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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

TITLE: Perfect blue
AUTHOR: TaleWeaver
DISCLAIMER: Sousuke Sagara, Kaname Chidori and the crew at Mithril were created by Shouji Gatou. I'm not profiting from this in any way. But the actual words used here are my own.
FANDOM / PAIRING: Full Metal Panic! Sousuke/Kaname
SUMMARY: Sousuke and Kaname both love the color blue, but their ideal shades come from quite different sources. Written for 30_kisses theme #15 “perfect blue”.
SPOILERS: The end of the novel `Dancing a Very Merry Christmas'
CONTINUITY NOTE: While the first series of the anime refers to Sousuke's past in Helmajistan, they had to change it for politically correct reasons when the first series went out. It's actually Afghanistan in the books, and is mentioned as such in Fumoffu.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: * blinks in shock * I can't believe I actually managed to write something less than five pages.
Kaname loves the color blue.
She can hold the perfect shade in her hand - a rough oval with jagged edges, but the face polished by sand and savage winds. Deep, dark blue, with gold and silver flecks - sparks of light in the ocean's crushing depths.
This most precious gem is unassuming on the surface, but beneath it's initial appearance lies endless fascination. There will always be something new to discover, but the truths it holds will never change.
There's no telling how long this piece of coloured rock lay in the desert of Afghanistan before Sousuke picked it up. But she knows it's the only thing he's owned for a significant amount of time that wasn't issued by the military.
And he gave it to her.
Years later, Kaname realized that was the moment she knew he loved her, even if it took her a bit longer than that to understand.
Kaname thinks that her piece of lapis lazuli is the perfect shade of blue.
* * * * *
Sousuke loves the color blue.
He can reach out and touch the perfect shade. Running his fingers through the silky length, or watching it float in the wind. Observing the contrast against creamy satin skin, or cotton sheets in a paler shade that brings out the highlights.
He can't help but protect Kaname, even in sleep; at night he curls up around her, his legs entwined with hers, his torso covering her back, his arm around her ribs to secure her position against him, with one hand free to reach the gun he keeps tucked between the mattress and the bedstead. He used to sleep with the gun under his pillow (when he slept in a bed) but Kaname had put a stop to that.
Every morning he wakes up with his face veiled by her hair, spilling across his face so that all he can see is blue.
When she straddles his prone body and leans forward to kiss him, bracing herself with a hand or elbow on either side of his head, her tresses tumble around them like a waterfall, until he is surrounded by a curtain of blue.
Sousuke thinks that Kaname's hair is the perfect shade of blue.