Gasaraki Fan Fiction / Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ What Has Come Before ❯ Teaser ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The four pilots all tried to rouse their companion on the radio. Heavyarms was still there, but no acknowledgment could be discerned. "Hey Heero, you wanna…"

"Already hacking." Heero made his way around the security system in Trowa's Mobile suit through cyberspace. After a bit he finally connected to the internal speaker and microphone. "All the stuff is working. He's in there and can hear us."

"C'mon Tro-man, we all know you're the silent type, but give us a sign that you're ok." Duo called out. Nothing…

"Wait. I hear him breathing…Trowa? Are you hurt? He's breathing is real heavy guys." Wufei stated. "I'm heading over there, see if I can get in."

"Roger Wufei." Heero acknowledged.

Before Wufei could reach Trowa's suit, a scream pierced the radio waves. "INCOMING!" Trowa yelled. The other four turned to look, they were barely able to move out of the way as a beam cannon blast blew past them. The one who called out the warning, did not move. The others watched as Trowa took the hit straight on. Heavyarms flew backwards and shattered.