Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Mitsuki loves him! ❯ Mitsuki finds out! ( Chapter 3 )

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peytonnsheffield:hey everyone i hope you have liked the story so far. I know alot of you don`t like Mitsuki so I want you all to know that she was made to be good not evil and used to take natsume away. Anyways I hope you all start to like her. Some of you probally only dont like her because you are use to MikanxNatsume but I hope you all start to like her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice and some of the events that occur but I do own Mitsuki.

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The next day in Mr.Narumi`s class someone on the intercom announced:
Please send Mitsuki Koyama to the main lobby(just so you know the main lobby is some place you don`t want to be. For us it would be like going to the principals office after doing something bad)
gossip goes around the room once again, and Mitsuki gets nervous.
"Don`t worry your new so it probally wont be too bad." Someone said. Mitsuki looked to her right to see Natsume.
"I hope your right." she replied and got up. She asked someone she found to help her find the main lobby.
"Well, you must have done something bad, because usually nobody has to go there except Natsume Hyuga."
"Now that I think about it I never remembered meeting you."
"Oh my name is Mitsuki Koyoma. I am new here."she replied.
"Well nice to meet you Mitsuki. My name is Tsubasa." he said.
"Nice to meet you- wait! I have to get to the main lobby! I forgot!" she yelled franctically.
"Don`t worry I`ll take you there."
As she got to the main lobby she saw a guy with a mask and dark hair.
"Hello my name is Persona."


Later when she came back from the main lobby Mikan walked up to her,
"So, what did they want with you?" she asked curiously.
"They told me what my ability group was."
"I guess you wouldn`t be in the extras group. Man, and I wanted to let you meet-"
"Hey panda bears was it too bad?" said Natsume as he walked up.
Mitsuki didn`t get it for a second then she flused.
"What!?How did you know?"
"Well, answer my question."
"They said i was in dangerous ability class. I was wondering is that bad? Otherwise they wouldnt call it 'Dangerous Ability',"
It was silent for a minute but then Natsume spoke up.
"Well, that means I`ll be seing alot more of you." and he walked away.
"What does that mean, Mikan?"she asked curiously.
"Well, Natsume is in Dangerous Ability too. It`s just a group for strong alices." she said.
"That couldn`t be true. You have a strong alice too." she replied.
"You know my alice?"
"Yea Yuu told me. Nullification right? I met someone once who had that alice. She had 2 alices like me. Umm... Nullification and the Stealing alices." she said.
"With nullification!? I wonder if you knew my mom.."
"She did resemble you alot. That`s why I was very surprised when I found out you had the nullification alice."
Mitsuki started remembering the conversation that she had with Persona.

"Now that you understand your ability class lets talk about who you hand out with. I strongly suggest you do not talk with Mikan Sakura." Persona said.
"What!? But why? She doesn`t seem bad."
"Those are orders! You will not speak to her or bad luck with fall upon you like before with your mom and dad. Understand?""Y-Yes."
--End of flashback--

Oh well he cant do much right?


Later Mikan and Hotaru was with Mitsuki while they were looking for Mitsuki`s room. Since she is special in her star ranking she will have a nice room. The robot maid kept walking till she came across this HUGE room.
"This is it." she said.
Mikan and Mitsuki stared amazed.
"I have NEVER been in a room this big!" she said amazed.
Hotaru just glanced around and walked in.
"I am staying here tonight. You too Mikan." she said.
"But shouldnt we ask first Hotaru?"
"It`s ok Mikan. You guys can stay." Mitsuki said.


Later at supper:

"Hey Mikan, what do we get for supper?"she asked.
"It depends on your star ranking. For you, you will eat alot! You will get what Natsume gets. Now that I think about it you guys have alot in common." she said.
Mitsuki was amazed at how much food there was on her table. All she ate though was a tiny plate full of fruit.
"That`s all you`re going to eat?" Natsume asked.
"Yea, I`ve never been a big eater." she said half laughing.
"You should eat more. You`re too skinny."he said and started eating again.
Im not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.

After supper at Mitsuki`s room:

"So Mitsuki I know that you`re new and everything but do you like anyone yet?" Mikan asked curiously.
Mitsuki was eating an apple and said, "Um...not yet. he he."
she said that but truth was she was starting to like Natsume. She couldn`t say so though because that would hurt Mikan`s feelings. As she was thinking about this Hotaru was staring at her intensly.