Gatekeepers 21 Fan Fiction / Fan Fiction ❯ One Wild Trip ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Devo?" I asked, putting my book aside for the moment. It was late afternoon and I was back home in the same exact position where I had been last night when Dante came to visit.

"Yes Ayana?"

"You said that you recorded that one-sided conversation that Dante and I had last night, correct?"

"That is correct. Do you wish to access it now?"

"Yeah sure. Come over here," I sat up and cleared a spot for Devo to sit on my bed. There were clothes everywhere. I had been trying to pick out an outfit for tonight. Dante had invited me to go on a short job with him. He said it was nothing big and that I didn't need to come but I insisted.

I frowned a little as I remembered breakfast this morning. Dante ate thru 6 pancakes and 4 bananas before he was finished. He must be starving. I invited him over to dinner at my house, saying that my parents would love to have someone who I've worked with come over.

Actually my parents can't really grasp the fact that I'm a GateKeeper. They refer to it simply as `work' when they have to talk about it. They seem to think that `work' for any 16 year old should consist of having to say "Do you want fries with that?" or even "Paper or plastic, ma'am?" And Lord knows what their reaction would be if I brought Dante over for dinner. He looks odd enough, not to mention that I really haven't even digested all that I've learned about him in the past 24 hours.

"Pay attention. You were spacing out."

"Sorry Devo. Go ahead and run the audio file," I said, directing my attention back to the PC in front of me.

"Oh my dear GateKeeper, it's not just an audio file! Don't underestimate me so! I'm appalled, shocked, dumbfounded! Repulsed, sickened, revolted! Offended in the highest!"

"You've been getting into your thesaurus again, haven't you?" I asked, in a scolding tone.

"Perhaps. Anyways, what I'm trying to get across to you is…it's a full video."

I was impressed. "Since when do you have the opticals to record video?"

"Since last upgrade, 2 days ago."

I sighed and shook my head. "So you're now, let's see Devo 5.?"

"5.8 to be exact. Aren't you proud of me?" I could imagine a cheeky smile right now, pasted across Devo's imaginary face in my mind.

"Yeah, yeah okay. Let's get on with the show here,"

"Do you want popcorn? Maybe a drink…candy is good…"

"Devo," I said, warningly.

"Alright, alright! Here we go," Devo's screen went blank and a white box came up in the middle of the screen. The white disappeared and was replaced by a sharp, clear picture of the dark apartment that I had just been in, less than 5 hours ago.

"Good visuals Devo. Nice job," I commented.

"Thanks. Wait `til you hear the audio. It's even better now,"

I could clearly see my outline, lying on the bed, breathing slightly. A car horn from outside sounded and Dante jumped a little and then laughed at himself, shaking his head.

"Please, I've faced worse than cars in my life."

"Ooh! You don't lie, do you Devo? Very clear audio. As loud as this had to be turned up too, very nice!" I patted Devo's lid and he whirred contently.

"I know. I'm proud of myself too!"

"Ayana, you don't know how long I've wanted you like this. Just touching you," I saw a slight motion in the blankets. I remembered faintly that Dante had held my hand.

"I honestly didn't know how you would react to my demon form. I really didn't want to do that but, I needed to get you away from there quickly. I don't know what I would have done if you would have gotten injured." Dante's head slumped a little.

"You said tonight that I wasn't a monster. That the Dante you knew wasn't an evil thing. You don't know how wrong you are, I'm half demon. It's my job to be a monster. I don't know how else to be." I heard a snort and saw Dante's shoulders jump.

"If you were awake, you'd be yelling right now, I know it. Saying something about how I'm a good person and such. Yeah," Dante's voice trailed off. Devo's cut in

"That's it for about 15 minutes. Want me to fast forward to the next audio bit?"

"Yeah, please Devo,"

The screen blurred and everything in the little box sped up, the car headlights dancing across the ceiling as they passed and Dante's slight movements sped up to a un human speed.

"Here we go," Devo said as the video again resumed at normal speed. I once again heard Dante's voice.

"You know, I might not have this place after next rent. Did you know the going rate for GKA welfare is $3.40? I bet you didn't. Business has been really slow this month too. I guess overall that's a good thing. Means less bad things are out there," Dante stopped talking for a bit and I watched him move forward to lean over me. I leaned in and saw that Dante stood up and was now walking out of frame, his footsteps very loud as he passed Devo's mic. "Can't sleep with your glasses on, can you?" Dante returned and took his spot by the bed again.

"So, in addition to not having a safe place to bring you," I smiled sadly at that. He was worried about me, even though he wasn't going to have a place to stay, he was worried that he wouldn't have a safe house for me. Me! "I haven't really had money for food. I've been saving up, trying to make rent but…" he sighed heavily "It doesn't look like it's gonna happen." Dante was silent for so long, I was about to ask Devo if he could fast forward again but then,

"I know I shouldn't but…I always try to buy flowers. I buy flowers because…" Dante leaned close to where my head must've been, "Because they remind me of you, Ayana. I…" he paused. "I really…" and the screen went blank.

"HEY! What the hell's wrong!? He was about to say something!!" I screamed at Devo and hit him on his LCD screen, which snapped down on my hand. I wailed in pain and smacked Devo down on the bed. The screen popped open to reveal angry text.

"Well, it's not my fault that someone has forgotten to charge my batteries the last few days. I could've finished recording if I hadn't had to shut off due to low power levels!" Devo snapped. I huffed and crossed my arms, falling back on my bed.

"Fine," the phone sitting on my desk started to ring. "Pick it up, Devo. If it's not Dante, I'm not here."

The phone stopped ringing as Devo cut in. A computerized male voice said, "Hello. You have reached the answering machine of Ayana Minamino. If you have an emergency and need a direct reference, please contact ext. 558. If not, please leave your name, a number and a short message and Ayana will get back to you as soon as she feels like it. Please wait until the beep…BEEP!"


"Pick it up! Connect me to your speaker phone!" I sat up and said to Devo. I swore I heard him `humph' and if he had any, his eyes would be rolling. "Dante?"

"Yes. Ayana?"

"Yeah, it's me," I snapped my fingers at Devo to follow me as I stood and started to try on clothes again.

"Screening your calls?" Dante asked.

I smiled, "Yeah, well you know…I really don't feel like talking to anyone." `but you'. I left that part out though. Ooh, this skirt was cute. Maybe I'll wear that. Should I even wear a skirt? Maybe pants would be better.

"Oh, well…maybe I should go then," Dante coughed a little and a car horn honked close to where Dante must've been standing. I guessed he was at a pay phone.

"No, no! That's alright. I don't mind talking to you…what do you need?"

"Can I come a little early tonight?"

Dante's voice was apprehensive. I stopped and looked down at Devo, as if he would have an answer as to why Dante was nervous. Text popped up on his screen, "Well, answer him. Don't just stand there gaping at me like an idiot."

I huffed and said out loud, "Yeah, sure Dante. Come over anytime. I'll be ready."

I heard Dante sigh a puff of relief, "Okay. See you soon. Bye,"

"Bye," I said and Devo shut the speaker phone off. I was standing in front of my mirror contemplating over the pair of black leather pants I had when I felt Devo nudge my leg.

"Bye…" a recording of my good-bye played. I noticed that Devo had distorted it so it sounded like a sing-songy version of my voice. Like Devo was teasing me. Text shot up, "Why don't you just tell him that you like him?"

I stood, shocked at my little computer. "Since when do you have the interface to understand human relationships?"

"I have a relationship with you, don't I? It's clear you want to have a closer relationship with Dante. I might be a 2500 Athlon chip, but I'm not stupid."

I shook my head and sighed as Devo hoisted himself back up onto my bed and nestled himself in the covers and mounds of clothes.

"By the way," I stopped looking in my mirror and looked towards the little computer. "Wear the leather. It looks nice on you."