G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 15: Living, Breathing, Leaving ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 15: Living, Breathing, Leaving

Somewhere in Mississippi
Roadblock, Lady Jaye, and Flint sat around a small table, eating dinner.

"Zartan's entire focus has been this nuclear summit," Lady Jaye informed, "it has to be the key to whatever he's planning."

"Alright. Well, then that's our target," Roadblock said. The sound of the door moving caught Roadblock's attention.

"Guys, move," he commanded.

They took their guns off the table and got into positions. Two pairs of light footsteps came Lady Jaye and Roadblock's way. When the footsteps came a close enough distance Roadblock moved around the pillar he was behind to meet one of the strangers. Lady Jaye got up from her crouching position to see about the second unknown person. A grunt was heard as Roadblock engaged the man. Things came to a standstill with Lady Jaye pointing a gun at a woman, who had her sword against Lady Jaye's neck. Roadblock had his gun only a foot away from Snake Eyes' head.

"I think I'm faster than you, Snake Eyes," Roadblock told the ninja. Snake Eyes cocked his head and looked down as did Roadblock, to see the gun aimed at the leg, Snake Eyes' finger on the trigger. "Damn ninjas," Roadblock cursed and smiled, "good to see you, brother."

"Jaye," Lady Jaye introduced.

"Jinx," the woman responded and lowered her sword, to which Lady Jaye lowered her gun.

"Back up," Flint ordered, holding a gun to Storm Shadow's head. Tommy had his sword pressed against the man's chest as the two came to view.

"He's with us," Jinx informed.

"I am not with you," Tommy corrected, "but for this once, I am not against you."

"How many of our men has he killed?" Flint questioned. "We're supposed to fight with him?"

Stormed Shadow removed the sword from Flint's chest only to press it against the man's hand and forcefully lower Flint's gun.

"The leader of the world will gather tomorrow. It's a trap," Tommy informed them.

"Storn is the only one who knows Cobra's plan, inside and out. He can help us find a way to stop it," Jinx pointed out, "but we have to work together." Flint and Tommy shared a look, both were not too happy about the work situation.

The three ninjas stayed with the three Joes in the gym and headed for General Colton's house in the morning. Colton took them around the house and opened up various hiding places filled with all sorts of weapons, handguns, rifles, grenade launchers, grenades. One drawer had various knives, which were offered to Tommy by the general, but he declined, showing Colton his sword.

"Nice," Colton complimented. As Tommy and Snake Eyes stayed in the kitchen the rest went exploring.

"I forgot to ask," Tommy said to him, "how are you dealing with her death?"

You mean the death that Cobra caused? The organization you're apart of?

"Don't think for one second I do not mourn her as well. I had no idea she was going to be there. Maybe you should have protected her better." That struck a nerve in Snake Eyes and he pressed a knife to Tommy's throat.

Maybe you should have left her with Arashikage instead of bringing her into Cobra.

"I didn't take her if that's what you mean. The Soft Master did not tell you? He told me to take her." Snake Eyes pressed the knife deeper into Tommy's skin, but not enough to draw blood.

"Snake Eyes if you're planning on killing him, can you wait until after the nuclear summit?!" Roadblock shouted from the other side of the house and Snake Eyes put the knife away.

The morning came quickly and the Joes, ninjas, and a few of General Colton's friends.

"Flint, Jaye, Snake, you guys take the flank," Roadblock informed them, pointing to an area on a map of Fort Sumter laid out on the table. "Jinx and Storm, Trojan Horse. Zartan will be holding the briefcase. Storm will be the closest man to him. But he can't move until we're all in position. Everyone keep your eye on the prize. We secure the football, we secure the war. Snake, how's all that sound?" Snake Eyes just turned his head to Roadblock. "That's what I thought."

"Okay wait, hold on a second. We still have enemy armor here, here, and here," Flint said leaning over with a red pencil and circling points on the map. "Right? These tanks survive, we don't," Flint pointed out.

"Leave the tanks to me," Roadblock assured. "General?"

"Call me Joe," Colton responded.

"Anything I missed?"

"No. Rock solid. My orders?"

"The President.

Brenda's with my team," Colton stated.

"Roger that." Lady Jaye looked up in surprise then to Colton.

"Does Brenda get a vote?" she questioned.

"Negative," Roadblock answered.

"You need a pen?" Jaye asked sarcastically.

"I need your help," Colton replied.

"Alright. Let's kick that ass! Hoo-ah!" Roadblock shouted.

"Hoo-ah!" they all shouted in unison and got to work on preparing to leave.

"So this was your team?" Flint asked Colton.

"Not all of it. Hawk was also with us for a time and there was also a woman called Elvira," Colton answered.

"Female Joe?" Jaye questioned.

"The first," Colton added.

When they were all suited up they head to their assigned destinations to carry out their orders. Many important men and women gathered inside the museum. Cobra agents posing as military soldiers milled around, watching to make sure nothing disturbed the summit.

"I'll say it again, the world is safer with a nuclear presence. I'm sure you electorate will be happy by our final proposal. Fifty percent reduction by 2016," the Russian representative spoke. Zartan, looking like President Pryce, leaned forward in chair.

"There are a lot of leaders in this room," he started, "but only one leader of the free world. And he, I, stay with me," Zartan joked, "asked you here with the goal of universal disarmament. Nuclear zero. Now, I was prepared to cajole to get what I want. I'm now at threaten. Each of you will clear out his nuclear closet immediately," he demanded, standing up. Failure to participate will be considered an act of war."

"You're joking of course," the representative of India called a bluff.

"This summit is over," the representative of Russia stood to leave.

"This is it, boys," Zartan threatened.

A man brought forth the briefcase which controlled the U.S.'s nuclear weapons. The case was set on the table and opened. "This country is at war. With you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you," Zartan mocked pointing at them. "The U.S. nuclear arsenal is capable of destroying each of your countries 14 times over. Fifteen, in the case of North Korea, just to be sure. And all-" Zartan pushed a card into a slot, putting all nuclear warheads online, "at the push of a button." Zartan hit the launch button which made all of the world leaders go into panic. "Yeah, I pressed it."

"You have lost your mind!" a man shouted.

"It's all relative. You got three minutes to decide," Zartan replied, sitting down and playing Angry Birds on his phone.

"We cannot, we will not leave a legacy of acquiescence!" a man yelled. More briefcases were brought onto the table.

"Don't do this! There can be no winners!" a man shouted.

"Ooh. High score!" Zartan announced as the leader board popped up on his device.

"Let history record who was responsible for this madness," one of the leaders said, launching more nuclear warheads. Other countries followed suit and pushed the launch button. They all watched the screen as nuclear threats became very real.