G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 16: Here to Stay ( Chapter 21 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 16: Here to Stay

Snake Eyes slid his dog tags into the slot of the door. He heard the click and opened the door. Shutting it behind him, he saw a lump on the right side of the mattress and reached for his katanas. Slowly he walked around the side of the bed and noticed the mass of platinum blonde hair. Slightly calmed he ran his fingertips idly over her upper arm. She stirred in her sleep, mumbling, "I hope you don't mind the unannounced arrival." He smirked under the mask and went to take a shower. When he came out Temper was just getting off the phone.

Are you here to stay? he asked.

"Yep," she said, smiling cheerfully. He stood there, watching her. "Is something wrong?" Temper sat up in concern.

He shook his head and sat on the bed next to her, putting a hand to her cheek, he kissed her softly. Things became more passionate as she reciprocated the act. The battle for dominance was won by Snake Eyes who seemed to find every way to send pleasure through her body. Her mind snapped back to reality when he pulled her tank top off and she covered her chest with her arms. Even though she still had her bra on she still felt too exposed.

Why cover up? It's not like I haven't seen this much skin before.

"That was different," she said defensively. "Then I was just sleeping over. This is intimate."

You you've never slept with anyone have you? he questioned.

"No," she admitted, slowly taking her arms away from her chest. Snake Eyes kissed her lips, about travel further down when a knock sounded on the door. Temper got up, put her tank top back on, and went to see who it was.

"Ana," Temper greeted, making sure to keep her friend's peering eyes from seeing Snake Eyes.

"Hey, I think it's time we had that chat don't you?" Ana asked.

"Yes, right that. You think we could do that later?"


"Yes, later as in not now." Ana looked at her skeptically.

"Okay then, tomorrow."

"I will find you tomorrow," Temper promised. Ana nodded and left. When Temper turned around Snake Eyes was right there, waiting and smirking. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, kissing him. He responded by pushing her up against the door. A knock sounded on the door. Temper clenched her fist and opened the door to see Duke.

"Hey, have you seen Ana?" Duke asked, "she said she was going to find you."

"She went that way," Temper answered, pointing to her left.

"Thanks." Temper nodded and shut the door. Once again Temper and Snake Eyes were making out against the door when yet another knock came from the other side.

"Yes?" Temper asked peevishly, seeing Ripcord.

"Hey, have you seen-"

"Duke went that way," Temper interrupted, pointing left.

"I was actually looking for Snake Eyes," Ripcord informed her.

"Okay, what do you need?"

"Well Hawk told Scarlett to find and tell Snake Eyes that the Hit and Run team had another mission. But Scarlett got caught up in doing a favor for Cover Girl so she sent me."

"Thanks Rip." Temper shut the door and turned to Snake Eyes. She found herself against the door, this time her body was pinned by his. He reached down, picking her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Temper was about to lose it when another she heard another knock. Slight shoving Snake Eyes she opened the door.

"What?!" she asked. What she saw made her heart stop. "Hawk." The General smiled at her, holding out a manila folder.

"The Hit and Run team have a mission, you and Snake Eyes leave in 30 minutes. I assume he's in there with you?" All Temper could do was nod. Hawk smirked and left. She closed the door and looked at Snake Eyes.

"I don't suppose there's anything I can say that would convince you to continue what we were doing before the interruptions?" Temper questioned. He smirked and shook his head.

These things shouldn't be rushed, he signed, kissing her temple. Snake Eyes got to packing and she went to the room across from his, the one given to her for residence, and grabbed her weapons. When Hawk showed her to the room she set all of her belongings in there, but secretly, she knew her stuff would not stay there for long if she got her way with Snake Eyes.

The two walked into the hangar and got onto the plane that Ace pointed out to them.

"Alright, we are clear for the 'go'! Buckle up," Ace ordered locking himself inside the cockpit.

"So," Temper said, looking to him, "I was wondering, since I'm back-"

Yes, he signed quickly.

"You don't even know what I was going to say."

You were going to ask if you could move in with me, he stated.

"And, that's okay with you?... If I move in?"

As long you don't snore or talk in your sleep.

"You know that I don't do either of those things! It's not like we haven't slept together before!"

*I hope you know I can hear you* Ace said over the intercom. Heat rushed to Temper's face.

"I didn't mean it like that!" she shouted.

*Sure you didn't* Ace taunted, sarcasm was evident in his voice.

"Oh, shut up!" she yelled to the pilot. Temper turned back to Snake Eyes and signed, you're sure you wouldn't mind me...living with you?

Technically we already live together.

"Alright smartass," she deadpanned. His shoulders shook with silent laughter and made sure everything was safe before taking off his mask and kissing her.

I would love for you to move in with me, he signed after pulling the mask back on. Considering we've only been on one date don't you think moving in is a bit fast?

"Well if it was slow it would be boring, wouldn't it?"

With you, nothing is boring. She grinned at him and he swore he saw a mischievous glint in her eyes. This is going to be fun, he thought sarcastically.