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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hello people! *bows as they cheer* Thank you, thank you! *frying pan hits him* Ow…X_x;;; All right, all right…Let's see how the groups are doing….

Running from the tiger


Yami: YEAH!

Hiei: You're the authoress, shouldn't you be able to stop the tiger?

Kenshin: Yeah. *stops running*

Araka: =.= Yes…but…oh all right. *stops running too*

Kurama: Whatcha gonna do?

Araka: *holds up can of catnip* Here kitty-kitty, wants some?

Hiei: Oh puh-lease, it's a tiger, not a house cat!

Tiger: *sniffs the can* Rawr?

Araka: That's it; here ya go! *throws can of catnip in the air*

Tiger: *claws at it*

Kurama: RUN!!!!!!!!!!

All: *run off*

Tiger: *doesn't notice*

Araka: *opens plot hole* Let's go! *jumps in*

The Rest: *follows*

They appear in China

Hiei: Where are we?

Kurama: *sees a guy pull a cart* I don't know. But that guy has ramen. Man, would Inuyasha love to be here…

Araka: Yeah…Do you think we're in Japan?

Yami: No way. Japan doesn't look like this.

Kenshin: *blinks* Guys, I think we're in China.

Araka: What?

Kish: Well, while we're here! Let's eat; I'm starved.

Araka: Okay.

They walk to a restaurant which they do not know what it is called because they can't read Chinese. But, I'll tell you. It says, Pig Women. Sound like a good place to eat?

Hiei: *looks around to see fat women pigging out* O_o;;; Uh…do we have to be here?

Araka: It's the only place in sight. Come on, it can't be that bad. Table for six please.

Waiter: *nods and they follow her to two seats* One for four people, one you must share with Biggest Fattest Lady over there. *points to the fattest lady in the world. You can see her fat sagging…@.@)

Kurama: Uh…*jumps into the vacant seat*

Kish: *jumps too*

Kenshin: *follows*

Yami: *does the same*

Araka: GUYS! That's not fair…

Hiei: Is it just me, or are we always stuck together?

Araka: It's just you. *sits down across from the lady*

Hiei: *cringes as he sets next to BGL*

BFL: *offers him some beef she's halfway finished eating*

Hiei: Uh…O.O; No thanks…

BFL: *shrugs and continues stuffing it in her mouth*

Waiter: *brings the menus*

Yami: Uh….Isn't there anything besides beef on this menu?

Waiter: O'course, there is beef stew, beef pancakes, beef corn….

Yami: -_- Sorry I asked…

Kish: I thought Chinese people were vegetarians?

The whole restaurant: *stares at Kish*

Kenshin: *covers Kish's mouth* Uh…he meant…BEEF FOR ALL!

The whole restaurant: *continues eating*

Kurama: Phew…

Kenshin: Keep your big mouth shut!

Kish: Okay, okay, I was just asking…

Araka: I think I'll have the beef stew. ^_^;

Hiei: *turning his menu in different directions* Beef this, beef that. Sure, I like a hamburger like any other guy, but, SHEESH! These people must be crazy! Beef sucks! *throws a bowl of beef against the wall and it breaks*

BFL: WHAT? YOU KNOW LIKE BEEF? BIGGEST FATTEST LADY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU! *picks Hiei up by his feet and swings him around in circles*

Kurama: *is sipping his drink*

Kish and Kenshin: *holding each other*

Yami: O_O!

Araka: ^_^;;; He had it coming….

BFL: *lets go of Hiei's legs, sending him flying in the air and disappearing in the distance*

Hiei: AHHH! *poof*


Fat Sagging People: *get up looking angry*

Kenshin: *whispering* You idiot…

Kish: Uh…oops? ^_^;

FSP: *attacks the group and they join Hiei*

The group lands in the middle of the road somewhere in Wyoming

All: *lands*

Hiei: Ow…stupid fat people…

Kurama: But, where are we?

Araka: We might not know where we are, but at least we're away from that Biggest Fattest Lady.

*they hear a truck rumble*

Kish: Who could that be?

*they see the BFL driving a 18-wheeler looking possessed*

All: O.O!

Let's leave them there and go check on Shizuka.

About to face the biggest tsunami in the world

All: O.o;;;

Kyo: *meekly* `Elp?

Tsunami: *crashes down on them*

Yama: AH!!!!!

Kai: Help! I'm….glub glub…

Kaiba: My trench coat's getting soaked-- AHH!!!!

Inu: My hair! *glub*

Shizuka: BUBBLES! *starts dancing on the water*

Kyo: Can she actually do that?

Kai: *glub* No. *glub* That's. *glub* Not. *glub* Possible. *glub*

Kaiba: Stop glubbin' and get back on the raft.

Tsunami: *clears away*

Kyo: We're all alive.

Inu: If you count going crazy and dancing on the water is alive, well, okay.

Kyo: =.= Shizzy…

Shizuka: Yes, my sweetie?

Kyo: Get back here.

Shizuka: YAY! *dances over and jumps on the raft* ^.^

Raft: *wobbles*

Inu: ACK!


Kaiba: Hey, aren't we? *looks at the scene*

Kyo: -_- Back to where we STARTED!

Will Araka's group escape the BFL? Was that Tsunami a waste of Shizuka's group's time? Do you like Butterscotch?

Kyo: Not me, personally.

=.= Was I talking to you? No. Find out next time on, ANIME ROAD TRIP!