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Too Much Heaven
Author: Chrischi
Rating: PG13
Summary: In 2033, all traces of humanity has nearly completly vanished. Full humans are almost extinct. Batou was finally about to give up all hope for humanity when a ghost from the past returns, in need of him.
Note: Based on the movies, not the series.
Disclaimer: I own no part of Ghost in the Shell, characters, or trademarks.
Chapter 2: Anti-Reincarnation
"Let me ask you this... Are you happy?"
"A nostalgic value, I suppose. At least I am free from qualms... Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes."
"Like an elephant in the forest."
"Always remember, Batou. Whenever you enter the Net, I'll be by your side.... I'm going..."
That had been the last words he'd been able to exchange with her. The last time he'd actually had contact with the woman who was formerly known as Motoko Kusanagi.
She'd lied. Many a time Batou had entered the Net and not once had he sensed the presence of her. Not once had he heard her voice or even had the slightest hint that she was nearby. It had all been a lie.
Now his cybernetic eyes looked down upon a unfamiliar piece of machinery that could hardly control it's own movements and Batou finally felt that presence.
Batou's vocal ability finally regained it's function and the smallest hint of words came from his mouth, "Is it...?"
"Yes." The jittery, unstable cyborg's mouth opened but the words that came out didnt fit it's movement. It looked like something from a old movie with bad subtitles, "You've let the place go since the last time I was here."
"I've been busy." Batou stepped closer to the cyborg, "What are you doing here, Motoko?"
The room fell into near silence except for the anxious movements of the basset hound and Kusanagi's uncontrolled jerks. Finally, the cyobrg's jaws parted once more as the Major communicated again. "This is all I could do to contact you. I can hardly stay in control of this body."
Batou was silent as he watched the cybernetic form jitter and shake in his recliner.
"Batou, you asked me a year ago. If I was happy... but I was wondering." Her head convulsed a bit as her eyes shifted onto his large structure, "Are you?"
He thought a moment and pondered the question, "It's just like you said. A nostalgic value."
"But I was wrong, Batou." Her voice carried a brief amount of uncertainty. Something Batou had never heard in Major Kusanagi's tone even before her merger. It was a bit shocking to hear it for the first time now, "I am not happy."
"But, you said..."
"Yes, I was free of the troubles of my former life but I was foolish to throw everything away." She fell silent for a moment, "The new life with Project 2501... wasnt what I thought it would be."
Batou stared at her for a moment before he moved to stand in front of her, "What are you doing here though?"
"When I merged with the Puppet Master, the two of us became one whole being. Not long ago, I realized that my new life wasnt what I really desired so I was able to push myself away from him. I split my conciousness from him and we have returned to two separate beings. This shell you see now was the first thing I was able to...." She fumbled with words for a second, "push my ghost into. It's only a temporary body and I cant stay here long or I'll risk the Puppet Master detecting me."
Batou stepped back and leaned against the wall as he listened to the Major's confusing tale. It all seemed unreal and hard to beleive however, the feeling he got when he was near the cybernetic shell sitting in his recliner was enough to assure him that it truely was Motoko within it.
He cleared his throat, "So... he's looking for you?"
"The Puppet Master wanted one thing from me. Off spring." She shook her head, "But that wasnt what he got. No. All he recieved was a combination of himself and me, not a child. However, that was enough for him. Now that I have left, he is just the same as he was a few years ago. A incomplete lifeform."
"And now he wants you back so that he can be complete again?" A brief nod was given, "But, what do you want me to do?"
The room once again fell into near silence until the Major broke it again, "You were the first person I thought of to come to. I have no one else, Batou."
The large cyborg looked to the carpet as various thoughts circled around in his mind. He crossed his large arms over his broad chest and nodded, "I'll do whatever I can, Major."
The cyborg now looked straight at him, "Thanks, Batou."
"Dont thank me yet. I havent done anything." Memorys of what happened several years ago flashed through his mind and he shook them off.
"I must go." Motoko said, "I'll return in a different form next time."
"I'll know it's you."
The cyborg stared at him for a moment longer then it suddenly fell limp in the arms of the recliner. Batou scratched his head for a moment then looked down at his basset hound.
The dog looked up at him with a look of odd confusion in it's face. Batou shook his head and went about removing the body from his chair.
"Seven men out of eleven were killed! This is kind of brutal behavior is completely uncalled for and is perfectly avoidable!"
"And you would rather have me risk the well-being of my agents?"
Shouts echoed off the hard walls of Chief Aramaki's scarcely-furnished office. The source of the majority of the shouts stood before Aramaki's desk, his large mass towering over the frail frame of Aramaki himself.
One of the other inhabitants of the office sat in front of the desk in one of the many chairs. His long black hair was slicked back and a dark goatee stood out on his chin. His medium-frame was clothed in a tailored blue suit with a red tie and black dress shoes. On his knuckles were various rings, all of personal importance.
The man spoke quietly but audibly in the room, "Sit down, Uko. Your shouting is giving my a headache."
The large man glared at him then took his seat next to him.
"Aramaki, death is a unwanted yet necissary risk that all agents must take, especially in Section 9."
The Chief of Section 9 frowned at the other men in the room and spoke, "That doesnt mean it shouldnt be avoided at all costs. Section 4 has never lost an agent before, has it, Uematsu?"
The well-dressed man shook his head slowly, "We all remember your loss, Aramaki but it is something that is expected of every agent, in every section."
"We should try to protect all of the members of Public Security." The fourth occupant of the room said, "but we should also try to cause the least amount of death as possible."
He was an elderly man with very short gray hair and a wrinkled face. He was short and feeble with wise, gray eyes. His casual attire didnt suite his status as Chief of Section 7.
"Sukeof is right." The large Uko said with the same glare on his face, "Casualty should be avoided at all-"
"I heard what he said." Aramaki cut him off. He pushed away from his desk, his wheelchair making a squeaking noise as it did so. He cleared his throat, "I will be sure to remind my agents of that."
Uematsu nodded and stood from his seat, "Right. I suppose I'll see you again at the Foreign Ministry Inauguration." With that, the Chief of Section 4 left the office with Uko, Chief of Section 2 behind him.
Sukeof let out a sigh as he forced himself to his feet on his frail bones. A cane went to his hands as he stepped a few inches away from his chair, "Everyone is on edge right now, Aramaki. With the new Foreign Minister being sworn in in a few days, everything must be run smoothly."
Aramaki was silent as he looked away from Sukeof to look out his single window.
The older man chuckled, "You're just as stoic as ever, Aramaki. Take it easy, I'm still betting with myself that you'll outlive me."
The light chuckle of the Section 7 Chief grew silent as Sukeof let himself out of Aramaki's office. The Chief of Section 9 sighed as he gazed out the window at the hazy sky above Newport City.
The vastness of the Internet was the only thing that was able to keep Ishikawa guessing.
He could figure out anything about anything but the seemingly endless Net was one thing he could never conquer. It was the one thing he would never conquer.
Still, that didnt stop the veteran agent from trying. Anytime he was requested or even if he wasnt requested, Ishikawa found himself roaming about the Net in search of all the information that could possibly be found. No matter how difficult to find, Ishikawa could not be detered from his searches.
Now was one of those times. It had been hours since Ishikawa entered the Net although it only seemed like mere moments to him. Finally, the agent disconnected from the Network and once again regained realism.
The familiar glow of the various computer screens greeted him as he returned to his office. Ishikawa reached behind him and unplugged the network cables from the back of his neck then let out a sigh as he logged onto his main database.
A noise from behind caught Ishikawa's attention and his hand automatically went to the pistol that sat ina holster connected to his chair. Ishikawa gritted his teeth as he whirled around in the chair to see two mesmerizing blue eyes staring at him.
A sigh of relief escaped through Ishikawa's lips and he turned back around to view his computer screen, "It's nice to see that you're comfortable enough just to let yourself in, Azuma."
Azuma's charismatic chuckle filled the room as she leaned on the back of Ishikawa's chair, "Arent I welcome?"
"It all depends on why you're here."
She laughed once more, "So, what'd ya find?"
"Too much to share." He said as he finished his logging in, "I uploaded it all onto the Section 9 Network if you wanna give it a read later on."
"Is there anything interesting there?" She asked with the slightest hints of boredom.
A slight smirk appeared underneath Ishikawa's beard, "If you're interested in our enemy then yes."
Azuma pushed away from his chair and stretched leisurly in the dim room of Ishikawa's, "Which one?"
"The latest, who else?" He clicked a few buttons on the keypad in front of him and various windows appeared on the screen in front of them. In one of the windows, 'PACOM' was written in large, bold lettering. Ishikawa put his hands behind his head and leaned back, "How's that for interesting?"
The blonde leaned over Ishikawa's shoulder and skimmed over the various information displayed on the screen. She smiled a bit and shook her head, her locks falling into her tan face. She stood straight, "You never cease to amaze, do ya, Ishikawa?"
"If I dont do it then who will?" Was the only response he gave, "All this stuff is pretty confusing if you ask me." He gestured to the info on display.
"How so?"
He leaned foreward and looked over all the information once more, "According to this, PACOM shows absolutely no trace of a leader. However, all of their operations seem very well thought out and planned. I dont see how a group as organized as PACOM could run without someone in command."
"Perhaps," Azuma started as she took a seat on Ishikawa's right arm rest, "This info is incomplete."
A long paused followed as Ishikawa's looked up at the young blonde next to him, "What's that supposed to mean?'
She chuckled a bit, "Maybe for once your little Internet doesnt hold all the pieces of the puzzle. You know, PACOM isnt exactly a age-old organization, it's new and mysterious. Maybe it's up to someone in the real world to discover the secrets now."
With that, Azuma stood and started for the exit of Ishikawa's lab. She chuckled a bit as she waved off-handedly then excused herself from the room all together.
Ishikawa watched the girl go then turned back to the information on the screen. The slightest hints of a smile crossed he once again plugged himself in and entered the Net again.
It was just a hunk of scrap metal. Just a bunch of bolts and screws and wires all configured into one single shell that bared the slightest resemblance to a living woman.
It was just another doll.
However, it was the last form of communication Batou had with Motoko Kusanagi. It was the only connection that allowed her to give him her brief plea for assistance.
Now it just sat lifeless in the corner of the living room, just like the Major's original shell had done years ago. Deja Vu was becoming a common occurance for Batou.
Batou wasnt suprised when he found himself sitting in his recliner, staring at the shell as the hollow tunes of his music toy echoed within the room. Somehow, the reality of his situation had not yet hit him and he was drastically making an attempt to figure it all out.
Motoko Kusanagi had been the one thing on Batou's mind for the last five years and now she had returned to him in the way Batou least expected. She came back in need of his help, something Major Kusanagi had never even needed while she was still a part of Batou's life.
The light padding of paws against the carpet caught Batou's attention and he turned his head just in time to see Gabriel jump onto his lap and lay it's head against his large chest.
Batou's prostetic hand scratched the soft fur of his hound ash he watched it's drowsy eyes flash in the dim light. After a few seconds of fighting the feeling, the dog succumbed to slumber and slept peacefully on it's master.
After a few more seconds of petting the animal, Batou once again focused his attention on the mass of cybernetics sitting in his corner. The voice of Motoko Kusanagi echoed in his mind as the music box continued it's steady rythm.
To Be Continued...
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