Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sympathy for the Damned ❯ Part 11 ( Chapter 11 )

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"Sympathy for the Damned"

Part 11

Kuja kissed the broad chest he lay upon and murmured, "I want to have you the way you just had me. Would you be willing to do that, Sephiroth?"

That admission got a reaction. When Kuja looked up at Sephiroth's face again, he saw an expression of discomfort on it. Deciding that it was safe to let his "prisoner" speak, Kuja banished the muting spell. "What was that? I thought I heard you shit in your pants."

Sephiroth's expression of wariness dissolved into brief amusement, and he snorted. "Do I look like a coward, to you?"

"No, but I can tell you've got a virgin ass, my friend. I might as well have just asked you to let me castrate you, for the expression your face had on it."

He expected denial, excuses…even anger. He didn't expect the look of curiosity and resignation that appeared on Sephiroth's handsome face.

"Will you consider it?" Kuja prompted, "after all, I had less reason to trust you, and I let you do it to me." He wasn't being fair, but it had been so long since he had enjoyed a man that way. Typically, he liked to be taken, but he enjoyed being the one doing the taking occasionally, and the thought of being inside of Sephiroth and hearing the Swordsman moan in response made him shudder with lust.

Sephiroth spoke then, and the words seemed to get dragged out from a hidden place inside of him. "I remember when I was a recruit at Soldier…the military academy run by Shinra that I told you about. I used to get these funny feelings sometimes when I looked at some of the other boys in the locker room. I thought it was just a phase…that I was only feeling that way because there weren't any girls around. I wasn't bothered with it again for years after I earned my title, because there were always plenty of women and missions to keep me occupied."

He sighed and looked at the ceiling. "And of course, I left Soldier when I discovered what I really was…who my Mother was. I was too busy plotting revenge on the Planet to worry about sexual urges."

Kuja listened attentively, amazed that Sephiroth was speaking this much. Obviously, he was coming to terms with his reactions of late, and the sorcerer wanted to encourage that. So for once, he stayed silent and didn't ask any questions.

Sephiroth looked down at Kuja's upturned face again. "I thought it was just a phase I was going through during that part of my life," he repeated, "but then I saw you, and I…well, I immediately wanted you. When you tried to get up and I saw that you weren't a woman, I didn't know what to think. You remember how confused I was."

Yes, Kuja would never forget that first encounter. Waking up to a sword as long as you are tall pointed at your neck tended to stick in one's memory.

He nodded and refrained from saying anything sarcastic, and Sephiroth went on. "I made excuses. I told myself it was a symptom of isolation and being away from women for too long. I told myself I found you pretty just because you've got those sexy damned hips if yours. I was pretending you were a woman…or at least, I thought I was. Then I found you in the pool that night, saw that you had a dick after all, and I wanted to rape you. That was when it struck me. I like men. What does that mean, Kuja? How can I have been sleeping with women all this time, and only now realized that I like men that way?"

"Denial," Kuja said without hesitation, "you grew up with a bunch of `tough guys' and you needed to be macho. I'll bet they've got stereotypes for people like me where you come from." He chose not to comment on Sephiroth's admission that he had wanted to "rape" him.

Sephiroth grimaced, but didn't say anything.

Kuja chuckled. "That's what I thought. You really shouldn't panic, though. If you didn't really like women, there's no way you would have easily gotten an erection when joining any of them in bed. Unless…unless you did have trouble with that?" He looked at Sephiroth inquiringly.

Sephiroth shook his head and smirked, and Kuja found it endearing that he blushed ever so slightly. "No…I've never had any trouble with that. I've never slept with anyone I wasn't attracted to, either. Or at least, thought I was attracted to."

Kuja shrugged. "Okay, so all that means is that you like both women and men. Even if you only liked men, your testicles wouldn't shrivel and drop off because of it. Who you like to sleep with doesn't make you weaker or tougher."

Sephiroth considered this pearl of wisdom for a moment, and then he sighed. "Untie me, first."

Kuja's sat up in surprise. "Do you mean you'll let me?" He didn't believe it, at first, but he could tell by the way that Sephiroth's jaw was clenched--as if bracing himself for a blow--that he did.

Sephiroth nodded. "Yes, but not if I'm tied up. I don't like feeling helpless, and if I'm going to do this, I don't want to be restrained."

Kuja understood. He was asking a lot of someone who, up until meeting him, had been innocent of sex between two men. Sephiroth was a private individual, who didn't allow anyone past the walls he had built around himself.

Kuja appreciated and respected that, being similar in that way to the swordsman. He had always been generous with his body, but he had never given anyone more than that. He was beginning to feel that he might have met someone who he could share more than sex with, finally. Sephiroth was giving him a gift, by agreeing to this.

Kuja kissed Sephiroth's firm, set mouth softly and murmured, "I swear, if you don't like it, I'll never ask you to do it again. I promise I'll be gentle."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes. "I'm new to this, but I'm not a scared, virgin girl. Cut it out or I'll change my mind."

Kuja laughed and eagerly began to work the restraints loose. He told himself that his hands were shaking because he was chuckling, but a tiny voice inside of him called him a liar and said that he'd better reinforce the barricade around his heart.


Sephiroth reflexively rubbed his wrists when he was freed, and he stood up and slowly finished undressing. He wasn't looking at Kuja, and the genome began to have second thoughts about this.

"I'm making him question his manhood," Kuja thought to himself. Why was Sephiroth agreeing to this, if he felt ashamed? Was he testing himself? Or, could it be that Sephiroth was simply too afraid to admit that he was afraid? "He'll see. I'll use every skill I've learned, and he'll love it."

Kuja admired the tall, silver warrior's physique when the last of Sephiroth's clothes fell to the floor. He smiled at the swordsman and seated himself on the bed, his tail raised and swishing back and forth with hungry anticipation. Sephiroth's reflective, jade eyes stared into Kuja's for a moment, and he hesitated.

Remembering that lubrication was essential, Kuja swore softly and wished that he had left Sephiroth tied up for just a few moments longer. "Are you going to run away, if I go to get something important?"

Sephiroth crossed his arms over his naked chest and gave the sorcerer an insulted look. "Again, do I look like a coward to you?"

Kuja shook his head, trying to be as sensitive towards the young man's feelings as he could. "Of course not. It's not cowardly to be nervous about your first time, Sephiroth. I just don't want you to change your mind while I'm getting my lavender oil."

"This is hardly my first time-"

"It's going to be your first time to do it this way," Kuja interrupted impatiently. "Now, lay down and try to relax. I'll be back shortly."

When Sephiroth slowly complied, Kuja turned and hurried out of the bedroom. He paused for a moment and considered asking the swordsman to come to his room, instead. The bed was larger and more comfortable than Sephiroth's. He shook his head and continued. No, it was best that Sephiroth's first time be in a familiar environment. He was tense enough, as it was.

Kuja padded into his room and snatched the bottle of lavender oil off of his dresser. He smiled as he pictured what it would be like to slide his throbbing cock into Sephiroth's body. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, the genome moved back down the hallway and to Sephiroth's room. He vaguely registered that the damage caused by the swordsman's rampage last night was already repaired. Marveling at the tremendous power it must have taken to create this purgatory, Kuja entered the somewhat plain room that his companion was in.

True to his word, Sephiroth hadn't fled when he had the opportunity. He lay naked and stretched out on the bed, with his arms crossed behind his head in a forced pose of relaxation. Kuja smiled at the beautiful young man, breathless with desire as his eyes traveled the strong body that awaited his pleasure.

"You are so stunning," Kuja murmured as he approached.

Sephiroth's eyes flicked to him, and the swordsman visibly swallowed when he saw the bottle in the genome's hands. "What do you plan to do with that?"

Kuja bit his lip to keep from laughing giddily. "I'm going to give you a massage and make you nice and slick."

Sephiroth frowned at this, but Kuja didn't have the patience to explain further. "No, stay as you are, you delectable treat. That's perfect, for now."

Sephiroth stopped his action of sitting up, and he lay back down with a sigh. He stared at Kuja as the genome climbed onto the bed and straddled him gracefully. Despite the anxiety attacking him, Sephiroth felt arousal resurfacing as his lithe, beautiful companion sat on him. He watched as the sorcerer removed the stopper of the bottle he held and poured a small amount of the scented oil into one palm.

Kuja then re-sealed the bottle and put it aside, and then he rubbed his hands together to warm them. Once satisfied with this, he placed his open palms over Sephiroth's tense pectoral muscles and began to rub in firm, soothing circles.

The genome's hands were stronger than Sephiroth would have thought, and his fingers kneaded the muscles as he worked. As the slick hands moved over his flesh, Sephiroth began to slowly relax, and his eyes drifted closed in pleasure. Kuja's tail was gently brushing up and down the swordsman's thighs as his hands worked, and Sephiroth sighed at the soft, almost tickling caress.

Kuja worked slowly and thoroughly, stopping every once in a while to pour more of the oil into his palm. Sephiroth's body began to shine beneath his hands, drawing further attention to the smooth muscles. Unable to resist, Kuja circled the swordsman's dark nipples with his fingertips, brushing the hardening nubs tenderly. Sephiroth gasped softly, and Kuja leaned forward to kiss him. He fenced with reclined swordsman's tongue for a few moments, squeezing and fondling his nipples, and his stomach pressed against the tip of Sephiroth's erect member. He felt wetness smear his skin where it touched his companion's cock, and he smiled.

Kuja worked his way down Sephiroth's body, taking care to oil and massage every ounce of the warrior's smooth flesh. He pressed kisses on the skin that he stroked as he went along, and he listened with pride to Sephiroth's quickening breath. He reapplied the oil to his hands again, and he gripped Sephiroth's cock and massaged it, as well.

Sephiroth unconsciously parted his thighs and moaned, and Kuja reached under and rubbed the sac beneath the throbbing penis he stroked. Sephiroth trembled with pleasure and murmured incoherently. His emerald eyes shot open when Kuja stopped stimulating his groin, and he couldn't help the look of frustration he gave the genome.

"Soon, Sephy," Kuja said with a smile. He bent down and kissed the weeping, shiny cap that crowned the swordsman's shaft, and Sephiroth groaned. "Roll over, now."

Sephiroth hesitated for a moment, wary of presenting his backside to the sorcerer and leaving himself vulnerable.

Kuja's lapis eyes were soft and gentle, and so full of tenderness that it stunned Sephiroth. "Trust me, Sephiroth. I swear, I'll tell you everything I'm doing as I go along, so that I don't take you by surprise."

Sephiroth couldn't remember the last time anyone had looked at him the way Kuja was looking at him now. It shook him to the core, and he found himself obeying the genome's soft request without even realizing it. He flinched involuntarily as Kuja's slick, warm hands touched his shoulders.

"Easy, Sephy," Kuja whispered in his ear, kissing the sensitive rim. "Relax."

His hands slowly stroked Sephiroth's broad shoulders, the fingers pressing spots that made the tension melt away. "That's it," Kuja encouraged gently. He remained hunched over as he worked, so that he could murmur soothingly to his companion. He took a moment to make sure that Sephiroth's entire long, shining mane of hair was swept out of the way, so that he wouldn't get oil in it, and then he resumed.

Kuja took his time, ignoring the painful arousal he felt. He intended to make Sephiroth's first time something that the swordsman would always remember as heavenly. He stroked and kneaded his companion's sleek body lovingly, working his way down with patience. He had to move away from his head as he moved further down, but he kept speaking to Sephiroth in a calm, droning voice.

He felt the tension come back in Sephiroth's body when he reached his buttocks and began to massage the smooth, firm roundness. "I'm just rubbing it, baby," Kuja murmured gently. Sephiroth craned his head to shoot a glare over his shoulder, and the genome laughed. "Sorry…I forgot about the pet names. I can't help it when I get excited," Kuja explained with a smirk.

Sephiroth sighed. "Fine. Just remember to keep it in the bedroom."

Kuja grinned. The swordsman's annoyance had distracted him long enough for him to relax a bit. "I'm about to touch you, Sephy. Try to stay loose and relaxed. I'll go slowly."

Sephiroth buried his face in the pillow and nodded, and his bottom tensed. Kuja shook his head and rubbed the pretty globes. "That's not `relaxed', Sephiroth."

"I'm trying," the swordsman muttered. There was a hint of apology in his deep voice.

Kuja massaged the tensed bottom patiently, until it relaxed beneath his fingers. He picked up the bottle beside him with one hand, while still kneading Sephiroth's ass with the other. Deftly, he popped the cork off with his fingers and then carefully tipped the bottle, allowing drops of oil to fall over the shadowed cleft between Sephiroth's trembling cheeks. He pushed the swordsman's thighs further apart and set the bottle between his knees to hold it upright while he smoothed oil over the puckered, virgin entrance.

"You're doing good, Sephy," Kuja encouraged softly as he rubbed a slick finger back and forth over the tight ring. Sephiroth's breath was shivering in and out rapidly, and Kuja took his time and allowed the young man to get used to this new sensation. When more of the tension eased, Kuja applied more oil to his hands and the constricted anus, and he began to slowly press against the muscle. It hesitantly gave, and he pushed one finger in.

Sephiroth gasped, and his hands clenched on the pillow that he was squeezing. It was uncomfortable, but it wasn't yet painful. Kuja's voice was hypnotic as he gently thrust the finger in and out, and after a couple of moments, the discomfort began to fade. Kuja seemed to be able to sense it the moment it happened, and Sephiroth's relief was broken when the genome added another finger. Sephiroth groaned and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Shhh, it's alright, Sephy. That's a good boy. Just relax and go with it."

He sucked in a ragged breath and made his body stop fighting the penetration. Kuja's fingers moved around inside of him, spreading and closing and stroking, and they touched something that sent a jolt through Sephiroth. He was mortified to hear himself squeak in shock.

There was an unmistakable tone of satisfaction in Kuja's voice as the genome said, "That's right, Sephiroth. Don't hold back." His fingers found the spot again and began to rhythmically stroke it with a cruel sort of glee.

Sephiroth's body shivered uncontrollably, and he began to emit high-pitched mewls that sounded nothing like his voice at all. His cock throbbed and jerked against the sheets he lay on, and he couldn't catch his breath. "K-Kuja," he somehow managed to cry.

Kuja's delight in Sephiroth's reaction to the prostate stimulation almost clouded his reason, and it took him a moment to realize that it was frightening the swordsman. "Okay, baby…I'll stop. Easy, Sephiroth. Easy." He ceased his playing and resumed his careful stretching of the narrow canal, and he petted his companion's arched, trembling back to sooth him.

Sephiroth calmed and lay gasping on the bed, staring at the wall with glazed, bewildered eyes. He felt Kuja's lips press against his left butt cheek, but he was too shaken by what he had just experienced to be shocked about it.

He didn't tense up or struggle as Kuja whispered that he was going to enter him. Sephiroth closed his eyes as he felt Kuja's hands settle on his hips, and he felt a strange urge to lift his bottom when he felt the smooth tip of the genome's cock against his entrance. He lay still and braced himself, mentally and physically.

Kuja also braced himself, for it had been so long since he had enjoyed another man this way that he couldn't fully remember what it felt like. Wary of allowing his lust to gain control of him, he pushed forward and slid smoothly into the slick, tight heat. His lips went round with shock, and his blue eyes became wide and dazed. He groaned in unison with Sephiroth as he thrust his manhood in until it was encased to the hilt.

Kuja gave a little sob of ecstasy and panted, trying not to cum immediately. "Oh, Sephy," he said shakenly. He ran his palms up and down his companion's hips and sides as he waited for the pressure to ease and for Sephiroth's body to adjust.

Sephiroth heard the way Kuja's voice trembled when he spoke, and through the overwhelming sensation of being stretched inside by the hard cock, he wondered if the genome was weeping. He sucked in sharp breaths and held as still as possible, trying to make his muscles stop fighting the intrusion. Kuja's silken voice was heavy with pleasure and emotion as the sorcerer murmured praises and endearments to him, and Sephiroth's tension began to ease.

When Kuja slowly retreated from him, then pushed back in again, Sephiroth moaned. It felt good, and the invading hardness pushed briefly against that sensitive place. He had heard rumors in the locker room when he was in Soldier-rumors about how some of the cadets' girlfriends massaged the prostate gland with their fingers during sex, and how good it felt. He thought it was just a myth. It sounded ridiculous. Now he knew that it was true, and he felt foolish for scoffing at the likelihood of anal penetration being the least bit pleasant.

Kuja found his rhythm, and he moved slowly and gently against Sephiroth, gasping helplessly and tossing his head back. He didn't remember it ever feeling this good! He didn't care whether it was because Sephiroth was so deliciously tight, or if it was because of the knowledge that he was the swordsman's first in this way.

Without even realizing he was doing it, Kuja began to gasp, "I love you…I love you," over and over again as he pumped his hardness in and out of Sephiroth's body. He slid one hand between Sephiroth's hips and the mattress and gripped his erection, stroking it firmly as he took him.

Sephiroth panted and began to raise his bottom into the thrusts, moaning just as loudly as Kuja. The genome's pace was gentle, but his skillful thrusts penetrated Sephiroth deeply each time, and at an angle that stroked the prostate just enough to make him shiver.

Sephiroth heard the genome gasping that he loved him, and he tried to attribute the endearment to sexual bliss. Surely Kuja didn't mean it. He probably thought he did because the sex felt so good. Trying to ignore the way those gasped litanies were warming his heart, Sephiroth cried out and orgasmed forcefully.

Kuja shook sweat-dampened hair out of his eyes and smiled blissfully as he felt Sephiroth's penis buck in his hand. He gasped sharply as he allowed his own climax to come, and he bowed gracefully over the other man's back and rested his cheek on his shoulder, grunting softly as he filled Sephiroth with his seed.

Kuja breathed deeply and raggedly with release and kissed Sephiroth's shoulder softly, tasting sweat on the smooth skin. "Did I hurt you?" he managed to question. His senses had returned enough for him to be concerned.

Sephiroth shook his head, too out of breath to speak. He reached behind his back clumsily with one hand to pat Kuja's head reassuringly. The genome's softening cock was still inside of him, but it was a pleasant feeling, and Sephiroth didn't ask his companion to take it out.

When he found the breath to speak, Sephiroth whispered, "I never imagined…"

He couldn't think of words to explain how he felt, so he just left it at that.


-To be continued