G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 1: Sparring and Fighting ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 1: Sparring and Fighting

"Alright, because of my recent injuries I will not be involved in your exercises. So, in order to keep the number of people even, I asked Snake Eyes to join and help," Scarlett informed as she gingerly rubbed her stomach where bandages hid the bullet wounds.

The class tried to keep a straight face and not show how scared they were to be paired off with the mysterious ninja. As said ninja walked through she gave the go ahead to pair up. She looked to her left to see one of the grunts standing, dumbfounded at the coupled people, realizing that he was stuck in a position he did not want to be in.

"Jemmerson," Scarlett called, when he looked at her, she continued, "you're with Snake Eyes." He instantly paled, but got into position like the rest of his comrades.

"First form ONE! TWO! STRIKE!" She looked over her students' form and called out instructions to better their stance. As her attention came to Jemmerson and Snake Eyes, she narrowed her eyes,

"JEMMERSON! What kind of a punch is that?!"

"Sorry, ma'am," he called back and continued.

When Scarlett gave the command he threw a real punch and managed to land a hit on Snake Eyes, who had lost interest in the man who was not putting in much effort to hit him. Jemmerson seemed to jump out of his skin when his fists connected with the masked man.

"Is there something wrong Jemmerson?" Scarlett walked over to the two and looked Jemmerson straight in the eyes.

He subconsciously gulped in fear. "No ma'am," he choked out.

"Since Jemmerson clearly can't handle making a decent punch why don't we switch up partners?" She looked around to the grunts who had the same fear as before written on their faces. "Who would like to be Snake Eyes' partner?"

When she finished saying that all of the grunts took a simultaneous step back except for a girl about average height, with platinum blonde hair and striking light blue eyes. She stared wide eyed at Scarlett then looked back to the rest of the group; it dawned on her that she just got volunteered.

"Aww damn," she murmured as she looked to the ground.

"Temper," Scarlett started, "you'll be Snake Eyes' partner. Switch partners among the rest of you and get ready to start again."

The girl, Temper, walked over to Snake Eyes and stood in front of him. She looked at him curiously, speculating what he was hiding under the mask. He cocked his head a little to the side, wondering what she was thinking. I'm sure he has a good reason to hide, she thought to herself. At her notion, she smiled at him, which he found utterly perplexing.

"Let's starts again!" Scarlett shouted.

They all got into position and started again. Snake Eyes watched the young lady in front of him, noticing how almost flawless her stance was. After a few minutes going through different forms Temper spoke up, but not loud enough for Scarlett to hear.

"You are in fact mute, yes?" she asked. Snake Eyes was not sure how to answer this as it was not accurate, he nodded in response anyway. "So you should know sign language?" Once again he nodded. "Okay then." I'm not getting anywhere with him.

They continued the drill until the class was over and she hit the showers. Scarlett came over to him, "How was she?"

Good, actually.


You seem surprised.

"She slacks off and doesn't pay attention," she said, almost angrily.

Snake Eyes looked at her to see her glaring in the direction of the female locker room, as if trying to see through the walls, spot Temper, and shoot her with her crossbow. Scarlett turned to him and smiled.

"I'm thinking of advancing Jenny Hugh, she has great form and a good work ethic."

He looked at her; now he was the one surprised. He knew who Jenny Hugh was, she went under the call sign Banger and bullied most of the other grunts. Scarlett only takes into account what she sees, to her those are just rumors, he reminded himself.

He turned to her and signed, I'll be watching Jenny while I'm here, but Temper will be advanced to the next class.

Scarlett, disgruntled, left to take a shower. Shortly after, Temper came out with a similar outfit she had on, identical black cargo pants, but instead of a black tank top, this one was green. He saw a group of girls, laughing and talking to each other pass her, like she wasn't even there.
The next few days went on routinely, then one day Scarlett decided to put partners on rotation so each time they moved on to a new set of drills, one half of the class had to move to the next person. Temper was a little mad to say the least as she was a part of the half that stayed on the same mat the entire time, taking hits from amateur fighters. She watched Snake Eyes who had to stay on the mat next to her. Everybody who was partners with him managed to land a hit on him, only because he allowed it. Sadly, Jenny, also known as Temper's third most hated person, was one of the last switch ups. As Jenny moved to Snake Eyes' mat she gave him a flirtatious smile that made bile go up Temper's throat. Snake Eyes stood absolutely still until Scarlett started to call out the usual commands. He had to admit, Jenny did have good form, but he wished she was not flirting with him in the process.

"You must have gone through a lot of training in order to get where you are," Jenny said. He nodded curtly, hoping she would get the hint, but she did not. "It must've taken a long time." He did not say anything, but continued with the drill, ignoring her. "I'm sure you had really good instructors." Again, nothing.

She isn't getting much farther than I did. Temper snickered beside them and Jenny whipped her head in Temper's direction.

"What's so funny?" Jenny questioned, venom practically dripped from her mouth.

"You just don't know when to take a hint," Temper shot back.

Finally, someone said it, Snake Eyes thought.

"At least guys look in my direction," Jenny looked up and down Temper's body.

"Yeah, to see if you're gonna flash 'em something; you're a slut, they're never going to treat you like a lady when you give yourself to them as easily as you do." Snake Eye's respect for Temper grew.

"Says the virgin," Jenny said angrily.

"Oh, get a muzzle bitch," Temper snapped.

Fury overtook Jenny and she lurched toward Temper, arms outstretched, ready to strangle her. They both hit the ground and rolled. In order to get Jenny to get off of her, Temper kneed her in the ribs. With the same leg she wiggled her foot in between Jenny and herself. Pushing her leg forward, she successfully moved Jenny away from her, but not enough for Jenny to release her neck.

"What the hell is going on?!" Scarlett yelled. Jenny let go of Temper and hastily got up.

"She attacked me, ma'am," Jenny explained.

Temper's eyes widened as she got up off the ground. Out of the corner of Temper's eye she saw Snake Eyes start to sign, but Scarlett's attention was locked on her.

"Temper, come with me, we're going to Hawk," Scarlett commanded. Temper just walked past her toward the door. "Snake Eyes you're in charge." She did not look at him and he was not able to explain what really happened. He looked back towards the class, they stared at him, blankly.

Which of you knows sign language?

A man in the front slowly raised his hand. "Is there anything you need sir?" the man asked.

You're in charge, he signed and left, leaving the man dumbfounded.

Snake Eyes jogged towards Hawk's office. He saw the two females in Hawk's office when he opened the door.

"Snake Eyes, where's the class?" Scarlett was the first one to speak.

I left someone in charge, he stated simply.

"Snake Eyes, is there a reason you're here?" Hawk asked. Snake Eyes looked towards Temper who had not even glanced in his direction.

Temper isn't at fault here.

"If not her, then who else?" Hawk inquired.


"Jenny?" Scarlett challenged, "she's one of my best students, she wouldn't attack someone."

She attacked Temper.

Hawk nodded and looked toward the female sitting across from him, "Alright Temper, I'll ask again and this time, I want the truth. Did you attack Banger?"

"No," she admitted.

"Did she attack you?" Hawk asked.


"Well then, I'll be seeing Miss Hugh later today. Snake Eyes, Scarlett, you are dismissed." The two left the room without a word.

"Are we back to keeping things to ourselves?"

"It was Scarlett's word against mine," Temper said remaining as stoic as when she entered the room.

"You know that it's your word that I will trust above all else."

She submerged herself in guilt and her stoic expression dropped as she looked toward the ground, frowning. "I sometimes have my doubts," she announced.

"I understand that I haven't made time for you, but with the recent predicament with Cobra I've been preoccupied."

"I know... I'm sorry."