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The royal garden was tranquil. The place was a painted picture of serene calmness and beauty with a figure clad in luxurious cloths to complete it. The figure was definitely feminine - her long dark hair and delicate curved body identified her as one. Her amber eyes were closed and her head lifted slightly, listening to the melody of the birds that resided there. Slowly she opened her eyes and walked dreamily to a bush, a gentle smile on her face. Bending a little, she reached her hand out and slowly plucked a pink flower from the bush and placed it on one ear, brushing some hair aside.
The crown princess Mitsuki of Alanior straightened at the sound of footsteps and turned to face the visitor. It was a short tweedy looking man dressed in regal looking attire that had approached her. Coal black hair framed his sharp pointed face and grey eyes, eyes that were stone cold with only the barest hint of warmth in its depths. Immediately, Mitsuki's smile dropped and was replaced with an icy glare which the man seemed oblivious too. In fact, his thin lips were shaped in a rather wide smile.
“And what does the Prince of Rimdu require?” queried Mitsuki flatly.
The prince grinned even wider, showing his even white teeth. “Come now my dear Mitsuki! There's no need for all of that horrible formal rubbish.”
Mitsuki chose to remain silent, her mouth aching to spit some awful insult to the man which was only withholdered due to the fact that her manners were drilled into her head since she was small. How she loathed the sight of him. Perhaps, next time, she could ask her guard not to inform him where she was although everyone who knew her would know that she would be in the gardens.
“Cat got your tongue?” Laughed the man, “You do know that we are engaged to marriage, so it would be best for you to start getting to know me.”
She lifted her head proudly, levelling her gaze with that of the flickering prince's. He was such a disgusting man. How on earth did he deserve to be born a prince? The Prince moved towards her, undoubtedly bending for a kiss but Mitsuki quickly sidestepped, leaving him to kiss the air beside her. He reached out to pull her close but Mitsuki whacked his hand aside with her arm, causing the prince to stand there in shock. The scene looked very comical and she would've laughed if it weren't for the man next to her.
Mitsuki's hatred got hold of her. She spat at the prince's feet and held her head high, defiant. She was a princess, royalty, and she would do whatever she desired. Rather die from rudeness than being bonded to him. The man's smile faded and he smirked, disfiguring his face. He lifted his arm and put his fingers on Mitsuki's chin, bringing her eyes up to his ones. Mitsuki just stared at his large nose, trying to shape it into some weird creature or another with her imagination.
“Listen here,” hissed the man in a quiet but dangerous voice, “You will marry me and I will become King of Alanior and there's nothing you can do to stop that.”
We'll see. thought Mitsuki scathingly We'll see.
And with that, the prince left, humming an odd tune and strolled away from her sight, much to her relief.
Mitsuki sighed and rubbed her hand to the place where the prince had touched her. Her life had been going fine, even nice, relaxing in the gardens and reading books, until she had turned 16. Suddenly her Father had announced that she had to marry someone by the end of the next year. Thousands of eligible consorts have travelled far and wide to the kingdom of Alanior for the hope of marrying the beautiful princess of the country but so far, none of them succeeded in impressing the King until he came.
Mitsuki kicked the dirt in her frustration. Why did she have to be forced to marry? Couldn't she just do it when she found the one who was fated to be with her forever, fated to be her love? No way was the filthy prince she had just talked to was going to be her husband! There must be some way to prevent him from being joined to her but her father had approved of the man, dazzled and blinded by all his magical illusions and tricks. Mitsuki however wasn't as easily deceived. Maybe it was because of the magical blood she had inherited from the royal bloodline but right now that didn't matter. All that really mattered was how to get out of the situation.
“I guess l should retire to my room for the day,” mused Mitsuki, “and then tomorrow it would be nice to visit the lake outside the castle. Ever does it remi……………” her voice trailed off as a thought struck her mind. What if…….nah, could she pull it off?…….maybe……
It would be risky her plan, that was sure and she wouldn't be able to put it off without help. She would have to plan it first to cover all the chances of being caught. That would be good. She shook her head to clear her mind. I'll rest first. she decided and then l'll think later.
Mitsuki walked swiftly to her imperial suit, happier than she had been in days.
To be continued……
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