Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction ❯ Illusions and Allusions ❯ Chapter 2

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Notes: Takes place 2 weeks after the last part. Yes, Tomo will be referred to as being female for certain parts. He is still a guy! It's just that Yui thinks he's a girl, and he's certainly playing the part well…
Tomo desperately searched through his closet for something to wear, that wouldn't frighten, freak out, or otherwise break the trust the miko had placed in him. He hadn't expected that he would be forced to continue role-playing as a woman! Now, he was completely out of clothes and he didn't think that Soi would lend him some of hers. They'd probably be too small, anyways…
“Stupid palace tailors aren't done with the new ones yet. I ordered about twelve, since who knows how much longer I'll be playing this part. I only had six costumes, and two of them got destroyed already. No thanks to Miboshi, of course. Damn it! Of course, I could just illusionize myself some clothes, but I don't think that's a good idea… the nails had to go though.”
Tomo finally pulled out a pale blue robe trimmed with white, that didn't look too masculine. “Note to self. Kill palace tailors as soon as new clothes are done. Second note. Kill palace maids for not doing laundry on time.” He fastened it on, over the two layers he was already wearing, and managed to look female, albeit flat chested. But Yui already knew that `she' was flat chested, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Yui tapped her foot as she waited for Tomo. She had promised to take her shopping today, and she was already late. Yui wondered what was taking her so long. She walked over to Tomo's door and knocked.
“Tomo? Are you ready yet?” She asked impatiently. Actually, she was actually enjoying her position as Seiryu no miko, but she still clung to the hope that Miaka would come. Maybe they could make peace between the two countries.
“Just a second. I'm coming!” Tomo said. Actually, playing a female wasn't too hard; since he had the naturally high voice, the right build, the facial features, and had played female parts in opera before. He was even getting used to going around without all the makeup on, if he got freaked out he could just cast an illusion over his face.
Yui smiled. Since her school uniform was still being repaired, and the palace tailors were working on new undergarments for her, she was stuck going around in a knee-length dark blue robe, over a light blue long-sleeved tunic trimmed with silver, and pale purple pants. Actually, the ensemble was quite comfortable, so she didn't complain too much.
A minute later, Tomo came out with her hair in looped braids. She was wearing lipstick, Yui noted with interest, and she was wearing a robe, not a dress this time.
“Tomo no kawaii!” Yui said.
Tomo flushed. “Well, my laundry isn't done yet, so…” He trailed off, not wanting to divulge anything else.
“Let's go!”
Tomo took Yui's hand and led her off into the marketplace. Maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all.
Yui was surprised by how busy the city was, like it was buzzing with activity. However, she was also unnerved by the odd and rather hostile looks some of the shoppers were giving her.
“Ne, Tomo-chan, why are all the people staring at me?” She asked softly.
Tomo replied in an equally soft voice. “They don't like people with blond hair and blue eyes.” He thought back to Nakago and shivered almost involuntarily.
“Why?” Yui asked. There were people with almost every shade of hair and eyes imaginable? So why did they distrust blonde people? She clung tightly to Tomo's arm, and felt her stiffen.
“It's a long story. It is sufficient to say that the emperor tried to kill all the people with these features. So that's why you shouldn't see him.” Tomo told her.
“Oh.” Yui shivered. Why couldn't she have been Miaka? Then, she would be happily having fun with Tamahome and all those other nice seishi in Konan, which had a vain, but kind emperor. Instead, she was stuck in a war-torn country full of prejudiced citizens, and having to hide the fact that she was miko from an equally prejudiced emperor, who was a hentai, no less! Maybe she shouldn't try to save them as their miko…
As she thought, Yui gritted her teeth. It wasn't fair! Why did Miaka get all the luck? Yui clung tightly to Tomo as they passed by an alley. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the images that flooded her mind. Miaka might have been her friend, but she still hadn't come to her rescue yet.
“Are you all right, Yui-sama?” Tomo asked in concern. Then, he noticed her line of sight and understood. “Just ignore that. We'll be in the center of the market soon.” Yui closed her eyes and allowed Tomo to lead her into a shop, farther away.
When Yui opened her eyes, she found herself standing in a jewelry shop. Tomo was standing next to her, examining some rings that were displayed in a gold box lined with red velvet. Yui breathed a sigh of relief, softly, before turning to him. Tomo really was quite nice, and they were becoming good friends. But it was hard not to think of Miaka.
“I like this one.” She said, pointing to a delicate golden ring with a simple jade bead in the center, to divert her thoughts from turning in that direction again.
“How much is it?” Tomo asked, turning to the shopkeeper. The workmanship was of fair quality, so he didn't expect too much.
The merchant glanced at their clothes and saw that they were obviously nobility of some sort, probably a lady and her maid out for an excursion. “Only one hundred gold ryo, worshipful mistress.”
Yui's jaw dropped, before she remembered that this was real gold. Still, it seemed terribly expensive. Then, she saw Tomo's expression. She looked ready to strangle the man.
Tomo's eyes narrowed. “It isn't worth more than thirty.”
The merchant glared. “Fine, then. Ninety-five!”
“Outrageous! I will not pay more than forty.”
The merchant continued to glare. “Eight-five, then! That's my lowest price!”
Yui started to say something but the merchant sent her a withering glance. “Stay out of this, Hin, unless you have a death wish. You're lucky that I need the business. If not, you wouldn't have been allowed in my shop at all.” It was rare for anyone to have a Hin servant. Indeed, he had not known there were any. Still, they were barbaric peoples. He wondered why the lady tolerated her.
Yui's eyes filled with tears. She hadn't done anything, and now this man was treating her like a piece of dirt! What was wrong with him? Truly, the people of Kutou were very prejudiced, but she could see why this country needed saviors. Still, she found her thoughts turning towards Miaka and sunny Konan again.
Tomo noticed the pain crackling along her chi and turned to the man. “You would say such things to your miko?” He asked in a dangerous voice. Immediately, a faint blue aura began to surround his body.
The poor jeweler's jaw dropped. “She is the Seiryu… no miko?”
“Hai.” Tomo said contemptuously. That quickly elicited a response.
The terrified man began apologizing profusely. “So sorry, miko-sama! I didn't know! I'm sorry!” He continued to blabber.
Yui fixed him with a glare. “I will forgive you… but from now on, be more respectful to ladies.” She comforted herself with some rather malicious thoughts concerning the man, as well as the men that had raped her. But then, she suddenly thought of Miaka again and angrily shook her head. Why are you thinking about her, Yui? She betrayed you, remember?
The man nodded and began loading her with handfuls of gold while Tomo watched in amusement. So his disguise has fooled the man as well. He was the master of illusion, but it always made him feel better when his powers were complimented on, even indirectly.
When Yui finally staggered out of the shop, she was draped with gold chains jewels and looked like a picture. Tomo laughed at the sight.
Yui scowled. “This isn't funny! I can't carry all of this back!”
“I believe I can help you.” Tomo said, producing a small clamshell. He pointed it at Yui, and suddenly, all of the jewelry disappeared into it. Yui stared in shock.
“This is part of my power, Yui-sama. I can use clamshells to keep things safe.” Tomo explained.
“Oh.” Yui said. She was about to say something else when her stomach rumbled in protest, reminding her that she had skipped breakfast.
“Hungry?” Tomo asked, sounding amused as he took her hand and led her towards the main road.
Yui blushed. That had seemed like something Miaka would do. Thinking of Miaka brought another wave of nausea to her stomach, so she merely nodded instead of trying to speak.
“Here.” Tomo stopped by a street vendor's stall and purchased some steamed buns filled with sweet red bean paste and steamed buns filled with meat filling. “I know its not palace fare, but it might suit your stomach…”
Yui saved him the trouble of finishing his sentence, as she took two from him and chewed slowly and carefully. Miaka and I are so different, she thought. She's just a gluttonous pig. At least I have manners. How did she ever manage to attract Tamahome? It just isn't fair! And she hasn't even come for me yet; it's been two weeks already! Some friend she is. She thought bitterly.
As they continued wandering down the streets, stopping by stalls to glance at accessories, makeup, and other things, Yui noticed that several of the men on the streets were giving them leering looks. She pretended not to notice and focused her attention on the cosmetics she was examining.
Tomo ignored the eyes burning into his back for the most part. After all, without his clinging makeup and opera cloak, people often took him for a woman. However, he didn't exactly relish the feeling either, so he discreetly used his powers to bury several unfortunate gawkers underneath a pile of rocks.
“I'll take these.” Yui told the shopkeeper. Tomo held out her basket, and Yui gently placed the containers inside. After all, it wouldn't do for them to crack. They began walking back to the palace, as the sun was starting to go down, and Yui didn't want to miss dinner. * Great. I'm becoming more and more like Miaka. * She fumed. * That's just wonderful. Why am I suddenly taking after that back-stabber? *
“Yui-sama?” Tomo asked, as Yui lapsed into silence again.
“I'm all right, Tomo. Just thinking.” Yui said. * Miaka… how could you? Why didn't you come?! If Tomo hadn't been there, I would have been sold into slavery or worse! Why didn't you help me? When you were in trouble I helped you… *
Tomo noticed the steely glint in her eyes again. She was not totally convinced that her friend had abandoned her, and since Suzaku no miko had not shown up yet… According to the Kutou spies, he still had plenty of time. And he had already sunk his hooks into her body already… not that she was that much of a puppet, but by playing himself as her friend, he had won her confidence.
Not that friendship was a bad thing. He had never had any friends, and it was a new, though not hostile, feeling. * Friends… *
They continued their walk through the streets, quickening their pace when Tomo noticed some street toughs eyeing them appreciatively. He wished that he had worn male clothing. Maybe then they would leave him alone…
Fortunately, the pair made it to the palace without incident, partly due to the fact that several unfortunate men were taken care of behind Yui's back. Then, they went to have dinner.
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