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Ch.5 “Leader 3D get a punch!”
Morning started as usually. Mom was preparing the breakfast, while dad and I ate promptly. Really, nothing unusual was going, nothing…despite of…why does the stupid old man is looking at me like this? I continued to chew over.
“Hey kid! Your behavior has changed recently? Is something going on and I don't know?”
“Yes, I answered with all the seriousness in my voice, and it continues for almost 18 years.”
“What? Stupid kid are you trying to outsmart me?”
I sighed and rose from the table.
“By the way, he continued what kind of school is this? You are coming an hour or two later then you are supposed to.”
“So what? I asked.”
“What does it mean? You are a girl after all and this is a male school.”
“Oh you've noticed? I asked ironically. And, thanks to whom I got there? Huh, stupid Jiji?
I grabbed my bag and was about to leave the house when I suddenly heard his words.
“If you won't come on time today, I will go to school and tell them the truth.”
“Oh really? And what will you tell them? I am an irresponsible father who can't read kanji and randomly dropped my daughter in boys' school?
With this words I went away leaving my father annoyed. I didn't go to school immediately since I promised Noda to bring him the exclusive American magazines(anyway nobody reads them in our family). So I headed to the hospital. Though I know Noda for just a week, we get along really well. We always have topics to discuss. Why can't I be friend with everyone else, I wonder. Anyway Noda is going to be discharged from hospital soon. It will be such a relief when he comes back to school.
I've almost get to the chamber's door when I heard a familiar voice behind it.
“Don't give me that shit! It was Uchi's alarmed tone. How did you and this bastard get such good friends? What the f***?”
“C'mon Uchi I think we should change our attitude toward new students.” Minami interfered.
“May be we should welcome them with open arms?” Uchi suggested sarcastically.
“In the past we would bully the kid until he didn't run away. That wasn't right, don't you think? We didn't get to know the person. Yuki, after all isn't a coward, won't you agree?”
“Yuki is really kakoi. Especially after the case with vice-president's car, Kuma told me.” I smiled to myself, hearing Noda's cheering words.
“Hey Noda, it was again Uchi's voice, you have always been the most naïve and easily influenced. Seems like ,you got blind by his Americanized appearance.
“Oh that not true!”
“Uchi stop being so hostile!”
Oh Kuma is also there. Perhaps they came to visit Noda together. However someone is missing.
“Anyway, the missing someone decided to throw in his two cents, who cares about this guy? If something goes wrong we will quickly “decide his fate”.
What does he mean who cares and what's with deciding of the fate? What the hell with this arrogance? Disgusting! I heard the doorknob being turned. Mr Arrogance scanned me with his cold look and walked by. He was followed by blondie, who certainly was more eloquent in his statements than his fellow.
“Hey bastard, have you been overhearing to our talk?”
“I am not interested in retarted discussion.”
“That's good, `cause it doesn't concern you.” Saying this he passed by.
“Yeah sure…” I thought to myself and smiled to Minami and Kuma who were the last to walk out of the chamber.
I returned back to school close to afternoon. It was break-time, because I couldn't find anyone in the class. Next lesson was biology. If vice president looked like Elvis Presley's mad granny, than biology teacher was a crazy mix between Charlie Chaplin and a mushroom. Jeez, I will never ever call my old man egg-headed. The appearance of this teacher was horrible, but his attitude was even worse. I didn't get to know what topic we were studying, but I've already found out at least 5 reasons why such `'trash'' as me and my mates are the parasites of society. I continues to examine him for less than 5 minutes, then I returned to my sketches.(Since I reminded the situation with my ex-teacher I decided to draw again). During the whole lesson I could feel someone's gaze. It was no one than our beloved 3D Leader, Shin. Other time I would turn my eyes to face the “curious observer”, but now it was like that I wouldn't be able to bear his glance. I felt like he was pressing me. This really bothered me. Finally I decided to turn my head in his direction.
“Why won't you make a photo for a long-lasting memory?” I asked ironically.
“What's your problem?” He asked quietly, holding his elbow on the table and chin resting on his hand.
“The problem is… I stuttered, the way you stare. It is annoying. Can I ask you to stop and mind your own business?”
“Hey kid, aren't you to full of yourself? He continued with his calm yet cold voice. I can “stare” wherever I want. That shouldn't concern you.”
“Hey, asshole why do you always pick on Shin? May be you like him? Are you gay, somehow? How gross!”
Like him? I was almost taken aback but immediately came to my senses.
“Homophobes always judge people for their preferences. In fact they just try to hide their own orientation. Could it be that you are a passive gay, and just don't realize it?” Huh Uchi-kun? I smiled.
“Enough! the 3D leader ordered, than he turned his eyes toward me. Hey you are such swift, smug and full of yourself, constantly trying to show off. You may think it is braveness, but in reality it is just stupidity.”
This words, I couldn't find any of them to answer to his remark. I felt humiliated again. Humiliated to the bones, as I never was. I had an urge to smack him into face, but in reality I was just trying to bring my tears back. I wanted to disappear from here, but I should bear it. I absolutely don't want to show them my weakness.
I was waiting patiently the end of the lesson. I was the last one to leave the class. I met Yankumi on the stairways( She asked me to call her like this) and she asked if everything was ok. I was trying to hold on my self. The words that guy told me were like a blow from a whip. I had to return to class when I realized that I forgot the papers with my sketches. I walked to my desk to check if everything is in it's place. As soon as I got convinced I collected them and was about to leave the class, when a phrase written on the blackboard captured my attention. “Kuroda is a pimply virgin.”
“What! Stupid bastards!” I growled.
I climbed on the roof of school building, the place where class 3D used to spend time during breaks. Surprisingly no one was there, except for 3D leader.
“This is even better!” I thought to myself. I will be able to discuss “our” problems tet-a-tet.*
“Hey you! I shouted and walked toward the place he was lying on.
“Again you, what do you want? He asked in his usual voice, making feeble attempts to raise up.
Next moment happened the most awaiting meeting between my fist and his face. I gave him a punch.
“Take this!” I screamed.
“What was it for?” He asked with a growing anger.
“I don't know who wrote the bullshit on the blackboard and I don't really care , but since you are their leader, you will take the responsibility for their actions. My advice for you, is to calm down your brave guys, else, soon there won't remain any living particle on your body.
I departed from the place. I wasn't sure who wrote it, but was sure that it wasn't Shin, it's not his style. But I was so angry because of the things he told me in the class, I just needed a strong reason to hit him. I walked in the hall. The next picture shocked me. I was perplexed.
“This old man! The hell he came!” I hissed. “I asked him never to show up here.”
Yankumi and he were lively discussing something. I couldn't what were they been talking about, but I heard the name of Richard Gere. Judging by the grimaces she was showing, Yankumi is Gere's great fan. And my dad, oh no, he is telling this story about what a great pals they are with Gere (Actually he is telling this story to anyone willing to listen). In fact the last has just shaken his hand.
“Otto-san what are you doing?” I asked with a threatening tone.
“Oh Yuki-kun, Yankumi interfered, your father wanted to check if everything is ok. I was telling him that he is the one of few parents who come to school occasionally and check for their children situation.”
“Yes this is right!” He exclaimed embracing me with his “bear-hand” arm, so it was hard for me to breath. “I really care for the future of my Yuki-kun. By the way what can you say about his progress?”
“Well there are student who are much worse.”
Blank. Confused pause.
“Yes, dad started with a laugh, my dau…dorky son can be sometimes so irresponsible. “
“Dorky? Yankumi misunderstood.
“That's because he has taken after his father's stupidity.” I said quietly.
“Ouch!” I felt a blow behind my head.
“What are you talking stupid kid.” He said an then turned toward Yankumi smiling. As I told you, he might not be the diligent student…but have you seen his sketches? The kid has got the talent.
“Oh really Yuki-kun? ” Yankumi exclaimed in admiration.
Why did he, suddenly changed the topic. Why did he mention about my drawing. He has never given interest to my hobbies.
“I see, Yankumi continued, that's why you got along so well with Noda-kun.”
“Who's Noda-kun?” Dad's tone of voice abruptly changed from cheerful to threatening.
At this time vice-president was walking throw the hall.
“Yamaguchi-sensei what in the world is going on? All 3D has run from the lessons. The class is empty.”
“Who's the freak?” My dad asked me quietly.
“Tss! This Is vice president” I answered.
“Oh! No way!” Dad exclaimed is disbelief.
“They went to visit Noda? Again?” The vice president asked irritated. “Yesterday, today morning, now! Since when they've got so sentimental?”
“Well you see they are really friendly!
“They simply wanted to skip the classes.” He cut. “I'll give them punishment. You'll see there is a way to keeping them in check.”
With these last words he left.
“Wait, Yankumi began, these children, what are they thinking about?” Eh Sawada-kun!”
When Yankumi pronounced his name, I turned my face to the place he was coming from. He gave me a look. It was long and cold.
“Sawada-kun where have everyone gone?” Yankumi asked.
“Have no idea. Seems like classes are over, so I can go.”
He looked at me one more time and walked away.
“This guy! He looked at you like he was going to tear you to pieces like an animal.” My dad said.” Hey ! Hey ! You…”
Like an animal, huh? For a person who got punched for no reason his self-control is notable. Look, now I feel guilty for this. The presence of conscience complicates my life. But I can' lie to myself and not agree that I got too far this time.
Tet-a-tet *- face to face