G Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Hello ❯ The Wedding and the Party ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 3: The Wedding and the Party

Morning came very quickly. And it was a busy one. There were people running every which way, getting ready. The other members of the Shuffle Alliance were here as well. And it appeared that Chibodee and Argo were also planning on getting married. Chibodee planned on marrying Shirley next month and Argo was going to get married to Nastasha a few months later. Sai had brought Cecil with him. From what George had heard they planned on getting married in a few years. George wondered if he was ever going to get married. He hoped so. He hoped he would marry Marie Louise, if he could only get the courage to tell her how he felt.

They were soon all gathered in a church and the wedding began. George sat by Marie and wished that it was them up there getting married. When it came time for the groom to kiss the bride Marie wished it was her and George up there. She was so tempted to just throw her arms around his neck and kiss him, but she decided it was best not to. The wedding took quite awhile and George was glade to get up and stretch. It was now time to go to the party. He was unsure how much fun he would have but he was sure Chibodee would have a blast.

The party was at a bar. It had been decorated with streamers, confetti, lights, and many other things. The first thing that was done was the cutting of the wedding cake. After that they were free to do as they pleased. For Chibodee, that meant he could now drink until he passed out on the counter, but George only sat. He sat at a table by himself and watched everyone else dance and have a good time. Every once in a while he would pick at his food and continued to watch. Now and than a women he had never seen before would ask him to dance, but he would decline. He would tell them he wasn’t much of a dancer.

Later Marie Louise joined him and they both watched the crowd. They didn’t say anything, only sat. Marie waited patiently for George to ask her to dance, but he only stared at the floor. Since he wouldn’t ask her, she decided to ask him. “George, would you care to dance?” “I’m not really in the mood to dance.” George replied. “Oh, well, we could just talk.” Marie said. Before George had a chance to say anything, Chibodee came and pulled him away to drink with him. Marie thought if she waited for a little bit, George would come back. But he didn’t.

About forty-five minutes passed and he still hadn’t come back. This angered her. He said he wanted to spend time with her but yet he was off getting drunk with Chibodee. Deciding she need some fresh air she stood and went outside. Once outside Marie started to walk. She didn’t know where to. She just went where her feet took her. She heard voices in a near by alley and went to check it out. There were two really big guys messing with a kid that appeared to barely be ten years old. “Leave that poor child alone!” she shouted at them. They left the kid alone, but went after her instead. Marie ran. She ran as fast as she could but they were closing in on her.

She wasn’t really watching were she was running to. She was just trying to get away. Running through alleys and abandoned streets. But later, she wished she had been looking where she was running. She remembered seeing bright lights and hearing the screeching of tires. She also remembered hearing someone yell, “Someone call an ambulance!” She laid on the cold hard ground unable to move, to open her eyes even. Some how she knew she wouldn’t wake up. Some how she knew she wouldn’t be able to see her father again. Some how she knew she would never be able to marry George. Some how she knew that this was the end.