Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sympathy for the Damned ❯ Part 17 ( Chapter 17 )

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"Sympathy for the Damned"

Part 17

Sephiroth allowed Kuja to rest. He embraced the slight form of his lover and listened to the genome's heavy breathing slowly regulate. When the rhythm calmed to the point where Seph knew that the other was starting to doze off, he combed his fingers through Kuja's wild, silvery/violet hair and looked down at him. "Don't tell me I've worn you out," he said.

Lapis eyes opened and blinked at him from beneath disheveled, pale locks of hair. "Of course not!" Kuja said indignantly. His voice was husky with sleepiness and the afterglow of pleasure. He pushed his palms against Sephiroth's chest and levered himself up, straddling the swordsman's hips. "I can make love to you all night-" he paused to yawn, "-long."

Sephiroth's lips quirked ever so slightly. "Indeed?"

Kuja nodded vigorously, but like a sleepy child, he raised one hand up and rubbed his eye with his fist.

"Go to sleep, Kuja. You need rest." The order was soft and almost gentle.

Kuja looked down at his companion with disappointment, but he had to admit that his body felt boneless and exhausted. "I want to have sex again," he said petulantly, bending down to kiss those sinfully beautiful lips.

Sephiroth returned the kiss lazily, allowing his companion to change his mind if he wished. Then the sorcerer's elegant, talented hand was on the erection that lay against his stomach, petting it teasingly. Sephiroth rumbled in his throat and grabbed Kuja's hips, lifting him off of his body easily. The genome gave a little gasp as the taller man rolled him smoothly onto his back and covered his body with his own. "Really, my friend…you lack the strength of your convictions," Kuja teased as his lover's hips ground between his thighs.

"I tried to be a gentleman," Sephiroth replied heatedly, and he bit the genome on the neck, hard enough to leave marks and make Kuja cry out in surprised pain. He licked the spot immediately after, soothing the skin that he had abused, and Kuja sighed and embraced him.

Sephiroth thrust his tongue into the smaller young man's mouth and reached blindly for the nightstand. He hissed a curse when his hand bumped the precious bottle of oil and sent it falling. He started to get up to retrieve it, but then his mind called attention to the fact that Kuja was as hard as a rock against his lower abdomen, and the tip was wet with precum. Sephiroth shrugged and pushed his companion's thighs apart forcefully. Kuja's youthful, husky voice gave a moan of surprise and excitement, and Sephiroth slid down the length of the genome's body.

Kuja's face gained an uncharacteristic expression of surprise as he looked down at his lover. Sephiroth had never pleasured him orally before, and he honestly couldn't believe he was about to start now. Then the swordsman's warm, wet mouth was sucking his aching cock into it. "S-Sephy," Kuja said breathlessly, parting his thighs further and gripping the other man's broad shoulders.

Sephiroth didn't respond. He concentrated on what he was doing and worked the hard, silken length of Kuja's desire in and out of his untrained mouth. It was admittedly a clumsy blowjob compared to the ones that Kuja gave him, but the low moan of pleasure his companion made encouraged him to keep going. He was distantly embarrassed by the sloppy sounds that he was making, but the practical part of him that made him such a good General reminded him that the results were more important than dignity. Kuja's tail was twitching slightly against the mattress, and Sephiroth grinned around the shaft that he was sucking on and reached a hand between the smooth thighs. He began to gently scratch the place on the underside of the tail where it joined with Kuja's backside.

Kuja whimpered and thrashed a bit, and Sephiroth splayed his other hand over the genome's pelvis and pushed down, holding him steady. Feeling inspired and aroused by the reactions he was getting, Sephiroth bobbed his head faster and began to tickle the genome's puckered entrance with his thumb, while still scratching the underside of his tail with his fingers. He fondled the smooth, soft fur as he would a cat's back, and much like a feline would arch into the touch, Kuja was lifting his hips and arching his back.

What had started off rather clumsy soon became the most intense foreplay Kuja had ever experienced. Sephiroth was making up for his lack of experience tenfold. Kuja's breath shivered with helpless moans, his fair skin flushing with surging passion. Nobody had ever been so bold with him. His tail had always been something that confused his past lovers, and while they all seemed to find it exotic and exciting, none of them had ever had the courage to play with it the way Sephiroth did. He felt like he had two sex organs that were being simultaneously pleasured, and he couldn't hold still to save his life. Gasping, moaning and panting, he tried to ask Sephiroth to slow down, for he surely couldn't take much more of this. His words came out as incoherent moans, and Sephiroth didn't pause or slow his ministrations.

The merciless treatment steadily continued until Kuja was shouting raggedly and unconsciously tearing at the bedsheets with clawed hands. Sephiroth barely pulled his mouth away in time to avoid swallowing the semen that gushed from Kuja's pulsing shaft. He stared at the bucking organ, wondering for a moment what it would have been like to taste his lover and swallow that fount of pleasure. However, he was on fire with lust, and he needed the lubrication so that he could bury himself inside of Kuja.

"Shhh, settle down, Kitten," Seph whispered as he straightened back up and caressed Kuja's flushed, sweaty cheek. The sorcerer's shadowed eyelids were half-closed, and his sapphire gaze was stunned and dilated as it met his. The genome was whimpering helplessly with the pleasure of his relief, and his graceful body was shivering. For a moment, Seph wondered if his lovemaking had hurt Kuja. The genome was reacting almost as if he was recovering from pain. Then Kuja seemed to come back from whatever realm he had drifted off to, and he gave Sephiroth a shaken smile and licked his pretty lips.

"I n-never should have given you a hint…about what playing with my tail does to me," Kuja gasped.

Sephiroth smiled with wicked pride, pleased that he had given his lover so much pleasure and now knew his weakness. "I'll enjoy using that technique when you're being stubborn, in the future," he promised with an evil glint in his eye. Kuja responded by dragging his neatly trimmed nails over Sephiroth's thighs and giving him a positively carnal look. He lifted his pelvis invitingly, leaving no doubt that he was ready for Sephiroth to take him. Obviously, having just orgasmed didn't diminish his desire in the slightest. Sephiroth gave the genome's softened penis a brief, possessive caress, and then he scooped some of the still-warm semen off of Kuja's belly and used it to lubricate him.

"Why didn't you just get the oil?" Kuja inquired in a breathy voice, even as he gently rubbed himself against the hand that was spreading the slickness over his entrance. "It would have been faster."

Emerald cat eyes flashed at him, then lowered. "You object to the way I'm preparing you?"

"Uh, that would be a `no'. It's just that I didn't expect you to go through that much trouble for my sake."

Sephiroth smiled wryly. "Then you're in luck. I didn't do it `for your sake'. I was curious and wanted to hear you moan."

Kuja was mortified to feel himself blush with an unexpected attack of shyness. How did this man do things like this to him? He didn't have time to contemplate further, because Sephiroth grasped his hips and pulled him forward, and the warrior's hard, slick sex found and penetrated his opening. Kuja's breath caught and he bit his lip as the pleasure and pain made his head spin. Sephiroth didn't advance further. He held still with his the tip of his cock stretching the genome's entrance, and he stroked Kuja's hips and outer thighs slowly.

"Be still, Kuja."

The genome sucked in a ragged breath and obeyed, relaxing his body and submitting to the breach. He looked up and Sephiroth and saw that the swordsman's eyes were closed. The sculpted lips were parted, and the silver-white blanket of hair fell around Sephiroth's naked body. He almost seemed to be in a meditative trance. Kuja resisted the urge to squirm. The way his lover's girth was settled snugly inside of him, teasingly stretching only the entrance, was maddening. He wanted to drive himself down on that rigid flesh, though he knew it would hurt like hell, since Sephy hadn't taken the time to relax the passage first.

The moments ticked by agonizingly, with Sephiroth's callused hands caressing the genome's body slowly. Blood rushed into Kuja's groin, making it harden and elongate again, and his breath quickened. "Gods Sephy, please move," Kuja thought, though he didn't dare say it out loud. He was growing more frustrated and aroused with each second, and still his companion sat between his legs and seemed perfectly content to just leave his cock nudged passed the ring of muscle.

Just when Kuja was about to lose all composure and end this torment, Sephiroth's eyes opened and flashed down at him. The swordsman descended on his slender companion and eased his throbbing sex into Kuja's body until it was fully sheathed. Beads of sweat sparkled on Sephiroth's face as he stared down at the genome and began to move-slowly at first, then picking up speed and force gradually.

Kuja's eyes rolled and his breath gushed out with a quivering groan. He pulled Sephiroth's hair to one side so that it wouldn't be in the way, and he kissed the man's parted lips. Sephiroth's tongue pushed into his mouth and swirled around leisurely. He took his time, making love to the sorcerer thoroughly but without the usual, urgent roughness. His lips worshipped the petal soft skin of Kuja's chest, shoulders and neck, and he occasionally gave a gentle nip with his teeth, making him gasp.

Kuja was absolutely floored when Sephiroth shuddered against him and whispered, "so beautiful."

It wasn't the words so much as the tone in them. There was an aching, wistful fondness in Sephy's voice as he came, and the way he nuzzled the genome's cheek with his mouth was nothing short of tender. Kuja combed his fingers through his lover's silken hair as Sephy filled him with his seed and moaned. He closed his eyes and rubbed his cheek against Sephiroth's, knowing that he would probably never understand the man completely.

After catching his breath, Sephiroth rolled off of Kuja and pulled him against his chest, embracing him tightly. Kuja kissed the hard, toned chest that his face was so close to, and he returned the embrace and swallowed a lump in his throat. He didn't know what to expect, but he had a feeling that his earlier suspicions concerning something big happening were most certainly correct. Trying not to worry, he focused on the feel of the powerful body entwined with his, and he closed his eyes.


-To be continued