Full Metal Panic Fan Fiction ❯ Full Metal Panic! Novelization ❯ The transfer student is a dangerous soilder?! ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Note: sadly , I do not own full metal panic it was created by the wonderful Shouji Gatou and Retsu Tateo.

Chapter 1: The transfer student is a dangerous solider?!

Kaname Chidori opened her eyes slowly from beneath the covers of bed, her alarm clock ringing loudly from the nightstand next to her. She groaned lifting herself out of the covers and in one quick motion took hold of her alarm clock and knocked it face down onto the table. She stood up from her bed stifling a yawn and made her way into the bathroom.


ahhh man… still so tired” kaname thought to herself wrapping towel around her she opened the door to her bathroom, the steam from the shower billowing out behind her. She began walking to her dresser when she herd a squish from underneath her foot. she froze “squish?” she questioned to herself lifting up her foot. “Coc-coc-coc-coc AAA cockroach!!!” she screamed and almost instantly herd a deafening crashing sound behind her “you all right chidori!?” a voice asked. She turned to see a young man decked out in a complete military uniform had just broken through her window “where is the enemy?” he questioned . She froze blushing madly “ umm..hey” she said at a loss for words and looking down, remembering she was in her towel, promptly screamed.

“sssouske you idiot!” Kaname fumed as she marched towards school “your such a stupid jerk you know that!?” . “stupid and jerk learn what both words mean!” she turned towards sosuke as she walked forward knocking into to someone in the process. “oh excuse me..” she said turning to the person “Kyoko!”
“ G’morning kana” the petite blond headed girl said in response “something happened today again, huh? “overall I guess she responded” giving sosuke a sideways glance.” waving those model guns around, breaking up the school facilities! I don’t care if you grew up in a military zone, you have no manners!! She froze placing her hands to her cheeks the memories of that earlier that morning coming back to her, “what the hell were you doing wondering around my neighborhood in that get up?!” she questioned she pointing an accusing finger at him “ and if you say your mama locked you out of the house for staying out late I’m not buying it” she stood in front of him waiting for an answer. He responded his face passive. “It was personal security awareness week” he answered. “huh?” she questioned her mouth falling open in surprise. he continued “according to information from the citizens organization a suspicious looking person was recently seen in the vicinity of those condos. They said it was clearly a rough-looking guy, so I said it was nothing. But just in case I’ve been keeping an eye on your condo building.” kaname’s eyes narrowed and she leaned up close to sosuke’s face “…umm just asking but what citizens organization?” “ I don’t know the official name, but I think they gather every morning around the trash-collection center.” most are women in their 40s” he added . Kyoko’s face brightened “oh, them. The curbside committee as they’re called” “curb?” kaname asked feeling her anger flare up again “who do you think you are!?” she asked grabbing sosuke by the shoulders and giving him a hard shake “some kind of tabloid reporter?, the housewives hero!?. ‘sosuke tried to form words his head flailing “what are you talking about?.”
“the point is” sagara explained. “we need to take every possible measure to avoid potentially fatal surprise attacks.” “ kaname sped up making her way to her locker sosuke continued “ always expect the worst and guard against it. The object of safety is-” she moved even faster not listening to a word sosuke was saying “..hey Kana” Kyoko whispered I think sagaras still talking” she motioned behind her. “I’m ignoring you” she indicated behind her. “he’s always like this” she thought to herself stopping in front of her locker. She sighed sosuke’s arm coming out in front of her stopping an attempt to get into her locker. She turned to look at him “Get you hands of me” she said turning to him. “huh”? she asked noticing he was staring intently at her locker. “there’re are signs that someone other than you has been…getting into the lockers!” he said. “is that so?” she asked deciding to play along, she leaned forwards studying the locker.” theirs a chance that some explosives were planted.” “Chidori, don’t let anyone within15 feet of this spot.” “now wait a minute.. explosives!?” “as if that could ever happen!“ she added exasperated. Sosuke looked up from his crouching position on the floor “ everything’s all right. I’ll take care of it right away”. “for Pete’s sake classes are starting you know” she shouted over to sosuke attempting to keep her fellow classmates away from the lockers. Sosuke finally stood up “setup complete”. Kaname made her way over to him “I swear, if you don’t do something about your paranoid anxieties, were all going to suffer” suddenly noticing an object in sosuke’s hand she gasped “wait! What’s that?” sosuke ignored her making his voice loud enough to fill the hallways. “ all personnel cover your ears and prepare for the shockwave!!” “I’m detonating now!!!”


Student body association

“so” Mr.Hayashimizu asked “let’s hear the explanations for this mornings fire. Chidori?”
“umm…well, I think I’m more of a victim here, hayashimizu…” she began. “mm” he responded. “well you witnessed the event, and besides, you are my right-hand man, aren’t you?.” kaname gave an indignant laugh “I’m nobody’s right-hand man! I’m the vice president!” Mr. Hayashimizu frowned slightly “which is why you seem like the best person to give an objective explanation for what happened”. this time it was kanames turn to frown “yeah,well, less of an explanation and more of a… you see this guy-” she began pointing to Souske who sat across from her at the table.” “Mr. Student body president Hayashimizu, sir..” sosuke asked and Mr. Hayashimizu turned towards him in question. “I whish to give my report.” “okay” Mr.hayashimizu answered. “right” sosuke nodded and kaname found herself sweating from nervousness. “today at oh-eight-fifteen as myself and vice president chidori were arriving at the facilities we discovered signs that some person or persons had tampered with the lockers”. He continued “however, as it is within minutes of commencement we dispensed with the inspection and followed the surest method of disposal: we blew up the lockers, sir”. he finished. Mr. Hayashimizu’s eyes widened “what, Blew Up!?. Kaname couldn’t help but smile “so-ho-ho the president will tear into him and then sosuke will regret what he has done…” “that was the appropriate decision” Hayashimizu finished. Kaname slammed her head down on the desk in shock “hayashimizu! Just what planet are you from!?”. Mr.hayashimizu lifted an eyebrow “don’t you ever shut up…?” he asked he reached up and straightened his glasses “think carefully he told her, for something on the level of a package with sender unknown, we have choices, but for the lockers with no way to move them, there’s really nothing to do but blow it up”. Kaname totally defeated found her voice “is…is that so…?” “I understand the situation now mr.Hayashimizu said opening up his newspaper. “I’ll take care of explaining things to the teaching staff… that will be all.

Kaname sat at her desk in thought “ why do the president and that sosuke get along so well, I wonder. I mean, it ends up making me look pretty naïve doesn’t it…” - Alright chidori you answer the next question her teacher asked “huh kaname said coming back from her thoughts “uh, me?” she asked innocently” “what?” her teacher asked “were you daydreaming?!” he asked pointing to her with his chalk. suddenly on object flew through the room and with a soft thud stuck into the blackboard centimeters away from the teachers head “what the..” kaname began jumping up from her desk. A knife. She watched as sosuke made his way to the front of the classroom “place both hands against the wall and slowly!!!. He ordered “the next time won’t be just a threat!!. “ho-hold on the teacher began what do you think your doing!?” sosuke ignored him “AmiPro could see that you have a fountain-pen gun in there. He reached down picking up the peace of chalk and broke it in half “hmm?” he wondered not finding anything inside “you war mongering idiot!!” kaname yelled knocking him over.

Later in biology…

“all right then begin everyone the teachers voice filled the classroom “uugh” kaname’s partner began holding the scalpel “I freeze up every time I hold this thing, come on change with me chidori “whaaat?” she asked staring down at the frog “oh, all right” she held out her hand to receive the scalpel. Her partner, looking relieved began to hand it to her before being tackled to the ground “huh?” Kaname asked looking down “sosuke she shouted “knock it off”

“okay everyone Kaname began “this is the deadline for your reports.” “wait” a voice asked form behind her she turned “now what?” she asked sosuke “you haven’t turned in your notes?.” he shook his head “no, hand them overall of them, I’ll check to make sure they haven’t been rigged!. Kaname turned and hit him over the head steaming “would you cut it out with your nonsense!?” “do you have any brains at all?!, any!?.

“AAARGG that idiot!” kaname yelled pulling her gym shirt on kicking the wall in her anger. “all right, all right, calm down kana” her friend kyoko advised “sosuke means well.”
“ she turned to look at her friend. “if he didn’t mean well even the death penalty wouldn’t be good enough for him!.” Kyoko smiled “I’m thinking you really like him” “WHAAAT? Kaname asked shocked “ look at yourself she continued… isn’t that just one way you show you care?- aaaa! Kaname herd someone shout “what’s wrong?” she asked “just now… someone’s shadow outside the window “whaaa!?” another voice responded “eww said another.” someone go get a teacher!!” if it’s him I swear.” she thought clenching her fist “quite everyone!” she ordered ‘if we make noise it will only…” *CRASH* . Kaname stared as sosuke came crashing through the window “what happened chidori?!” he questioned then stopped “oh.“ he said looking up to see a group of girls surrounding him looking mad enough to kill “SOOSUKE!!” kaname bellowed “that’s it I’ve had it get out of my sight!!!”.

“kana” kyoko began “I felt a little bad for sosuke. ‘as if!” kaname answered “he deserved every bit of it!! “but, I mean, it did look as if he was coming to help you.” “what if you just let it go this one time?” “oh all right chidori reluctantly agreed if he can behave himself for one day, Ill think about it.” “that’s the spirit kyoko said smiling. ‘keep your chin up, Kana!. “bye” Kaname waved and turned to make her way home. “Even though theirs no chance of him behaving himself- his idiot combat brain’s working around the clock 24-7” She froze suddenly and having a strange feeling of being watched turned and looked around holding her long blue hair from a gust of wind “ what was that?” she asked out loud “just now I…”
“ch-chidori” she herd a voice call her name she turned “what?” she answered “who are you?” she questioned not recognizing the rough looking guy before her. “ I finally got to meet you he said coming up and taking his hands in her own. “um, um, so did you read my love letter?” he asked kaname pulled her hands away “huh?” she asked him “I just couldn’t keep watching you from far away all the time, so I mustered up the courage and wrote you.” “you saw it, right, on top of your locker?.” “this morning?” she frowned ‘oh, this morning huh?” “well a lot has happened, so I didn’t even get into my locker, much less read your letter. I’ve had a really bad day and right now I’m more than a little pissed off so… if you wouldn’t mind just going back from were you came from. She turned and started to walk away. “oh…” the guy said from behind her “you… have the gall to just trample all over my feelings for you” the tone in his voice made her freeze in her tracks. “YOU”LL PAY FOR THIS!”. he shouted suddenly pulling out his pocket knife. He pushed her suddenly and she fell backwards smacking her head against the side of a building. She screamed and realized suddenly that their were more people surrounding her. “ ah-hah so this is the girl you were talking about?” one of the new guys asked “yeah” the first guy answered. The guy smiled wickedly “you don’t mind if we take her for a ride do you?” “Go ahead hurt her until my little broken heart mends” ‘I’m telling you I didn’t even know their was a letter!” kaname shouted. “ you think we’ll just let you go just cuz you didn’t know” he answered her “well?” he insisted gripping the knife blade. this looks bad.. kaname thought to herself her heat pounding a mile a minuet I better get out of here real quick before something rally bad happens. she lunged forwards suddenly biting down with full force on the hand that held the knife. It clattered to the ground the man pulled his hand away “I’ll kill you!“ he shouted cradling his injured hand” “forget it another guy responded pushing her back down “she’s not going anywhere. He reached towards her suddenly “why, for all the times for this to happen…why does it have to happen when that idiot sosuke is nowhere to be seen?!.”
*BOOM* kaname’s eyes widened as her attacker was propelled forward and hit the wall beside her *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* three more shots rang out in quick succession “wha-” she said out loud she looked around sosuke “are you hurt chidori? He asked she stared at him at a loss for words. wait a minuet “what the…what are you…and what’s with that gun!?” he looked at her “non lethal rubber stun gun bullets. Don’t worry” he answered “that’s not what I mean! what are you doing here!?”. she stood up “I’m going to protect you no matter what. It’s my duty. She stared “so” he said turning “I guess I’ll be leaving now”. he started to walk away. She stood their long after he was gone. what’s wrong with me? she wondered my heart just skipped a beat…

Kaname made her way through the entrance of the school gates “kaname good morning!” kyoko smiled in greeting “ “good morning” she responded. She stopped suddenly feeling a presence behind her. She smiled “…I know your there” she called out behind her “come out” she herd a rustling from the tree behind her she turned just in time to see Sosuke jump to the ground with a small thud. “here” she said suddenly thrusting a small wrapped box into his hands. “it’s a whole made lunch It’s for helping me yesterday! That , and… for at least today it is okay if your within my sight”. she winked and turned quickly blushing and made her way up the steps and into the school. Leaving behind a very surprised and blushing sosuke.

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