Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Lasting Love ❯ Yuki's Loss ( Chapter 1 )

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Warnings: Character Death, Angst, Shounen -ai.
Notes: Many thanks to Masqued for all the corrections.
This was originally inspired by one of the early volumes of Furuba when Haru says that he's loved Yuki since he was young. I thought it was cute. LOL. I don't think that any more.
Lasting Love
The silver haired boy clutched onto the lifeless form of his lover, sobbing uncontrollably. His body slowly began to rock back and forth, face full of disdain. Hot, wet tears seared down the thin pale face, dropping slowly onto the still visage of the other teen.
Why does he always do this? Couldn't he let me enjoy my happiness? Is there truly nothing in his heart that shows contempt for the cursed, such as myself, or is his goal simply to further my feeling of loneliness? There is no end to the pain, suffering, and hurt that he inflicts on us and the ones we love. And for years I've asked myself the question as to why, why, he would treat everyone with such a cold boldness.
Because he can never be happy.
I hugged the unmoving body of Haru to my chest, desperately wishing he would awaken from his deadly sleep. It was my fault that Haru was no longer with me on this earth; he had loved me since we were young. He accepted me for the way I was, what I was, and could understand that what Akito had done to me had deeply affected me, leaving scars on my very soul. Still he loved, adored, and cared for me, patiently awaiting the day I would be able to return those same feelings.
I had finally found the courage to admit my feelings for him to his face, no longer hiding behind my cold, indifferent masks; no longer fooling myself into believing that I felt nothing for my beloved ox. I'd finally realized that I was deserving of the love and affection, and was fully capable of returning it. And look what that brought us.
Everything had been sunshine and rainbows at first; a beauty I'd never thought imaginable for someone such as myself. Being with Haru was like nothing else I had ever experienced; it left me happy beyond all reason, making it quite simple to outwardly tell him that I loved him the same as he did I. All the cursed relationships start like that though - and they all ended in pain and suffering. Of course all the sunshine and rainbows scurried off and cowered the moment we found out that we would have to tell Akito that we were together. And even worse…
That we were happy.
And we all know that no one - especially me - can ever be happy if Akito can't be.
An evil, maniacal laugh rang out through the room where the boy lingered with the body of his true love lifeless in his heavy arms, the spirit long since gone.
The rat looked up at the sharp sound that assaulted his ears. A dark haired man stood there, the blood that he had drawn from the corpse dripping from his knuckles, dripping bitterly to the tiled floor.
“You fool. How could you even think that I would let you be with him? He didn't deserve your love, your happiness, or you, because you don't deserve to be happy. You're just worthless; no one would ever want you.” He began to laugh again, finding a twisted hilarity in the woe of others.
Feared and Revered - That is how the head of the Sohma family is looked at. Like God almost, or rather in this instance, Satan. It's as though he's immortal and won't ever die simply because that would imply that he would no longer be able to be a tyrant that ruined our cursed lives. He is uncontrollable - unstoppable. Hatori has tried multiple times to end his torture of everyone's lives, desperately trying to prevent anyone from going through what he'd had to experience. Shigure also tried, but for reasons unknown. Sadly, neither was successful, leaving me clinging to my dead lover.
I heard his laughter. Softly at first, then growing with the force of the insanity behind it. It couldn't be described any other way. Akito was insane, there was no way of denying - and none of us ever tried to do so. Others did not do things like this to their family members. And how I longed to be one of those other families as I looked up. Immediately after doing so, I regretted it.
Haru's blood still dripped from his hands. This time, Akito had thought it was extra special to be able to hurt me as much as he could - and therefore had literally gotten his hands bloody, instead commanding his minions to do the dirty work.
I watched the blood fall onto the cold marble, and winced as it joined the rest of the remains of Haru's life force. As my eyes averted from the dripping blood and back to my beloved - whose blood was flowing crimsons streams - his words resonated in my head
He was wrong. Haru did deserve my love and happiness; he was the only person I could ever have been happy with. My mind flickered back to when I had believed Akito when he constantly called me worthless, but Haru had changed that for me
Haru - who had shown me that I wasn't worthless, and that I deserved his love as much as he deserved mine. He convinced me every time he had awoken to my screams and calmed me down from the haunting memories by taking me into his arms, kissing me, and whispering “I love you,” in my ear to soothe my nerves. He was the best at accepting me the way I am, no matter how tarnished my past was.
Without him, it was going to be a struggle to trust in his words, but I knew that he would be watching over me and telling me that I was worth everything to him. His last words had proven that to me and they were forever written on my heart and in my mind:
“I will always love you, no matter how bad things were, or how bad they become.”
All I could do now was mourn for the loss of our love, and for the love of all those Juunishi who had tried to break the curse before us.