Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Mitsuki loves him! ❯ Mitsuki is new! ( Chapter 1 )

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peytonnsheffield: hey everyone in this story Mikan left gakuen alice because she admitted her feelings to Natsume and he told her he only thought of her as a sister (he meant it in my story) and she leaves guilt struck. When the story starts it will take place in Mr. Narumis class. There will be a new girl in which Natsume falls in love with. Of course he will end up with this girl. I hope everyone will like the story since it is my first story and everything.

Disclaimer: We do not own gakuen alice or any of the characters except for the made up one Mitsuki.

if talking is done in quotation marks that means someone is thinkingbr "this is a thought"
-Mr.Narumis class-
Mr.Narumi: Listen up everyone! Today we have a new student!

(gossip goes around the classroom about the new student)

Mr.Narumi: Ok you can come in now Mitsuki.

A girl with pink hair that reachers to her back walks in and all the boys(except for natsume and ruka) go gaga over her.

Mitsuki: Hello my name is Mitsuki. Nice to meet you all.

Mr.Narumi: Mitsuki is a very smart girl. She also has 2 alices. Water and ice. (N/A: I know they are just about the same but deal with it xD )
Her star group is special.

(gossip goes around again)

Mr.Narumi: Since Natsume doesnt have a partner anymore he can be your partner. He will tell you everything you need to know about Gakuen Alice. You can also go sit beside him.

Mitsuki walks over towards Natsume and notices a girl ,we know as Sumire Shoda, but ignores it.

Mr.Narumi: Well, since I have introduced the new student I will leave now.

As Mr.Narumi walks out everyone turns and stares at Mitsuki, who starts to get nervous with everyone staring at her.

Sumire: Well, Ms.Mitsuki, just so you know just because you sit next to Natsume doesnt mean you have a chance with him! I am the Natsume-Ruka Fanclub President.

Mitsuki sweat drops while listening to Sumire talk about being the president of the Natsume-Ruka fanclub.

Yuu: Well, welcome to the class Mitsuki I am the class representative Yuu Tobita. Nice to meet you.

Mitsuki: Nice to meet you too, Yuu.

Yuu: Ill introduce you to everyone. This is Hotaru Imai who has the invention alice. Shes sorta nice once you get to know her. And this is Sumire Shoda, who,as you can see, likes Natsume and Ruka. These people over here-

Before Yuu could finish Mr.Narumi burst in and Mr.Narumi: Everyone please listen up. I just found out Sakura Mikan will be transfering back to Gakuen Alice.
(everyone gasps and gossips once again) (N/A: some gossiping people huh? lol! )

Mitsuki "I wonder who this Mikan person is."

Mr.Narumi: She should be here sometime today.

Mr.Narumi left again and everyone started talking about the news. Then Yuu turned to Mitsuki.

Yuu: You dont know who Mikan is yet so I will explain. Mikan is a girl who use to come to this school but left awhile back. Were not really sure why she left but Im glad she is coming back!

Mitsuki: So is she an important person to you guys?

Yuu: Yes, you could say that.

Mitsuki: What alice does she have?

Yuu: Nullification.

This news made Mitsukis eyes widen.