Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ Knowing a human heart 2! ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We were the last one to arrive at the hospital.
“Hey Yuki-kun where have you learned to drive? Kuma asked.”
“When I was still in America, I used to sneak the keys from my father's car.”
“Oh, that's it…
“It wasn't because I wanted to learn to drive, but I enjoyed seeing my dad getting mad.”
“Exactly like Shin-chan. Sometimes I think that all he does, is, just, to piss off his father.”
When we entered the hospital, guys were gathered around Minami as he was telling them what happened.
“Hey Kuma why so long? The leader of 3D asked.
It's hard to see through people heart. You have to drink the bitter, first. But, this guys know something about friendship. That definitely moved my heart.
“Hey asshole! It was blondie again. I started to recognize his voice, even in my nightmares I will still be able to recognize it. “Are you somehow dug in this floor? Go quickly, Noda is waiting for you.”
I smiled and walked quickly to the chamber.
When we came to school, it was time to take the responsibilities for our actions.
“What is this? An earthquake?
It was vice-president. He was coming toward us with quick steps.
“You thieves, he pointed the finger toward us, you have surpassed your own selves. I knew that you are the sore of the society, but even for you it is too much.”
“C'mon you have accused us earlier too.” Ucchi said.
“Stop, stop explain us please! Vice-president don't accuse them without having proofs. Don't repeat past experience.”
“This kids are monsters! They've stolen my car.”
“What da fuck are you talking?!”
Oh, Yamaguchi-sensei this was “cool”. I noticed that I'm not the only one who is watching Yamaguchi feeling a shocking awe.
“I mean…” she started to explain.
“Sawatari-sensei wait! It was the baldy man carrying some flower pots. ”Don't blame them. It's all my fault. It happened because of a rare species of flowers which I wanted to plant. I heard that they are selling sprouts at the fair flowers, which is organized once in half year. I asked guys to help me, and allow them to take your car. But it seems that it was hopeless and they didn't manage to get it.”
Everyone was having an uncomprehending reaction to this quickly made-up story.
“Principal, with all my respect, don't you think your love for flowers is evaluating is obsession?”
What, baldy man is the principal of Shirokin. No way! Japan is a wonderland.
“ Well, seems that we clarified the situation. Anyway, he turned toward us, don't touch my car in future.”
The principal winked to me. After he and vice-president went away, Yamaguchi hurried to find out what has really happened.
“Guys, does anyone understand what happened a couple of minutes ago?”
“I told you it was a bad idea!” Kuma said id despair.
Everyone turned their looks toward my direction.
“Serves him right! Next time he will know how to compare mi with a sick dog*.” I smiled evilly.
*In chapter 2 of the story, Sawatari compared Yuki to a dog which is having rabies.