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Suzaku no Tenshiden
Chapter 6 The little orphan girl
In the Miko's world
Suzuki Sakura was tired, in fact she felt downright exhausted. Only a little while longer, she thought to herself. She stood up from her desk and stretched her legs and her neck, yawning loudly, it echoed off the walls when she did.
The clock on the wall said eight but it felt as if it were midnight or later. Most everyone else at the library had gone home or was at the very least, in the process of leaving. She, however, had to do one quick once over before she went home. She grabbed her coat and her purse and silently slipped from the room, turning off the light and locking the door behind her. She then followed the corridor making sure all the other doors were locked She came to the last one on the second floor. The important documents room…which was always supposed to be locked, but wasn't.
Darn it, she thought to herself, now who had gotten in there? She peeked inside and took one quick look, glancing to the floor first. She noticed a book had fallen, one of the older ones. She went inside and picked it up sighing; she flipped it over and examined the cover. She'd only seen this book once before, she had never really taken an interest in it; Ancient China hadn't really appealed to her. Something shiny caught the corner of her eye and she looked from the book to it. A charm; or specifically a charm from her niece's bracelet, her soccer charm. She picked it up, wondering how it had gotten there, and when.. She shook her head and stood up and placed the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho on the shelf where it belonged and then left the room and locked the door.
It was cold outside when she left, so cold she could almost see her breath. Her stupid skirt wasn't long enough to keep her warm, but thankfully her car wasn't too far away. The drive home was silent, like it had been for the past few months. Rocki was probably at home asleep or making dinner, hopefully the latter because she was extremely hungry. The lights were off when she pulled up, so she figured she was asleep. She slipped in the house and turned on the lamps in the living room shouting, “Rocki, I'm home.” There was no answer as usual and she went to her room looking to make sure she was asleep, but when she turned on the lights there was no one there. She looked around the room and noticed that things were missing and drawers were pulled out.
She didn't panic she merely looked in the other rooms, but as before, nothing and yet she still didn't worry. She picked up the phone and dialed Harumi's house. Harumi had no idea where Rocki was and none of her other friends did, either. Now she was worrying, and she ran from the house to ask the neighbors if they had seen her. One had, with a book bag on her back; he thought nothing of it and had gone back to his yard.
Now Suzuki Sakura was beyond worried, she went back to the house, picked up the phone and dialed.
“Tokyo precinct 12 how may I help you?”
“My niece is missing, I can't find her anywhere!”
In the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho
"I've been here for almost 2 months now...it seems like such a long time. Well considering the fact that all I do is walk all day long, sleep on the hard cold ground and the only person there is to talk to is Genrou, I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good. Genrou and I are nothing alike. Where I am quiet he is extremely loud. When he's angry at someone or doesn't like them he lets them know it...then he gets into a fist fight with the person. I hate it when he does that because then that means we get kicked out of the inn and I have to clean his wounds for him. That's only happened twice though...
Rocki's list of things to never show any person from a primitive Ancient China- like world.
1.Never ever try to show them how to brush their teeth and use mouth wash...you'll only wind up with it all over your face after they spit it out shouting. "It burns worse than Sake!!!"
2. Never leave them alone with your things...they'll end up going through them in curiosity and use your bras for slingshots and your candy stash is the ammo.
3. Never show them a tape player... They freak and throw it against a wall claiming it's possessed.
I'm sure there will be more...Genrou hasn't discovered my tampons yet...oh jeez...I don't even want to think about that one.
I've been thinking about this whole Tenshi thing over and over. It seems unreal to me that I have a great power locked inside of me. But now that I think about it, all the weird things that have ever happened to me make sense, in a strange way. I mean, whenever I played soccer it always felt like I was flying as I was running down the field kicking the ball into the goal. The whole thing about the symbol on my back makes sense too. I never really understood why that thing got so warm whenever I felt a strong emotion, but now I know. Whenever I get into a fight with Genrou (trust me there are a lot of them) It feels very hot. And whenever I yell he has to put his hands over his ears, but that's only when I get really ticked off at him.
I was also thinking about the miko. I wonder who she is and if she's from my world...will she be like me or the complete opposite? So many questions run through my head. I wonder what Tasuki-san is like...I wonder what all of the seishi will be like. Sometimes I like to think that despite all of the differences we might all have, we'll all be like a family. Maybe it's just me being wishful. For all I know we could all hate each other. I hope that doesn't happen and I will do everything in my power to make sure that it doesn't happen.
"Rocks...Rocks...Knock, knock anyone home in there?" Genrou tapped her head with his fist not hard, but it did take her out of her thoughts. She blinked twice and swatted his hand away from her head. "What do you want Genrou-san?" She asked closing her notebook and crossing her arms over her chest.
"Time to go, get your things back together and follow me.” He stood up holding out his hand to her. "What? We just stopped a few minutes ago! I'm tired and I'm not moving from this spot." She said and turned her head away from him. "Fine, be that way ya little brat!" He leaned down grabbed her around her waist and threw her over his shoulder.
"Genrou-san, Put me down! Put me down right now!!" She shouted pounding on his back and kicking her legs. "I need my backpack and my sketch pad! Put me down right NOW!" She screamed. He cringed and heard a ringing in his ear, so finally put her down and let her get her bag.
“Genrou-san, I'm so tired, when are we going to stop and rest? And for that matter when are we going to eat!? I'm Hungry!” Rocki complained for the sixth time that hour. On and on she complained making Genrou regret that he helped her. He'd rather her be depressed and quiet than like this! They'd only stopped to rest an hour ago and he wasn't used to stopping that often. In fact he was used to being alone, but because of a tall green haired princess he had to bring Rocks along.
“For the love of Suzaku would ya shut th' hell up!” He bellowed spinning on her. She stopped dead in her tracks and blinked at him innocently. “Finally, I was just joking about that, you wouldn't talk to me so I had to complain until you listened. Now would you please talk with me? You act as if you hate me.” They continued on.
“I don't hate you specially, I hate all women.”
“It's specifically, you, bakka.”

“Whatever, I just hate all women.”
Rocki's face twitched a little bit. “Ohhhh you mean you like…well, hey, to each his own, I guess. But when I find the Suzaku seishi don't go hitting on any of them, and I`ve got first dibs on any eye candy we find-”
“Not like that ya idiot!!! “ He shook his head shaking off the memory of Keirion.
“Well then what do you mean? Normally in my world when a guy says that it means he likes guys, you know like I like guys.”
“No! Yuck! I hate women but I ain't like that. I don't like women `cause you're all sneaky an' evil an' bitchy. Basically girls like you.”
“Why, what?”
“Why do you hate girls like me?”
“Cause I just told ya-”
“No you just listed you're reasons. Who or what made you that way?”
“I have 5 older sisters.”
“Oh you poor thing; did they play pranks on you and pull your hair and stuff?”
He arched an eyebrow at her. “Yea... Why?”
“Well I kind of know how that feels. I had two brothers one older, one younger, named Seiji and Mareo. They both used to play pranks on me like crazy. One time when I had first gotten into high school the night before my first day they dyed my hair bright blue. I got in so much trouble, because you're not allowed to do any of that stuff. It was horrible.”
“Yeah well…I was a chore boy for my sisters. An' if I didn't do what they said my sister Aidou would throw a log at my head. An' one night to get revenge on me for somethin' I had nothin' to do with they cut all my hair off. “
“Well what did you do to retaliate?”
“Nothin' but I finally left home when I was fifteen.”
“Did you miss your parents at least?”
“No way, they were part of th' problem, too. Ma was too outspoken and she nearly killed me every time she hugged me an' dad…he sat in a corner an' barely talked or anythin'.”
“Well at least you have a family… and a home to go to when you need it. Say where did you run to when you ran away? What do you do now?”
“I'm a bandit.” She stopped in her tracks, and shouted at him pointing.
“A b-bandit? Is that why you decided to take care of me because you're going to sell me off to slave traders, or something?”
“No I'm not like that. I'm a kizoku.”
“Do you maybe mean Gizoku Genrou-san? Well…um…you're not like pretending to hate girls so you trick me into feeling safe and then when we go to bed tonight you take advantage of me are you?”
“No! I told ya I don't do that kind of shit!”
“You have to be the single most confusing boy I have ever met. You don't like girls but you don't like boys either, you get words mixed up like crazy, and you are a “noble” bandit.”
“Just be quiet, ya talk way too much.” There was finally silence from her for the first time in ages it seemed to him and he sighed with relief.
“You know that stealing, whether it's noble or not is wrong, right?” She added a few moments later hurriedly.
“Shaddap.” he said whacking her on the back of her head with his fist.
“OW!! GENROU-SAN!!” She punched him on his arm, but all she succeeded in doing was making her hand hurt.
“You're a bastard you know that right?” She said shaking it out.
There was a low rumbling sound in the distance and the two turned from each other to see black storm clouds gathering in the distance. “Now see? Stop you're bellyachin' and hurry up. Or else we're gonna get caught in that storm and I'm gonna hafta kick your ass.”
Despite they're efforts to make it to the next village before the thunderstorm broke, they didn't. They ran through the village trying to make it to what they were told was an inn. Rocki held her back pack over her head as she ran trying to keep from getting wet, but it didn't work. When they arrived they were both drenched and muddy.
Rocki wrung out her hair when she got inside and took out her headband, shaking the excess water from her skirt. She said not a word to her red headed protector as he glared at her, silently blaming her for his clothing getting completely soaked.
He walked up to the counter where a young woman was standing and bluntly asked for a room. She blushed as she looked to the floor away from his scary, beady eyes.

“Well…we do have one room…” She looked Genrou up and down and then looked to the drenched and muddy Rocki.
“But it'll cost you three hundred Ryo.”
“What?! I don't have that much!!” Genrou shouted. “Why so much ya little-”
“Genrou-san, don't say anything you'll regret, but he's right, why so much for one room, for one night?” Rocki asked calmly putting her headband back in her wet tangled hair.
“It's because rooms are in high demand right now, and really I'm supposed to reserve that room for some other people.” Rocki sighed and reached into her backpack mumbling something Genrou couldn't hear. When she stood back up she had pulled a gold necklace with one large diamond in the middle of it.
The girl's eyes and Genrou's too, popped wide open and stared at it as it reflected off the candle light. “Ah ha, I'll give you this necklace for the room, it's probably worth more than the 300 Ryo you asked for, so I think I'm being more than generous when I want to trade it.” She spun it around on her index finger as her arm rested on the counter.
The girl was just about to say yes when Genrou finally recollected his mind.
“You idiot, forget this!” Genrou took her necklace off her finger and put it back into the backpack. “Hey!!! I'm trying to get us a room, you moron!”
He grabbed her by her upper arm and pulled her away from the counter and outside underneath the porch.
“Dummy, ya don't use that kind of thing to barter with, with these kinds of people!”
“Why not I almost got us somewhere to stay…” She had been feeling rather proud of herself for taking control of the situation or so she thought.
“Because they may give us the room, but they will probably sneak into the room and go through all of your other stuff and steal it.”
“And how would you know that?”
“I'm a bandit; I steal things for a living.” He explained slowly. She sighed and then grabbed her backpack out of his hands. “Well what are we supposed to do now? I guess we can't go back in there and get a room. “
“Nope we have to find someplace else. It's not raining too hard anymore; we should be able to sleep outside like normal.” He said walking toward the fringes of the village. Rocki followed him sticking her tongue out in disgust.
“It'll be all muddy out and gross, there'll be mosquitoes the size of grapefruits out and I'm going to get all bitten up.” She nagged and nagged until finally he stopped, spun around to face her with an almost evil look on his handsome face.
“Rocks, if ya keep whining' an' bitchin' I'm just gonna leave ya stranded in the middle of wolf- infested woods so you can find your own way out.”
“You wouldn't dare!” She provoked. The duo was so engrossed in their petty argument that they didn't notice the person following them. They hid in the shadows watching them argue, something about woods and sleep and mud was all. When this person knew they weren't paying attention they struck.
Rocki's bag was suddenly yanked out of her hands in a flash. Rocki stopped yelling and looked where she saw the person run.
A little girl with dark black hair cut to the nape of her neck stood there holding her bag, a triumphant look on her dirty face. Genrou looked to where he was standing a few feet behind him.
“You two must be complete morons! I'm a little girl an' I stole this from ya!” She said and hoisted the bag onto her tiny shoulders. “Thank ya! This stuff in here will probably get me enough money to feed and clothe myself and my grandkids too when I have `em.”
“Give me that back!!” Rocki screamed and ran toward the little girl, Genrou following her. The girl ran and Rocki barely missed her when she tried to jump for her bag, landing face first in the mud, when she sat up, both Genrou and the young girl were gone.
“All my stuff!!” She cried wiping the mud off her face and flinging it to the sides.
Miki ran and hid behind a building, in a few seconds felt safe enough that she could rest.
“Those two were complete idiots!” She laughed to herself, her small voice echoing off the sides of the building in front of her. “What kind of people-”
Suddenly the bag was snatched out of her hands and a wind rushed past her. “Where'd th' bag go?” She looked all around and then finally at the entrance to the alley she was in. There stood the boy with the red hair. He looked quite angry holding his friends bag over his shoulder.
“Ya little brat,”
“Hey give me that back! I stole it fair and square!” She tried to jump and grab it out of his hands but he held it over his head where she couldn't get it.
“C'mon at least give me a necklace or something from it, I'm hungry and I want food!”
“Then earn th' money yourself by getting a job, ya lazy brat!” Genrou shouted at her. “Stealin' is my job! I'm like a bandit, I know people who could kick your butt, demon boy!” She shouted back at him.
“Demon boy?” He asked confused.
“Yeah your fangs make ya look like you're a baby eatin`, blood suckin`, demon! Now give it to me!” She jumped once more but he pushed her down onto the ground in the mud. “I don't look like a demon! You're just a little brat!”
“Genrou-san, don't knock a little girl over like that!” Rocki said from behind him slapping the back of his head. She helped the dirty little girl up and asked if she was okay.
“You're welcome for getting your bag back, Rocks.” Genrou muttered under his breath.
“I'm fine.” She said brushing globs of mud from her arms “I'd be even better if I had gotten away with my stuff.”
“Ah, ah, ah! That stuff belongs to me, it's wrong to steal, didn't your mom and dad ever tell you that?” Rocki asked.
“I don't have a mom and dad, or a family. I'm an orphan, my family all died when I was five from a disease that was going around.” Rocki felt a pang of sympathy in her heart as the little girl said this.
“Oh jeez here it comes…” Genrou mumbled and leaned against a building.
“Oh, you poor thing!” Rocki sobbed and hugged the little girl to her “All alone in this big lonely world with no one to take care of you, or have anyone who cares about you!” The little girl looked quite confused as Rocki hugged her tighter and tighter.
“Can ya let me go! I can't breathe!” She shouted. Rocki released her with tears still in her eyes.
“I know just how you feel I had no one to took care of me when my family was killed”
“Hey! What about me, ya brat?! I took care of ya, I still am too!” Genrou shouted at her indignantly.
Rocki ignored him and kept talking to the little girl. “What's your name? And how old are you?”
“My name is Miki and I'm twelve years old. Can I please go now if I can't steal your stuff I at least gotta go get me somethin' to eat.” She crossed her arms over her chest as she said this.
Rocki felt something tug at her heart and then looked up to Genrou.
“Gennnnrroouuu-san…” He stared at her for a few seconds and then finally realized what she wanted.
“No, you can forget it Rocks, there is no way in hell that I am taking her ass in too!”
“Thank you Rocki-san. This is delicious!” Miki said biting into part of the rabbit Genrou had caught and cooked for dinner.
“Thank Genrou-san; he's the one who did everything.” Rocki started to brush her wet hair as she said this. They had found a small river near where they were and Rocki took a bath and washed her clothes, getting off all the mud and gunk.
“Where is demon- boy as a matter of fact?”
“Probably off in the woods cursing and mumbling under his breath. He's going to be mad at me --> for this one for a while [Author:WAB] but I think he'll get over it.” She braided her hair and safely tucked away all her possessions inside. There was silence between the two girls for a moment, and only the crackling of the fire could be heard in the empty woods surrounding their small camp.
“I was wondering Rocki-san…where are you an' Genrou-san from? You have some pretty strange things and he just acts weird.”
“Well I know Genrou-san is from around Mt. Reikaku…but that's about all I know about him. I'm not really from around here at all to be honest. I came from another world.” Miki stopped eating mid-bite and stared at Rocki.
“Not from this world? Ya mean like…Sairou or something?”
“No…as in from a completely different world, I was brought here by…” She stopped in the middle of her sentence to think of a way to explain it to Miki.
“Okay, ever hear of The Suzaku no miko?” Miki nodded, “She and the seven seishi are supposed to summon Suzaku and save our country in our time of need. Almost everyone knows that old legend.” She shrugged it off as nothing, most of the time, because no one had ever seen any indication of it ever happening.
“Well it's not a legend…it's real. See I'm the Suzaku no Tenshi, I'm looking for my guardian Tasuki or actually any of the seishi for that matter.”
“I've never heard of a Tenshi. I've heard of the miko but not a Tenshi. Are ya makin it up?” She took another large bite out of the rabbit and chewed it, smacking her lips as she did so.
“No I did not make it up, even Genrou can tell you what I say is true. Anyway I have to help find the seishi and the miko and help summon Suzaku, and after I die I become Suzaku's messenger.”
“Boy did you get screwed. You know the Miko gets three wishes that she can use however she wants, right?”
“Yes I know that, but I don't really need three wishes anyway. The wish I would want wouldn't be possible.” She said thinking of her family.
Genrou entered the camp once more, his hair wet and sticking to his forehead. He plopped down onto the ground and took part of the rabbit without one word to either of the girls.
“I hope you had a nice bath Genrou-san.” Was all Rocki could manage to say. He nodded without looking at the two girls. An uncomfortable silence fell down upon the three and the only sounds were that of the woods and the fire popping every so often. Genrou was the one to break the silence finally. He threw the bone from the rabbit leg he ate into the woods then said, “You two had better go to sleep, because I'm leaving at the crack of dawn an' I'm only givin' ya one chance to wake up.” He then leaned up against a large tree trunk and closed his eyes.
The girls looked at each other and then back at him before silently getting ready to go to sleep. Rocki curled up in her one blanket and Miki did the same as Genrou up against another tree. It didn't take long for Rocki to nod off in a deep peaceful sleep.
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