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What's Next?
Author: Ilze
Rating: PG13
Category: Drama
Summary: When the huge Megatech conglomerate closes due to a bad public reputation, the value to cybernetic Megatech-made bodies raises in the black market and people begin hunting for these cyborgs. If that isnt enough for Section 9 to handle, the number of recent ghost hackings is beginning to rise.
Disclaimer: I own no part of Ghost in the Shell, characters, or trademarks.
Chapter 6: Truthful Liar
Chigako contacted Chief Aramaki within seconds of Ishikawa's order. The elderly chief quickly made his way for his car and called for a Doctor Hazama and his staff to meet him in the Section 9 parking lot. Aramaki made it down into the car lot and was greeted by the men.
The group took a armored van with one of the operators driving and started down the busy street to the point that Chigako had provided. Along the way, Aramaki contacted his other two agents.
"Togusa, Bateau. We've recieved word from Chigako that a hacking is in progress. The coordinates will be sent to you, get down here ow. It's Ishikawa!"
The operator at the wheel proved to be a excellent driving, weaving in and out of the on-going traffic on his way to the point on the digital map. Rain began to fall when Aramaki finally caught sight of where Chigako and Ishikawa were waiting. Ishikawa's car had gone through a sideguard and now lay rest in the grassy area next to the freeway. Ishikawa lay propped up against the car outside, Chigako seemed to be preparing all the needed wirering for when the operators arrived.
The armored van parked along the side of the freeway and the occupants exited and rushed for the scene. Doctor Hazama led the group of operators, they surrounded Ishikawa. Hazama shouted various orders to his crew and the men set to work on aiding Ishikawa. The Doctor looked at the still concious Ishikawa, "How far has he gotten through your barrier?"
Ishikawa thought a moment, "Not far. He still has awhile before he breaches."
Hazama nodded and plugged a wire into the barrier. The wire separated into many diffrent links, each operator plugged themselves into the barrier. Hazama glanced behind him as Aramaki walked up, "Chief, we'll first trace the virus back to it's origin then we'll proceed with helping Ishikawa, alright?"
"Go ahead." Aramaki watched as Ishikawa closed his eyes. The operators must have put him into rest mode for them to stop the hacking. The chief looked for at Chigako who was watching from the other side of the group, "Chigako, as soon as we get word as to where the hacking is coming from, I want you to get there and stop the culprit. Understood?"
Chigako nodded, "Yes, chief. What about Bateau and Togusa?"
"I'll contact them as soon as they trace the virus. After the tracing is done, it's up to you three to stop the hacker."
The blonde agent nodded and watched as the operators scurried about Ishikawa. After what seemed like hours, Hazama spoke to them over their net, "We've traced the virus. I'll send you two and Bateau and Togusa the coordinates. Now we'll stop the hacking."
Aramaki turned to Chigako and nodded. The agent gave a thumbs up and quickly made his way for Ishikawa's car. Jumping into the driver's seat, Chigako started off for the blinking dot on his digital map.
Bateau had still been at the docks when he recieved word from the Chief that a hacking was taking place. Quickly, the large cyborg had made his way for his car and started for the place that Aramaki had told him to go. However, when he was half way there Aramaki contacted him again.
"Bateau, Togusa." The Chief spoke to the two agents, "We've traced the virus. The coordinates have been sent to you. Hurry up and catch the hacker."
He checked the map and made a quick right turn in order not to miss his road. The hacking wasnt taking place far from where he was now. The hacker was as good as his.
His car sped down the street, Bateau's eyes darting back and forth from the road and the map in front. The location wasnt far now, he could see where it supposably was taking place. Bateau stopped his car and pulled up alongside the sidewalk. He grabbed his pistol and stepped out into the cold street.
Bateau glanced around him, looking for anyone near by. No one was on the streets. Bateau contacted Chief Aramaki, "Chief, there's no sign of the hacker."
Aramaki came on, "He's still hacking. He must be close." He paused a moment, "Watch for any sparks or anything, Bateau. Doctor Hazama is about to stop the hacking. It should also give the hacker a good shock. Ready? He's about to do it now."
Bateau glanced around the area, waiting to see the sparks that Aramaki said would show up. He didnt see any sparks but he did hear a loud crash and a grunt. Turning, Bateau caught sight of a brief flash coming from around the corner. Cursing himself for not checking there to begin with, Bateau rushed around the corner and saw a man ripping some wires from the back of his neck and turning to run. Bateau, however, was too quick and caught the man by the collar just as he started his getaway. He hauled the hacker to the ground and held him there with his knee in his back.
"Got ya!" Bateau shouted as he prepared to cuff the culprit.
The man struggled only briefly then lay limp on the ground. He spoke in a soft, monotonic voice, "You're not gonna get anything outta arresting me."
Bateau cuffed the hacker's hands together and hauled him to his feet. He ignored the man's speech until they got to his car, "Why's that?"
The man smiled lightly. He was a well-built guy with dark skin and black sunglasses over a long nose, "You'll see..."
Bateau frowned and watched as a car pulled up alongside his. Togusa stepped out onto the sidewalk and joined his partner, "This the hacker?"
"Looks like it." He watched the man, "We'll find out when we get him back at HQ, I suppose."
Togusa nodded, "Alright. I'll meet you back there."
Bateau pushed the hacker into his back seat and took his place in the driver's seat, "Right." He said to Togusa as he started his car and started back to headquarters.
Chigako watched the interoggation through the one-way window. Togusa and Bateau were speaking with the dark-skinned hacker, he listened to the conversation they had along with Chief Aramaki.
Aramaki frowned and put his hands in his suit pockets, "I dont see how this guy was able to hack two of our officers."
"Why do you say that?" Chigako asked.
The chief shook his head and turned away from the questioning, "I guess it's just a feeling."
Chigako nodded, "How's Ishikawa?"
"He'll be fine. Hazama and his staff were able to stop the virus before it breached his barrier. They're just running some extra tests on him to make sure he didnt recieve any after affects."
Nodding, Chigako turned back to the interoggation. Bateau stood inches from the window without hindering his view and Togusa, as he usually was, sat on the left of the suspect. The hacker's head hung low, his eyes were fixated on the metal table before him. Togusa spoke firmly.
"I'll ask you again." Togusa said while trying to hide his obvious frustration, "Did you ha-"
He was cut short as the suspect interuppted, "and I'll tell you again, No."
Bateau scratched his head as he also took a seat, "We know you did. I caught you in the act." The hacker stayed silent, "Okay. If you didnt do it then who did?"
The man looked up from the table. He glanced from Togusa to Bateau then stared foreward at the window in front of him. It appeared to Chigako that he was looking directly at him but there was no possible way. No one could see through that glass from his side. Shaking his head, the hacker prepared to speak but something stopped him. The dark-skinned suspect leaned back in his seat. He didnt move, speak, or do anything else. His eyes seemed to glaze over and just stared into space before him.
Togusa moved and shook the man, "Hey. You okay?"
The suspect did nothing. After a bit of shaking from Togusa, he slumped back in his seat, appearing dead. Aramaki was alarmed and glanced at Chigako. In response, the blonde agent rushed into the room just as Bateau moved to check the man's pulse. He looked up at his comrades, "He isnt dead."
Togusa looked at the still body before him, "What happened?"
Bateau shook his head, "No clue." He crossed his arms, "Chief, we might want to get Doc Hazama to check this guy out for us. This might be a problem."
Later that day, Chief Aramaki and the rest of the staff of Section 9 sat in his office and listened as Doctor Hazama explained what had happened to their ghost hacker.
"Bateau was right, the guy aint dead." He scratched the top of his thin head, "but he sure isnt any better. From what we observed, a outside source sent a shockwave through the guy's cyber brain. It completly fried the hacker and rendered him in sort of a brain dead state. He's just a vegetable."
Aramaki frowned, "What do you think, Doctor?"
"Well, in my opinion. This guy isnt your hacker. Just a puppet that he used so he wouldnt get caught."
"Have you checked his memorys or anything?"
"There aint much left, Chief." The doctor put his hands in his pockets and frowned, "All we found were a few messed up images. There's no way to figure out what they are. We also found a short message but we cant figure out what it says."
The Chief nodded and scratched his head, "Very well. Send me the message and images later. Let Ishikawa have a copy as well. That'll be all, Doctor."
Hazama nodded and waved to the rest of Section 9 then took his leave. Ishikawa frowned under his thick beard and spoke gruffly, "So, our hacker wasnt the hacker after all."
"Just a puppet...." Bateau mumbled as he put his head in his hands.
"This case just got a little more complicated." Aramaki said in a tired voice, "Ishikawa, could you try to decipher that message for me. Take a look at those images as well. Those operators couldnt figure out what they were but they arent quite as good with stuff like that as you are."
Ishikawa stood and nodded, "Cut back on the compliments, eh, Chief?" He chuckled and went to leave, "By the way, maybe you should take a break. You look horrible, Chief."
Aramaki attempted to put on a smile over his haggard face, "Worry about the case, Ishikawa. Not me."
He waved off the comment and took his own leave. Togusa crossed his arms, "I'd like to check out those pictures too, if ya dont mind."
"Go right ahead. Good luck." Togusa stood and left as well.
Bateau looked up at Aramaki, "Maybe you should take a rest, Chief. Ishikawa's right, you look like a mess."
Aramaki rubbed his baggy eyes. His face was whiter than a ghost, "I'll rest after I hear that message. You two might as well take a break, too. There's nothing we can do until we find a lead on the real hacker."
Chigako stood, "Call whenever you find something."
Bateau followed suite, "Yeah and take my advice, Chief. Relax."
The two agents left and Aramaki leaned back in his seat. He rubbed his aching chest as he looked at the computer screen. The file popped up, within it was all that was left in the puppet's mind. Aramaki rubbed his tired face and let out a deep sigh as he prepared to investigate the file.
To Be Continued...