Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sympathy for the Damned ❯ Part 12 ( Chapter 12 )

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"Sympathy for the Damned"

Part 12

"This one is worse than the others."

Sephiroth tossed his head in his sleep, recognizing the voice but unable to place a name or a face with it. Another voice responded to the first.

"No. He is torn. He is strong, though. He might bring them to heel."

A pause, and then; "Dare we risk it? I have my doubts about this `reform project'. This one is as mad as the first. Perhaps…a segregation? They will never live in peace with one another. We could only be making it worse."

When had these mystery voices spoken? Sephiroth's brow creased as he struggled with the faint memories. He couldn't recall seeing the speakers-only hearing their voices.

Androgynous and gentle, the voice belonging to the second person spoke again.

"With no outside stimulation, their minds will collapse and they will sink into madness. They need company, and I believe that being exposed to others with similar pasts might help them to see their errors for what they were. We must try."

"But, what if there is killing? How long can these subjects be expected to refrain from using violence? How might it damage their psyche to be unable to die, and find their final rest?" The owner of the first voice sounded dubious and wary.

"We must trust them to overcome these obstacles. Once they learn that they cannot truly perish, and they cannot escape, perhaps they will work together and heal."

Again, the first voice objected. "With all due respect, there is nothing to `heal' in most of these. They chose their paths knowingly. This one, however…he is different. The circumstances of his life shaped him, and not his own choices. How can he find healing among those who are different from himself? He is very unstable. I foresee a bloodbath, if we send him to the others."

The more gentle voice became irritated. "Isolation is not the answer! He might not have chosen his path himself, but once he trod upon it, he had his choice to turn back. He embraced the madness and cruelty. He is more akin to the others than you think. Now, stop arguing with me and prepare him."

Sephiroth writhed as suddenly, it felt like his body was being pierced by thousands of needles. It was akin to having his leg fall asleep, but the sensation covered him from head to toe. His heart faltered and palpitated, and his lungs ached. They were killing him! He tried to fight them, but he could see nothing. He couldn't move. Awareness faded, and he knew he was dying.


Sephiroth's eyes popped open, and he drew a deep, gasping breath. A cold sweat broke out all over his body, and he shivered. The nightmare had been all too real. He forced himself to lie still, and he regulated his breathing. In…out…in…out. When his heart stopped hammering and the panic faded, he sighed and closed his eyes. That was no mere nightmare, he knew. It was the second time he had experienced it since waking up in this place. He was remembering being sent here, he was certain.

He rolled onto his side, and his hand brushed against warm, smooth skin. He opened his eyes again and looked at Kuja, who was lying beside him with his back turned to him. The genome's shiny hair lay spread out behind his head, and Sephiroth had almost rolled over onto it. He stared at his sleeping companion, admiring the smaller man's graceful curves and smooth buttocks. Without even thinking about it, Sephiroth reached a hand out and stroked Kuja's back with his fingertips. The skin was as creamy as milk and as soft to the touch as rose petals.

Kuja stirred, but didn't wake, and Sephiroth allowed himself the leisure of caressing the sorcerer further. He stroked Kuja's gently rounding hip, and he glided his hand over his left buttock. Sephiroth gazed at the tail that sprouted from the genome's backside, just above the graceful, shadowed cleft between the round cheeks.

On impulse, he let his fingers wrap gently around the base of the sleek-furred appendage, curious about it. It was more like a monkey's tail than a cat's tail, being prehensile and able to curl and bend in every direction. However, Sephiroth had a difficult time affiliating his angelic companion with a monkey. Kuja was very much like a cat…or even a kitten. Guiless to a fault, the genome never hesitated to speak his mind.

Kuja sighed in his sleep and flexed his bottom as Sephiroth slowly stroked the base of his tail. The silver warrior grinned in spite of himself. "Have I found a sensitive area, Kitten?"

Sephiroth snapped his mouth shut and frowned fiercely in annoyance. Now HE was using pet names! What was worse, he was using a pet name that, for any other male, would have been so very wrong! However, looking at Kuja and his practically feminine curves and facial features, the swordsman forgave himself. So he had called Kuja "Kitten." It fit, somehow. He petted the tail with long, smooth strokes, careful not to rub the fur the wrong way. Kuja made a sound that was suspiciously like a purr, and the genome shifted his hips.

Now thoroughly absorbed by the feel of Kuja's sleek tail and the reactions he was getting, Sephiroth's touch grew in boldness and confidence. He was steadily pulling the appendage now, and a sharp, possessive hunger arose in him as Kuja emitted a soft moan. Sephiroth scooted closer to his smaller companion and began to caress the genome's silky shoulder with his lips. He fought against the primal urges that were rising within him.

"No, damn you," he thought to his darker side, "You're not getting your way with him! He's mine!"

The silvery tail he was toying with curled sensually around his lower arm, encouraging the exotic loveplay.

"I'm a part of you," the voice in Sephiroth's head whispered, "You may as well learn to live with it. We can enjoy him together, you and I. We can break him…make him our pet. He can help us escape. Then, when he's no longer useful…"

"NO!" Sephiroth's gentle stroking paused, and his jade eyes flashed. He savagely thrust the voice back in the shadows, and his gaze returned to Kuja. No…he wouldn't allow that side of him to touch his delicate companion…not if he could help it.

"I love you," Kuja had said to him last night, as he made love to him. Normally, Sephiroth would have simply said, "had sex with", but what Kuja had done to him last night was far more profound than simply "having sex".

"I love you." When had Sephiroth ever heard anyone say those words to him before? Only one other person--the woman who bore him-had ever said them to him. Lucrecia had said those words to Sephiroth, when he was still a small child. That was before she vanished. She wasn't his true mother, of course. She had been implanted with Jenova's egg and Hojo's sperm to create him. She was the living incubator that nurtured him and loved him as deeply as any woman loves her son. Sometimes, when Sephiroth thought of Lucrecia, he felt a twinge of sadness. He hadn't known her for long, but she was always kind to him.

Now, another had professed to love him, though in a different way. Sephiroth didn't believe that Kuja knew what he was saying when the words came out, but even if it was merely a careless expression of sexual pleasure on the genome's part, the words meant something to the swordsman.

"I won't let him hurt you," Sephiroth whispered, and he continued his earlier actions. He kissed and licked Kuja's shoulder and neck delicately as he played with his tail, and he smiled when he leaned over and caught a glimpse of the genome's genitals. Sephiroth watched in fascination as Kuja's penis slowly stiffened and became erect. The genome was unconsciously undulating against Sephiroth's stroking hand, and his tail began to constrict around the swordsman's arm. Sephiroth wondered if he could make his lover cum just by stroking his tail.

Sephiroth became so absorbed in Kuja's responses that he didn't feel the subtle manipulation of his darker side pressing down on him. He began to nip lightly at the smooth skin he was worshiping, and he started rubbing his naked erection against the valley between Kuja's buttocks. His breath came faster, and the desire to roll Kuja onto his back and take him was making Sephiroth dizzy. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the half-empty bottle of lavender oil that stood upright on the dresser.

He looked down at his lover, and upon seeing that Kuja was still asleep, he carefully disengaged the genome's clinging tail from his arm. Sephiroth slid out of the bed and picked up the bottle, then returned to Kuja's side. Remembering how Kuja had lubricated him last night, the warrior opened the bottle and poured some of the oil into his one palm. His arousal was growing at an astonishing rate, and he clenched his teeth and ignored the voice telling him not to bother with the oil. He sat up and lifted Kuja's tail with his dry hand, and then he tilted the other and allowed the oil to drip down his palm and onto his fingers.

He wasn't sure how much he was supposed to use, but common sense told him that too much was probably better than too little, in this case. Hesitantly at first, he slipped his oily fingers between Kuja's buttocks, stroking them back and forth over the crack. He paused and applied more after a moment, gingerly rubbing the little ring of muscle he found as he did so. Kuja sighed and pressed backwards against the probing fingers, and Sephiroth nearly groaned with excitement.

When the cleft between Kuja's cheeks was coated thoroughly with the oil, Sephiroth coated his straining manhood with the lubricant, and then he replaced the stopper and set the bottle back on the dresser. Turning back to his sleeping, aroused companion, Sephiroth again climbed onto the bed. He carefully rolled Kuja onto his back, and the genome frowned in his sleep. The thick, pale fringe Kuja's eyelashes fluttered slightly, but he settled down again and relaxed. His tail swished lazily beneath him, and he didn't resist as Sephiroth hooked his hands beneath his knees and parted his thighs.

Breathing raggedly, the Swordsman sat back on his heels between Kuja's legs, and he lifted the slighter young man's knees upwards and back. He placed Kuja's feet on his shoulders, pausing briefly to kiss the top of one of them impulsively, and he shifted closer to the exposed, waiting entrance of the genome's body.

Sephiroth paused again, wondering if he should be doing this without at least asking, first. His desire won over his guilt, however, and he gripped his swollen cock and pressed the tip against Kuja's opening. Sephiroth pushed forward slowly, sighing in pleasure as he sank into the genome's squeezing passage.

Kuja's eyes flew open and he gasped, coming fully awake as Sephiroth's cock slowly impaled him to the hilt. "Gods," he moaned, fingers curling into the bedsheets. His lover gazed down at him with glowing, lustful green eyes and parted lips, and he had a feeling that Sephiroth wouldn't stop, even if he struggled. Not that Kuja minded. It hurt, certainly…Sephy hadn't taken the time to stretch him, but he had at least lubricated him thoroughly, and Kuja's body would quickly adjust to the penetration.

Sephiroth kept his penis buried deep within the slender creature beneath him, and he held still and smiled with triumphant pleasure. He reveled in the low, moaning gasps that came out of Kuja's soft, parted lips. There was something…satisfying…about seeing Kuja's blue eyes glaze with both pain and pleasure, and seeing the genome's expression soften submissively. Kuja's tail trembled against Sephiroth's thighs spasmodically, like a reflex that the genome was powerless to control.

Caught between the urge to ravish Kuja and the desire to pleasure him, Sephiroth groaned and bowed his head, letting masses of his silver hair fall forward, over his face. When the genome's soft, slender hands started to stroke Sephiroth's tensed thighs encouragingly, he felt a little better about the rude manner in which he had chosen to take what he wanted. He raised his head and looked down at the sorcerer, and he saw the pleasure on his face.

"He likes this," Sephiroth realized with surprise. He began to move…not gently, as Kuja had done the night before, but not too roughly, either. His hips pumped sharply when he entered the genome, and slowly when he retracted. He paused for a second with each thrust, letting his lover feel him deep inside for a moment before doing it again. It had to hurt at least a little, but the whimpers and soft cries coming from Kuja didn't sound at all miserable.

"Sephiroth," Kuja panted, licking his lips. He said the name again, loudly and raggedly, when the swordsman hooked his arms beneath Kuja's knees and forced his legs further back and apart. Sephiroth thrust harder, and his beautiful, fine-boned features were alight with pleasure. He bent over Kuja and kissed him deeply, and the genome groaned against his lips.

Deciding that he wanted to start practicing something besides simply rutting over Kuja, Sephiroth set his ankles on his shoulders to free his hands. He caressed Kuja's smooth chest and stomach as he thrust, familiarizing himself with his companion's body. He took one taut, pink nipple between each thumb and forefinger, and he squeezed gently and rolled the buds between his fingers. Kuja made an "Oooooo" sound and closed his eyes, and Sephiroth smiled.

He toyed with the nipples for a few moments, enjoying the way the tip of Kuja's tongue kept darting out to moisten his lips. Sephiroth felt himself getting close to orgasm, so he moved on with his explorations, slowly sliding his hands down Kuja's abdomen. He cupped the genome's bottom with one hand, lifting it for better access, and he gripped his flushed, dew-capped erection with the other. Sephiroth shifted his hips slightly and pushed into his companion hard, while at the same time, he pulled on the genome's velvety erection.

The reaction startled Sephiroth enough that he almost froze. Kuja threw his head back and screamed. A flush spread over the sorcerer's pale chest, neck and face, and his tail went straight and stiff. "Did I hit your-"

"Yes! Don't stop…oh, gods…please don't stop, Sephy!"

Sephiroth did it again, making sure to keep himself at the same angle as before, and Kuja mewled breathlessly, his body again going taut. A dark, savage delight arose in Sephiroth's heart as he drove himself into the genome again and again, making him scream with pleasure. He moved his hand rapidly up and down Kuja's now dripping cock as he supported his bottom and kept pumping.

Kuja writhed beneath him, absolutely mindless and wild with pleasure. The sorcerer's head tossed back and forth on the pillows, his pale, violet-streaked hair clinging to his sweating face. He kept shouting Sephiroth's name, his cries becoming more and more desperate.

Sephiroth couldn't hold off any longer. He snarled silently and pushed his sex violently into Kuja, and the genome's captured penis squirted forcefully at almost precisely the same moment that Sephiroth's orgasm came. The warrior pulled back slightly and thrust again, shuddering with bliss as he filled his lover with semen. "Oh, god," Sephiroth moaned. He ignored the thick, white drops of cum that had splattered over his chest from Kuja's release, and he collapsed on top of the genome, panting heavily.

Kuja embraced the taller man and ran his fingers through his tangled hair. His eyes were stunned and heavy-lidded from the intensity of their activities. Usually, he had to do the maneuvering himself in order to get his lovers to hit that special place inside of him, so he had been caught unprepared for it when Sephiroth found the angle. He kissed the swordsman's damp temple and gasped, "You know, I'm never going to get anything done if you keep this sort of behavior up."

Sephiroth dragged himself to his elbows and smirked down at him. "It's not like we've got a time limit." He kissed Kuja softly and lingeringly as the genome chuckled in response. That hunger inside of him was still there, and his eyes narrowed soberly. "I think I'm going to inhibit your research quite a bit, Kuja. I apologize in advance, for that."

Kuja sighed, but his eyes had a playful light in them. "Ah, well. I can think of worse ways to be interrupted. Having sex until I'm senseless is certainly the most…entertaining…way that I've ever been distracted with."

A wicked light shone in Sephiroth's green eyes as he purred, "Your progress is going to slow to a crawl, then."


-To be continued