Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sympathy for the Damned ❯ Part 16 ( Chapter 16 )

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"Sympathy for the Damned"

Part 16

Sephiroth began to act strange--even stranger than usual. Kuja couldn't quite put his finger on it. The day after the swordsman succumbed to his darker side and ravished the genome, he was attentive and unfailingly polite. At first, Kuja thought that he was trying to make up for the way that he had treated him, but another day passed, and Sephiroth's behavior was almost loving towards him. Oh, he still had his arrogance, and that attitude of his, but he became more interested in the things that Kuja did, even offering to help him tailor outfits. For once, he didn't try to dissuade the genome's research on possible means to escape, and that worried Kuja most of all. It was unlike Sephiroth not to scoff at him and tell him what a fool he was for even trying.

Most of all, the way the swordsman looked at him had changed. It was subtle-barely perceptible, but Kuja was more observant than the average person. He studied his companion as closely as he dared, not wanting to irritate Sephiroth with his scrutiny. What was it that had changed? He couldn't quite put his finger on it. Somehow, the emerald gaze seemed softer on him, lately.

Kuja was still pondering this as they ate dinner, and Sephiroth's eyes were studying him almost as if trying to memorize his features. Finally, he could take no more. "What's the matter with you, lately? If you're still worrying about what happened that night in the pool, don't. I told you already, you didn't hurt me very much."

Sephiroth paused with his drink halfway to his lips, and he stared at the genome with an expression of discomfort and confusion. "I hadn't realized I was acting any different." His flashing gaze lowered, and his cheeks flushed.

Kuja got out of his chair and moved around the table. He took the glass out of Sephiroth's hand and gracefully slid into his lap. "Don't bullshit me, my friend. You know exactly what I'm talking about. What's wrong? You can tell me, you know. There's no point in being shy after the things we've done together."

Sephiroth wouldn't look at him. "It's nothing. I just…appreciate you more than I did before, I guess."

Kuja's eyes went wide, and his jaw slackened. He put a hand on the swordsman's forehead. "Are you feeling all right? I thought that you just spoke a sort of endearment to me!"

Sephiroth jerked his head away irritably and scowled up at the delicate sorcerer. "Just because I've admitted that I like you doesn't mean I have to put up with your teasing."

Kuja chuckled and lowered his head to kiss Sephiroth on the ear. His hand reached into the temptingly opened V in the swordsman's shirt and caressed the skin on his chest. "But I think that you more than like me, Sephy." His hand slid lower, over the tensing abdomen. He scooted his bottom a bit to make room, and he allowed his exploring hand to settle in the tall man's lap. "In fact, I know there's more to it than `like'." He shamelessly fondled the hardening bulge he found, and he smiled as his companion's breath caught.

Sephiroth turned his head and kissed Kuja on the mouth, and the genome went still with surprise. The kiss didn't have the normal bruising intensity that he had grown used to. It was tender and unhurried, and the swordsman reached up and stroked his silvery hair as he kissed him. Some powerful emotion was behind that kiss, and Kuja found himself trembling and returning it with his own feelings. He suddenly felt like he was standing over a cliff, that something drastic was about to happen that would change his life. He didn't understand it…premonition was nagging at him horribly, and without knowing why, he felt the urge to weep.

"Sephy?" he whispered as he broke the kiss and looked at his companion questioningly.

"I want you," Sephiroth murmured, and he pushed the chair back from the table and stood up, lifting the genome with him.

Kuja's chest was hurting, and he didn't understand why. "What's going on, Sephiroth?" he asked seriously as the swordsman's feet lifted off of the floor and they began to fly out of the dining hall. "This feels strange…what are you up to?"

"Nothing. I just want you. Stop worrying." Sephiroth kissed him and continued on to the genome's room.

Kuja sighed and decided that he would get no answers from his companion. Perhaps it was just his own paranoia working overtime. He couldn't shake the feeling that something had changed, though. The care and protectiveness that Sephiroth's behavior expressed was almost as scary as the menace that exuded from him when his darker side came out, for it was different from all aspects of the swordsman that Kuja had seen so far.

When they glided into the bedroom, Sephiroth eased Kuja down onto the bed and then stood back and began to undress. His bright gaze never left the sorcerer's as he removed his clothing. Kuja began to smile lecherously, despite the note of disquiet that was worming into his heart. He laced his fingers behind his head, crossed his ankles over one another and relaxed as he enjoyed the spectacle of his lover's toned body becoming slowly more exposed. "You are so beautiful, Sephiroth," he murmured truthfully. His body ached all over with lust as the swordsman's hands deftly continued their work.

Once he was entirely naked, Sephiroth got onto the bed beside Kuja and gazed down at him with an unreadable expression. He ran his fingers through the genome's pale hair and said; "I want to feel you inside of me, tonight."

Kuja's eyebrows rose, and a rare expression of slack-jawed surprise bled into his delicate features. Now he knew that something was up, because Sephiroth never, ever asked him to make love to him that way. The silver-haired warrior was a dominant person, and though he hadn't complained the time that they did have sex that way, Kuja knew that he was reluctant to allow himself to be claimed like that. "Are you sure?" he asked warily, searching his companion's face with suspicion, "I practically had to beg you, the last time. It seems strange to me that you're actually requesting this."

Sephiroth lowered his eyes and shrugged. "I just want to. Usually I'm the one banging away at you, or even trying to strangle you," his voice roughened and his eyes flashed beneath his silver lashes, "maybe I just think you should have a turn, once in a while."

Kuja sat up slowly and frowned. "Are you doing this because of guilt? If so, I'm not interested. Fucking to get back at someone isn't my style, Seph."

Sephiroth shook his head. "No, that isn't the reason. Do I really need to give you a lengthy explanation? I just want to feel you inside of me, tonight. That's all." He stared at the genome expectantly, and try as he might, Kuja couldn't read anything in those bright, jade eyes.

Kuja sighed and smiled, running the fingertips of his left hand down Sephiroth's naked, toned chest. "Well, far be it from me to deny a sweet offered to me. Lie back, Sephy."

Sephiroth did so, and Kuja got off of the bed temporarily to remove his own scant garments. He smiled at his companion as he undressed, basking in the desire apparent on the warrior's face. The burning gaze moved up and down Kuja's form as the genome's clothing fell away, lingering on his hips and groin. Kuja chuckled and swished his tail with lazy sensuality. Sephiroth would probably never get over the way his hips were curved, but at least his fascination with them was honestly lustful. As if to reinforce this, Sephiroth's long, callused hands immediately settled on Kuja's hips as the sorcerer finished undressing and slid gracefully onto the bed again. Kuja smiled down at him and straddled him, placing his palms flat over the sleek expanse of the swordsman's chest.

Sephiroth stroked the silken skin of Kuja's hips and marveled again at it. Such soft skin still seemed like it shouldn't belong on a male, but in all honesty, Seph was beginning to think of Kuja as a being that couldn't be traditionally classified by gender. Kuja was Kuja…a creature of beauty, cunning and sensuality. Labels simply wouldn't stick to him. He stared up at the genome as Kuja pressed their hardened groins together and caressed his chest, and Sephiroth couldn't shake the warmth spreading through him. For the first time in his life, he had a companion who accepted him completely, and who he never tired of. He couldn't help but wish it could go on forever. He cupped Kuja's bottom and lifted his pelvis a little, pressing his manhood more firmly against the sorcerer's genitals. Kuja responded by bending down and kissing him deeply.

The touch of the genome's mouth against his made the fire in Sephiroth's veins burn more hotly, and he growled low in his throat and pulled Kuja more firmly against him, practically grinding his hips between the sorcerer's thighs.

Kuja's breath caught, and he broke the kiss for a moment. "Are you sure that you want to be the one to take it, tonight? You're wonderfully aggressive, Sephy."

"Unless you just don't want to, shut up and stop asking me," Sephiroth said with a smirk, and then he kissed him again, pushing his tongue in to fence with Kuja's. One of his hands slid around from his hip and gripped his tail at the base, stroking it as it would Kuja's manhood. The genome shivered and wriggled against Seph, hardening further in response to the tickling sensation of the caress. He had tried not to call attention to it, but the base of his tail, especially the underside, was an erotic spot that for him that made his pelvis and backside tingle. Sephiroth had evidently discovered this on his own, however. Kuja could only hope that the swordsman didn't use it too far to his advantage, because too much would drive the sorcerer mad with lust.

There was no more arguing from Kuja. He groaned softly into Sephiroth's mouth and shifted positions, parting the swordsman's hard-muscled thighs with his hands. Sephiroth allowed the more slender genome's hips to settle between his thighs, and Kuja flexed his bottom and pressed the tip of his aching shaft against the warrior's nether region. "Gods, I do want this," Kuja sighed as his lust made him dizzy. He blindly reached for the nightstand, where he kept a bottle of lavender oil handy (since he and Sephiroth officially became lovers, he had to keep some available at all times). Reluctantly, he broke away from Sephiroth's drugging kisses and sat up again, lifting Sephiroth's knees and parting his smooth thighs further.

Sephiroth's beautiful torso rose and fell erratically with his heavy breathing, and Kuja paused for a heartbeat and marveled at it. His companion was truly excited about this…he hadn't been lying when he said that he wanted him this way. Still, it just seemed so out of character for the aggressive, sensual man to decide he wanted to have it this way. Kuja had assumed that any further lovemaking of that sort would have to come as a result of much cajoling and seduction on his part, and he was still taken aback that it had been Sephy who had suggested it tonight. Kuja gasped and reached behind him, prying his lover's hand away from his tail. "You are distracting me, baby," he explained breathlessly when Sephiroth frowned in annoyance. "Let me do my work, before you play with it in earnest."

Sephiroth reluctantly gave way and let his hands fall on the genome's hips again. He closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure as Kuja oiled his hands up and began to massage his body. He had forgotten how utterly hypnotic his companion's touch could be when he was preparing him. Kuja placed light kisses on Sephiroth's lips and brow as he slowly worked over the swordsman's muscles, relaxing him skillfully. Sephiroth didn't even tense when those hands got to the apex of his thighs. He made a sound of pleasure as Kuja's fingers stroked the sensitive crease where his thighs met his pelvis. His breath caught and his head arched back against the pillow when the genome's slick hand gripped his throbbing penis and slid up and down the length of it, slowly and firmly. The other hand was massaging his balls, and before he realized it, Sephiroth began to rotate his hips and pant.

"Easy, baby," Kuja's voice droned seductively, and he paused to pour more oil into his hand. Sephiroth didn't even react to his use of the pet name, and Kuja grinned. Mischievous by nature, he was curious to see how much his touch really affected his lover, and he had purposely goaded Sephiroth with the endearment. He even twisted enough to reach out with his tail and tickle the taller man's ribs for a moment, but a sigh was the only response. Convinced now that he was truly giving Sephy as much pleasure as the swordsman expressed, Kuja resumed his slow milking of the stiff, long organ that he adored so much. He lubricated the entrance to Sephiroth's body slowly, gazing down at him as he worked.

Sephiroth's lips were parted, his eyes nearly shut, and his face was becoming flushed with passion. He began to moan deep in his throat, and his silver hair was disheveled and falling over his eyes as a result of him tossing his head back and forth. With wicked glee typical of him, Kuja whispered, "Tell me how it feels, Sephiroth. Tell me what I'm doing to you."

The green eyes flared open for a moment, the pupils dilating. "What?"

Kuja's smile didn't falter. "Describe how if feels, Sephy. I want to hear you say it."

The flush on the swordsman's cheeks deepened slightly. "Why?"

"Because I want you to. It makes me feel good. For me, Sephiroth?" Kuja gave him his most endearing look, softening his eyes and blinking at him.

Sephiroth looked somewhat torn as he tried to resolve the odd request with the pleasure that Kuja was giving him. "I…I can't promise…it'll come out how you seem to think it will," he said breathlessly, and he gave a sharp little gasp as Kuja's probing finger tickled his prostate. He shivered as Kuja did it again, teasingly.

"It makes me…makes me feel a s-surge in my belly," Sephiroth gasped, and he tossed his head and moaned helplessly as the genome added a second finger and began to tickle the gland mercilessly. His thighs trembled and his stomach tensed, and Kuja stopped rubbing his erection when it began to buck slightly and drip clear fluid.

"You panicked the last time, when I pressed down on it," Kuja purred, staring at him intently, "how about now? Do you like being tickled, baby?"

Sephiroth's breath exploded from his body and he clutched the bedsheets. "Y-yes…ah, hell…don't stop…" he bucked his hips desperately as Kuja obliged, and his senses fled in pure bliss.

"I'm going to make you come now, Sephiroth. Then I'm going to bury myself in that tight ass of yours and make love to you all night long. Would you like that?"

Sephiroth nodded, unable to vocalize anything for lack of breath. That horrible, humiliating sound began to escape his lips, despite his best efforts to hold it back. Sephiroth whimpered and mewled steadily as the pulsing, roaring pleasure built and built. Kuja was murmuring something calming to him, but he couldn't comprehend the meaning of the words. With a final, sobbing cry, Sephiroth reached his peak. Kuja's hand cupped over the top of the swordsman's bucking penis and captured most of the spurting seed, and he used it to coat his own straining member for extra lubrication. "Good, Sephy…I've been wanting to see you like that, helpless and moaning. Do you have any idea how sexy you are?"

Sephiroth wasn't comfortable with the pillow talk, but the afterglow of his orgasm felt so good that he didn't particularly care. As he caught his breath and basked in the throbbing warmth, he watched the genome work over him. Kuja's head was bowed in concentration as he smoothed the slickness over his manhood and used the rest to lubricate Sephiroth's entrance even more. He then stretched out on top of the swordsman and gazed down at him with hot, topaz eyes.

Sephiroth reached up and combed his fingers into the soft, tangled mane of Kuja's hair and closed his eyes. He relished the feel of the sorcerer's smooth, naked skin sliding over his, and he almost hugged Kuja tightly to him. He mastered his strange emotions at the last minute, and he started to wonder why his lover hadn't entered him yet. He opened his eyes and frowned up at Kuja questioningly.

"I wanted to be sure you were ready," Kuja whispered, placing soft kisses on Sephiroth's mouth and chin. "Are you ready?"

Sephiroth smirked against the genome's lips. "I've been ready. Stop procrastinating."

Kuja chuckled and reached down for a moment to adjust himself, and then he slowly pressed forward. Despite his passionate, nearly aggressive words earlier, he sank into the taller man's body with an almost reverent tenderness. Sephiroth sighed as he felt the genome's manhood breaching the narrowness of his body. It was an easy, smooth thrust that hardly ached at all, and he felt the stirring of sexual excitement in his groin again. "That feels good, Kuja," he murmured. He frowned again, surprised at himself.

Kuja's eyes were closed, and his breath caught. He merely nodded in response to his companion's encouragement-more out of agreement than anything else. "Sephiroth," he sighed as he entered him fully. He started to kiss the swordsman again, moaning softly as he began to flex his bottom and find his rhythm. His lovemaking was slow and somehow intense at the same time. He withdrew to the tip, then pressed forward again, over and over. His mouth sucked and nibbled on Sephiroth's throat and chest as he thrust, and after a short while, he shifted just enough to lightly stroke the right spot in passing.

Sephiroth became erect again and he caressed his lover's back, pumping hips and bottom. He tried to keep silent, wishing to retain some dignity. It eventually felt so damned good that he couldn't stop the low moans that vibrated in his throat. He cupped Kuja's face and drew his mouth to his, tasting the genome's lips hungrily. Kuja returned the kiss and pulled back after a moment, watching Sephiroth as he took him. His skin sparkled with tiny drops of perspiration, and his too-pretty features were beginning to tense up.

Sephiroth had enough presence of mind to be somewhat amused when Kuja went still and took several deep, gulping breaths.

"You don't need to hold back," he said breathlessly.

"Want it to last," Kuja panted.

Sephiroth remembered feeling the exact same way, the first time they had sex, and he couldn't fault his lover for it. He wanted it to last as well, but they had to be practical. With an arrogant smirk, he cupped Kuja's smooth buttocks and pulled him hard against him, making the sorcerer's tightening, rock-hard shaft push all the way into him abruptly. He listened to Kuja's whimpering gasp and smiled even more deeply, and then he tugged on the genome's earlobe with his lips and reached down with his other hand to fondle the base of his silken tail. He ran his fingertips along the underside of the tail, back and forth in a massaging caress.

"Gods," Kuja groaned, tensing up all over. He rested his forehead against Sephiroth's shoulder as his climax came, and he vaguely felt his lover's hands leave his ass to stroke his back encouragingly. "You evil man," Kuja wheezed after he filled Sephiroth with his seed. "I was going to try and keep going for an hour, at least!" He was trembling all over, and he couldn't find the strength to rise.

"I've decided that I would like my turn, once you've recovered," Sephiroth said throatily, tracing Kuja's panting mouth with the tip of his tongue. He was already close to being fully erect again. Watching Kuja's delicate features go helpless with ecstasy from the way he fondled his tail made Sephiroth want to claim him again.

Kuja kissed him deeply, not protesting in the least.


-To be continued