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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

All righty! We last left Araka in the wilderness and Shizuka floating away. O.o;;; Y'know, I was just thinking. Why'd they go different directions in the first place?

Araka: Can it, Narrator! Just get on with the story!

Okay, okay, sheesh! Let's check on Araka and her group.

In the woods, still

All: *sitting around a fire*

Araka: *eating the deer's leg*

Hiei: You're…an animal…

Araka: Yeah, I know. ^^ *rips off some skin*

Kurama: O.o;;;

Yami: I'm going to sleep.

Kish: Me too.

Kenshin: Can I share the sleeping bag with Kurama?

Kurama: o.o;;;

Araka: Okay, there's only room enough for two people in the tent, and two people in the sleeping bag.

Kenshin: Me and Kurama call the sleeping bag!

Kurama: *backs away slowly*

Yami: I'm sleeping in the tent…

Kish: Me too.

Araka: Sorry Kish, I get to sleep in there.

Yami and Kish: *look at each other*

Araka: *gets kicked out of the tent and they zip it up* HEY! COME ON GUYS! I DON'T WANNA SLEEP OUT HERE! IT'S SCARY!

Hiei: Be brave. Now, go to sleep. *jumps on a tree*

Araka: *tears stream down her cheeks* But…I DON'T WANNA BE! *shakes tree so hard Hiei falls off*

Hiei: O.o;;; Ow….

Araka: *grabs his arm* I'm scared.

Hiei: =.= Grow a backbone, authoress.

Leaves: *rustle*

Araka: Hiei, I heard something.

Hiei: Come on; let's go see.

Araka: *gulp*

The walk deep into the woods where they stoop to see little glowing eyes

Araka: Aw. Hey little fella!
Hiei: Araka, those are bears eyes. Stay away.

Araka: But, it's only a cub. Come out little guy.

Hiei: Something bad's gonna happen…

Bear: *walks out and stands up* *is 10ft tall*

Hiei: Cub, huh?

Araka: Oh, shit….


Both: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

They begin to run and the bear chases after them




Araka: Meanie…;.;

Hiei: Shut up….AND RUN!

Back at the campsite

Kenshin: *snuggling up to Kurama*

Kurama: *grunts and scoots over the best he can*

In the tent

Yami: *is telling a ghost story*

Kish: *is hugging a teddy bear and sucking his thumb*

Yami: *makes a bear figure with his flashlight outside*

Kish: *screams like a girl*

Yami: *laughs* That wasn't a bear you moron. Man, you're too easy.

Kish: Hey! That wasn't fair!

Hiei and Araka: *come running in*

Hiei: *gasps* Bear…coming….run…now.

Kish: HAH! I'm not falling for that!

Yami: Yeah! You're just trying to scare us.

Araka: Scare you? I'm scared enough. *hugs Hiei*

Hiei: Eh? See for yourself!

The peek out the tent to see the bear sniffing Kurama's hair

Kurama: *turns around and is dreaming* Come here muffin… *kisses bear*

Bear: *hearts in eyes and in background*

Kurama: *wakes up and is still kissing the bear* ….AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Kenshin: *wakes up* BEAR! *screams, grabs Kurama, and runs away*

Bear: *roars angrily and starts chasing him*

Others: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The all run off, Bear in hot pursuit

Having a hard time ain't they? Let's check on Shizuka. ^^ Bet it's even worse.

Somewhere farther away from the Gulf of Mexico

Shizuka: *floating on a floaty raft with Kyo, Yama, Kai, and Kaiba. Inu's holding onto the side* Now I'm even thirstier.

Kyo: Yeah, the water's salt water so we can't drink it.

Inu: Guys. I'm tired, can we switch.

All: NO!

Inu: Okay…okay…

Yama: Anybody gotta map?

Kai: Nope. It sank with the rest.

Kaiba: Where do you think we're floating to?

Kyo: Cuba?

Yama: We better hurry up before someone loses their mind.

Shizuka: *starts singing the Barney theme song*

All but Shizuka: O.O!!!!

Will Araka and her group escape the bear? Will anybody else in Shizuka's group go crazy? Does Kurama have a new girlfriend?


What do you think? Next time on, Anime Road Trip. *lights flash*