Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Have I Met You Yet? ❯ Assignment of Poetry ( Chapter 1 )

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Summary: Hana-chan has an assignment, "Write a poem about your friends" doesn't sound hard to do right? Well, her pencil stops when she reaches a certain God and Ox, how can she write about them when she doesn't even know them? Well...that'll change soon...


"Isn't this fun Hana-chan, Uo-chan?" Tohru said excitedly, her hands clapping together. "I have so much to say about the Sohmas and you two!" she said smiling as Uo grinned back.

"Ya well I'm definately gonna write about you two" Uo replied agreeing a bit as she turned to Hana who seemed to be off in her own little world. "What about you Saki?"

"I don't know...maybe the Sohmas and you as well" she replied, her braided ponytail resting on her shoulder as she accidentally bumped shoulders with a First Year, a surprisingly tall first year. "I'm sorr-" she stopped and realized it was a Sohma, what was his name again? Hatsucarl? or something...Hatsuharu! "I'm sorry Sohma-san" she replied as he stared at her for minute. "What is it?" she asked as Uo and Tohru stopped as well and turned around.

Haru smirked and turned around, "nothing" he replied in a monotone voice and walked away leaving Hana confused.

"Hey maybe the Sohma likes you" Uo said grinning and nudging Hana teasingly as Tohru clapped hands.

"That's so cute Hana-cha-" she stopped in mid sentence and realized what would happen if Hana and Haru would hug, she sweatdrop. 'I hope Hana-chan is a vegetarian...' she thought making herself confused her eyes suddenly began to go swirly as Uo and Hana watched her.

"Is something wrong Tohru?" Hana asked tilting her head a bit as Uo nodded.

"Yah, ya seem a bit...woozy" she replied and stopped to realize that the bell had rung and that kids began to pile out of the classrooms. "Will ya look at that, since we talked so much we actually ditched a class" the blonde replied grinning, Tohru's eyes widen.

"Ano isn't that bad?! What if I get a bad grade, what if there was a test on that class?!" she began to get swirly yet again and almost fell back if it wasn't for a pair of hands catching her, although she didn't land on anything.

"You shouldn't get all nervous like that when there's a lot of people" she turned around to see Kyou holding her up, luckily she didn't fall on him. She immediately turned around and bowed.

"I'm sorry Kyou!!! I didn't mean it!!" she rambled on as Uo stood there with her eyes cosed, Hana standing there, and Kyou scratching his head, a pissed off look on his face.

"Ya whatever, let's just get home" he replied walking away with Tohru, Uo walking off after hearing a motorcycle ((^^ it's Kureno!)) leaving Hana to stand there. She walked home slowly, not saying a word. That's how she liked it, she liked to think about things and go at her own pace.

Tohru my best friend

Arisa, she'll fight for me till the end

Kyou that sly cat

Shigure, too perverted, can I hit him with a bat?

She sighed and continued to think of the poem, she wasn't really good with these things, and she couldn't help but humor herself lightly.

Yuki the prince of the school

Megumi, my bro that's really cool

She shook her head, "that wouldn't work" she spoke quietly to herself, she shrugged it off and continued.

Ayame the owner of a dirty shop

Momiji, loves to jump and never stops

Kisa who's alway's actin shy

Hiro who thinks he's such a sly guy


She stopped and realized she knew nothing about Haru except for the fact that he had wierd hair and an odd taste of clothing. She sighed and decided to walk around the park thinking this was gonna take a while.


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