh passed his lips as Sephiroth's body pressed more snugly against his and his hands began to stroke his back.

"Worry about it later," he thought to himself, "Just enjoy him while you can, get some rest, and focus on getting out of here when your head is clear." He hoped that it would be as easy as it sounded, but he knew it wouldn't.


-To be continued