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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We last left our unworthy anime heroes…uh…no Shizuka, Kyo is worthy! I just…NO!!!!!!!! *three hours later* *is beat to the pulp* Urgh…let's check on the groups already….

Araka's Group

BFL: *driving like a maniac toward them*

Everyone: *is clinging to each other*


Araka: *crying* I DON'T KNOW!!!!

Yami: We're doomed…

Kenshin: And I promise to never kiss Aoshi again, If I live through this, I'll even kiss him and Kurama.

Kurama: O.o;; We better die.

BFL: *suddenly stops*

Araka: Eh?

BFL: *gets out* Hm…flat tire…

Kish: I'll help!

BFL: Thank you.

Kish: *fixes the tire* And remember, when you run us over, make sure you don't touch Yami's hair.

BFL: *nods and gets back into the truck*

Araka: God, what's wrong with you?

Kish: Nothing. ^^

BFL: *starts the truck up again*

All: AHHHHHH!!!!!

BFL: *knocks them off the cliff*

All: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh… *pinging noise*

BFL: *looks around* Where did fluffy man go? *sees Sesshoumaru* Ah, there you are. *picks him up and drags him away*

Sessh: How'd I get here?

All: AHHHHH!!!!!!! *land on the ground*

Hiei: Ow…X.x;;;

Araka: It's okay. I think we're alive.

Kurama: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Kenshin: Guess I gotta kiss em. Pucker up, big boy.

Kurama: O_O! *gets kissed*

Yami: Okay…that was just strange.

Hiei: No. That was wrong. And…Kish?

Kish: Yah?

Hiei: Remind me to kill you!

Kish: Okay….

Yami: Where….are we?

All: *looks around*

Araka: I…think…we're in Montana! WE MADE IT!

Kish; YAY!

Kurama: WAHOO! *pulls away from Kenshin and dances*(Oh…god…@_@ *dies*)

YAY! They finally made it to Montana, which, wasn't awfully funny. But the author said she hasn't been able to squeeze out anything…so…let's check on Shizuka!

Shizuka's Group

Kyo: I'm bored…

Kaiba: Let's play I Spy.

Kai: That would be stupid.

Inu: Might as well.

Yama: Sure.

Shizuka: I'LL GO FIRST!

Kyo: Shizzy? You're awake?

Shizuka: Yeah. I finally snapped out of it. ^_^ All right. Let's play!

Kyo: I'm not playing…

Shizuka: Spoiled sport.

Kai & Yama: We're not either.

Shizuka: Okay, only Kaiba and Inu. All right, I spy with my little eye, something, blue.

Kaiba: Ocean.

Shizuka: Right.

Kaiba: Okay, my turn, I spy with my little eye, something, big.

Shizuka: Ocean.

Inu: Okay….I'm staying outta this…

Kaiba: Right.

Shizuka: I spy something, big and blue…

Kaiba: Ocean.

Shizuka: Dagnabbit.

Kaiba: I spy….

Shizuka: Ocean.

Kaiba: Hey, I hadn't spied anything yet.

Shizuka: Sorry. Okay, I…

Kaiba: Ocean.

Shizuka: Hey there, that doesn't count.

Kaiba: Does too.

Shizuka: Does not.

Kyo: Shut up you two.

Shizuka: Okay…

(I bet you can guess where I got the I spy thing. I'll give you a cookie.)

Kai: *looks behind them and suddenly starts to frantically wave his hands in the air*

Inu: OOH! Charades. Okay, you're a goat, no? A bird.

Kai: *shakes his head*

Inu: OH! I KNOW THIS ONE! The Bahamas are right behind us!

The Rest: *freeze*

Kyo: The…Bahamas?

All: *turn around to see hot babes and buffed guys waving at them*


Shizuka: In more ways then you know…(Bad, Shizzy, Bad. No cheating on Kyo. ^^)

All: *rush out of the raft and find a place to stay*

1 Hour Later

Shizuka & Yama: *getting a tan on the beach*

Shizuka: This is the life…and getting a massage from steaming hot hunks is even better.

Yama: Yep. ^_^

Inu & Kai: *swimming* (aw…they're too young to understand what 50 hot babes on the beach stand for. *wink*)

Kaiba: *is trying to get connection with his laptop* NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Work, please, work! *cries*

Kyo: *is trying to get a date with a hot girl*

Shizuka: *sees this* *gets jealous*

Yama: You better go stop him.

Shizuka: *smiles evilly* And I know the exact way…

Kyo: *to the hot babe, let's call her Brittany* Yeah. Still single, but I've gotten many dates before and just saying, you are the cutest girl I've seen.

Shizuka: *behind a boulder* *gets steaming angry* *runs up behind him and hugs him* HEY KYO!

Kyo: Oh…no…*with a "poof" he turns into a cat

Brittany: *screams and runs away*

Kyo: *Mreow! Meow! Phft.

(*Translation: What did you do that for? I was trying to get a date!)

Shizuka: Sorry, Kyo-kun. But, you'll forever be my little kitty. *huggles him and walks off*


All: *walk up behind him*

Kai: Maybe we should call Araka and see where they are.

Shizuka: Yeah.

Kaiba: Okay. *dials her video call number*

Now they're stuck in another forest. ^_^;

Araka: *ringing comes from her pocket*

Kish: I think you're pocket's alive. O_O

Araka: No, it's just my video caller.


Araka: ^_^; I know…but….I forgot about it in all the excitement.

All but Araka: *anime fall*

Araka: *answers it* Hello?

VC: *Shizuka's group appear on the screen*

Shizuka: HEY GUYS!

Araka: Shiz! You're alive. Where are you?

Shizuka: Yeah, we're barely alive. But, tell me first, where are you?

Araka: In Montana, in a forest. =_=

Shizuka: ^_^; That's too bad. We're in the Bahamas!

Araka's Group: WHAAAAAAAAATTTTT??????

Shizuka: Sorry. We gotta go. It's Beach Volleyball time. Bye! *turns off the Video Caller*

Araka: No! Wait!

Hiei: Just great. *sits down* We're stuck in the middle of a forest while they're in the Bahamas living large.

Araka: At least we made it to Montana. ^_^;

Hiei: *his hair is being chewed on by a moose* I'm not amused. =_=

BFL: *from behind them* Want some meat.

All: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this ends our lovely road trip. It was nice Narrating for you all. *sniffle* I'm gonna miss you. *begins to cry* This is last and final time I will ever say this *sniff*, Thank you for reading, ANIME ROAD TRIP!

Araka: Hi, everyone. No, this isn't exactly the end. There will be more, like the coming up sequel, Anime Cruise. ^_^ I'm either deciding on keeping Kai or switching him out with a good friend of mine, Bakhu. Many of you don't know her, but she's a funny, crazing lunatic. In the reviews, tell me if I should keep Kai, or switch him out with Bakhu. Well, Ja `till we meet again!