Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ 3D's Leader secret plan! ( Chapter 7 )

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CH6 3D's Leader plan!
The next day before coming to school I've morally prepared myself. I was expecting for everything in the world. I was ready to be sent in inferno and be returned back. I was ready to endure the torture, the bulling, but I put myself a condition that I will not back off. I am ready to answer for my actions. Luckily I was able to come down dad's spirit. So his next visit won't be soon.(hope it never will.)
“Well! I thought to myself, I have an insurance policy, so I can go confidently to school.”
But nothing like this happened. I came in class. I couldn't find Shin among the other students. So, may be the great concerto will happen later or they just give me time to prepare. Or perhaps they think that I've chickened out and will not come at all? Sorry to disappoint them.
The doorknob slowly turned, and everyone looked at it. When he entered the class, the left side of his face was red.(The side I punched him)
“What happened, Shin?” Kuma asked worried.
Everyone froze. Shin gave me a short glance. I felt ashamed and scared. Ashamed, because that what I did was really terrible. Scared, because it seems like they don't know what happened, but he can tell the now. Ouch, I'm such a coward.
“Nothing special I just hit myself accidently.” Shin answered.
“Hey Shin, for a smart-head like you, you could think of a better explanation.”Uchi noticed.
“Shin, tell us the truth, Kuma continued in his agitated voice, it's seen clearly on your face that you've been hit. Have you had a fight? It was with those bastard from your ex-school?”
“If it's like this, than we should give them a lesson. As soon as Noda is going to be discharged from the hospital, we should do it.” Minami added.
“There is not time to wait for Noda's discharge. We are going to clarify the things right now!”Uchi concluded and headed toward the door.
“Uchi what's on your mind?”Kuma asked and followed him.
Minami without any other words did the same.
I was lost. I couldn't move and I couldn't find any words to say. These jerks are going to fight and be beaten because of my fault. I looked at Shin. He just sat down quietly behind his desk, with a deadpan expression on his face.
“Why is he so calm and indifferent? His friend are going to get in a meaningless fight.” I thought to myself. ”Well that's commendable that he did not say anything, and I'm even grateful to him,but…”
“Hey, I started, your friends are going to get into an useless fight, why don't you stop them?”
“Huh? He turned his head toward me, measuring me with his cold eyes. Isn't it the instigator who must take responsibility for his actions?”
I didn't wait for any other arguments, I've flew like a bullet from the class. I didn't know what my next actions should be. The guy was more evil than I thought. Either he doesn't care for his friends either he is just plotting something. All in all this is not the right time to think about it. Now, when I was thinking which side to take, left or right, anything which doesn't concern the saving of these idiot's butts, wasn't important. First of all I should have found the school, where Shin was studying.
“Noda!” It flashed in my head. Since he is such great pal with Sawada and the gang, he surely should know. I dialed his number. I kept running while Noda was explaining to me about the location of school. Noda was interested why I asked about Sawada's ex-school all of the sudden, so our conversation continued for a little bit more, and I was forced to interrupt the ``sweet talk” with totally not sweet words.
When I finally arrived to the place, I stopped near the gate, to take some breath and look around. I noticed three guys coming, behaving like some yakuza from a cheap dorama . It wasn't difficult to guess, who those brave boys were. An interesting thing I've noticed was that they were coming from the opposite side. Probably there was a gate behind the school building and it looked like they were familiar with it. The lesson has already started, and I was asking myself, if they weren't going to interrupt the classes and start the showdown there? But their actions were far from my presumptions. They passed by the left side of school building and then disappeared from my sight. I decided to follow them. I haven't decided yet what to do, so I made sure to hide behind some building which judging from the roof, was some kind of pavilion, which was used for keeping gardening tools. I saw Uchi, Kuma and Minami standing in front of some guys, who were smoking near the school fence.
“Oh, look who have come, the Fighters of Justice from Shirokin? How's Sawada doing?” one of the guy asked.
“You bastard…”Uchi hissed.
“Is he still faithful to his ideals?” Ouch, what a nuisance, life hasn't taught him anything. Let yourself expelled from the school just for the sake of some pitiful worm, it's a plain stupidity. I'd never thought that our smart-head Sawada would be so dumb.” The guy continued.
“Hey don't play the fool, I knew what you did.” Uchi said.
I was listening to this dialogue. Getting to know about Sawada's past was a very enjoyable topic, but I still had no idea how to prevent the possible fight. Uchi was looking menacing. Minami and Kuma were ready to attack at any moment. If only if a meteorite fell to earth or at least something happened that would stop this all, but nothing like this occurred. At this time either Sawada, either this guys from his ex-school were the same. They both were the biggest pain in my ass, Sawada, because he exposed his friend to such a danger, this bunch of idiots, because instead of trying to clarify the situation they were seeking an opportunity to get in a fight. Well, with all this I can say that my conscience is clear but… not really. I still feel like a coward for being the one who provoked all this. I don't have a slightest idea of what I should do. Should I get into the conflict and confess about everything and get beaten by my own mates on the enemy territory. Though I realize what a stupid idea it was, I couldn't come with any others. Leastways the most effective and less requiring brain work is telling the truth. I also have a chance to avoid being beaten by telling them about my true gender. It will surely give rise to other problems, but at least my body will be safe. The situation started to heap up and it was clear that the fight is inevitable.
I had to intrude with some actions. I began to walk involuntary toward them. I didn't know how I should I make the thing up. I decided to act by the situation. Even if they want to beat me till death, wasn't I prepared earlier for this? No sense to back off.
Even though I told myself to be brave, I closed my eyes, and was acting like I am going to be shot the very next moment. Overall everything my heart was pounding really fast. I was approaching to the place where (a little of digression) East side and West side were going to reap themselves to the bones.
“What' s going on here!” A sudden voice made me stop for a while.
“ The classes have already started why are you still here? He addressed to his students.” And you, he looked an Uchi, Kuma and Minami, aren't you from Shirokin Gakuin? Searching for problems since morning? I will contact your school administration. They should better watch out for their students.”
“Hey!” Uchi wanted to say something but was drawn back by Kuma and Minami, who advice him not to argue.
They stayed there for about 2 minutes, after which they have finally decided what to do and went away, leaving the problem to be solved another time. Hallelujah! Looks like God heard my praises. It was a miracle. I waited until everyone would diverge. Uchi, Minami and Kuma passed by, without even noticing. Uchi was still angry.
“Stupid bastards, cowards…have you seen this? They were about to let the cigarettes from their mouth when this jerky teacher come? And you? Why did you stop me?”
“Uchi, if you want to get in troubles, at least don't create them for Yankumi. Kuma said. She might have a huge patient, but even with this she is going to get fed up with this.”
“I' am sure Yankumi would understand. These bastards attacked Shin.” Uchi wasn't giving up.
“Yes, and about this, Minami entered the conversation, I quite doubt this one, the three tough guys attacked Shin (who was alone) and got only a swollen cheek?”
Uchi stopped.
“Are you trying to say that Shin lied to us? He asked angrily.
“It's not like this. I just think we should have listened to him till the end and not just break away from the place.” Minami said.
Though I didn't want to recognize it, my opinion about Uchi started to change. Before I thought about him as a show off who likes to fight and get in the snout. But it seems he is really concerned about his friend. I wish I'd have such a loyal friend. Now the burden I carry on my chest hardened. I think I should tell the truth after all. I my ex school I have always want my friends to be more courageous and speak up their mind. Though I love them much they were always hesitant about their actions so I've never felt the support. And here in Japan I ran into a bunch of guys who absolutely don't think with their brains and get in troubles left and right, but they are loyal friends. I saw Minami slowing down his steps while Uchi was walking angrily and Kuma who was trying to catch him. I run quickly toward Minami. He turned his head in my direction. I stopped breathing hard.
“Oh, Yuki you also here, wanted to support us?”
“No..., I said gaspingly, I… all this was a misunderstanding. I was hoping you won't get into a fight, because all this… In one word Sawada wasn't attacked.”
“About this one I guess…”
“It was, I know it was cowardly not to say the truth right away. This punch, the reason why Shin's cheek is red, I gave him.”
“You?” Minami asked.
“We had a misunderstanding and I get angry….and….” I continued to tell him.
“The conflict you had doesn't matter…but I can't understand why Shin let it go so far. What is he trying to show with these actions? What kind of plan is he following? Knowing how hot-headed is Uchi, he let him go and get in a trouble so easily. That's so much not like him.”
“ He is a fucking manipulator.” I didn't resist.
“Don't tell such things about him!” Minami cut harshly.
“Oh, sorry I forgot you treat him as a God.” I said and walked ahead of Minami. “Anyway I will apologize to everyone. Even though it's late I don't want to look like I don't want to carry the responsibilities.”
When we arrived the whole class was in a fuss. Uchi and Kuma arrived the first, so apparently thave contributed to the current situation. A soon as I entered, everyone stopped talking and rushing. I used this pause to tell what was set on my mind before.
“I wanted to apologize for this situation. Everything what happened was just a misunderstanding…
“What is he talking about?” I heard someone asking.
“It was just a misunderstanding between me and Sawada. Sorry for getting everyone in trouble. I should have be more quick and tell the truth immediately.”
“You, bastard!” Uchi shouted.
“Bravo!” I heard someone's exciting exclamation.
It was Yankumi who has just entered the class.
“Bravo Yuki-kun! I've heard everything” She applauded and come in front of me.
“Yuki-kun I really admire you!” She grabbed my hands and started howling emotionally. ”Even being so small and weak you still kick across the pricks (is it a reason to be proud off?), you're so courageous. Welcome, welcome!” She finished her monologue by shaking my hand.
“Yankumi…Yankumi…YANKUMI!” Someone was trying to get to her conciseness.
“What?” she replied, screamed back.
“What made you bring your butt here? It's not like we are having math. Are we?” The same voice asked.
“Ah yes, well I come to tell you about the unscheduled P.E. classes.” Yankumi said.
“What? We protest!” the class answered.
“I knew what your reaction would be. So I hasten to say that those who will be busy with their training, will be exempt from the lesson for all the period of preparing.”
“YES!” The cries similar to those of ox were heard among the class.
“But… someone decided to ask, how much time we are given for this?”
“A week…”
“Yes, Yankumi answered and the victory is prerequisite. So, to the stadium fast! The P.E. teacher is waiting for you in the school yard.”
In all this turmoil, I couldn't see this person's reaction. Was he even in the class at that moment? Probably not. I turned around, everyone were gone so I decided to follow their example.
“So you're not that hopeless as I thought.”
I turned my head and saw him in the doorway.
“But why from all the people you apologized to the whole class and not to the person you punched?” He said and smiled.
I've never seen him smiling before. In other circumstances I might noticed it but not know.
“You, I looked straight at him, do you think you deserve my apologize after what you've done. You exposed you friend to such risk. You used their devotion toward yourself. In the end you've just manipulated with them and these stupid pricks still think that you are their friend. You know what, if I had a chance to go back in time, I won't change everything. I would beat you till your face got swollen and you would writhed in pain. What you've done it's not what a real friend would do.”
Ahh, I smirked, it wasn't what I was supposed to say. Hell with it! I headed to the door, with the wish to get out of the place.
“Look at him still doesn't recognize!” His words made me angry, so I wasn't trying to hold on myself anymore.
“Sawada! I yelled. Want to continue the war?” I put him the question without listening to his answer and walked away
“Said to be so smart, but still seeks to get in troubles.“ I thought to myself with much of feigned annoyance.
On my way home when analyzing it better I got angry to the words I've said. I thanked God once again for my given talent; to get into new problems, when hardly having gotten out of the previous one. Ahw, I am going crazy!