Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ Knowing a human heart! ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I left the house early in the morning, surely, not without having an argument with my dearest father. I was geading to school when suddenly someone touched my shoulder and pushed the finget to my cheek. I turned my head a saw Yamaguchi-sensei besides me.
“Kuroda-kun, you're so early today…”
“Actually, everthing went better when I expected.”
“Huh?” I looked at her puzzled.
“Well, it's not like you got beaten, as I can see your face is not swollen. They had actually changed.” She said as she was talking with herself. ”In the past, she continued they woul do everything possible to force their new mates go away in suffer. Kuroda-kun is really looks like them. And he is really courageous. I think you guys get along.”
I've just wanted to say something, but she was already on the opposite side with two women, probably some teachers.
I came to class, and next moment, when I opened the door, I can't explain how, but I felt pain inside my head. It was a basket-ball. It hit my head and It really hurt. Everybody were laughing like some retarted at their funny joke.
“Hey idiots, I shouted angrily, since it's a ball aren't you supposed to use for other things? I hit the ball with my foot, so it reached it's destination in the head of one of this dorks.
They were still laughing, showing each other, how funny it was stupid I looked when this ball felt on my head.
I walked toward the desk I sat yesterday. I stopped.
“This joke is old as my grandmother's shoes. It's dull and rotten. In one word, I turned my head to them, you SUCK!“
With this words I plopped in the chair.
“Hey, you bastard, it's Shin's place I've told you once.” It was Uchi. “Why are you sitting there?”
“Hey, you dumbass, I repeat you as for a mental retard. They haven't brought an extra desk yet, and the guy is taking care of his auntie or whatever. As soon as she gets better, I'll give him his sit. Is it so hard to understand?”
“Thank you, she feels better.” I raised my eyes, a straight look and an arrogant appearance. This was my first impression when I saw him. Though he was handsome, he surely emanated some strong aura of a leader.
“Now, he continued, why don't you get away and find another sit?”
Everybody started to chuckle. Although this guy didn't tell me any rude words, I felt like I was humiliated. Such an unbearable feeling. A feeling you get when you are being looked down. I hated this! I stood up slowly. I smiled to myself evilly! Just you wait, jerks! I turned my gaze to him, and looked straight in his eyes. I kept smiling.
“Guys! I asked them.” Everyone was following this situation holding their breath. ”Your God and king has come. I turned my head toward them and then back to him. Why don't you come and worship, in the sign of reverence?”
Saying this I walked out the class. Though I couldn't see, I could feel their looks on my back.
I didn't want to go back to the class till the end of break. In fact I didn't want to go back at all. Usually I never mind this king of things. But being looked down like this, surely leave some unpleasant sensations.
I walked outside and saw this baldy man tinkering with his flowers. I took a deep breath before going back to class.
“It's is tough, isn't it?” I turned my head. It was baldy. He was wiping his hands from dirt.
“It's is hard to see people kindness, cause it's always dag deep inside them. You have to take much biter until you get to the core. Other things are flowers. They show their beauty and color openly.
“Yamaguchi-sensei… I started, told me the same.”
“Kumiko swallowed their bitter till the last drop. Every day, she fought, (and continues to fight) with their distrust toward people. There were periods when they really were giving her a hard time, but she kept faith in them.”
“Flowers, I smiled, they are also very caprice and sensitive. If you want them to blossom beautifully you have to take care of them sacrificing your time. Moreover, you should do it constantly.”
“Ah really? Yes, you're right. I never notice how time pass when I am with them.”
Really, amazing people, I thought to myself while I was climbing up the stairs. I entered the class. It was noisy there. Everyone was doing what they want. I wanted to know if they have brought me a desk.
“You're back! We thought we got rid of you!” I heard someone telling me this.
Huh! They are so high and mighty.
“Why don't you just leave? C'mon go home already.” He added.
“Hey I repeat you once again. You are not the one to tell me whatever I should go or stay.”
I swung my head. The guy I met today morning was drilling me with his cold and emotionless eyes. I gave him a look and sat down in an empty desk.
“You! Your behavior pisses me off!” It was blondie.
“Hey blondie, I stood up and looked at him. Don't you think you are talking too much?
“What?” He rose abruptly from hi seat and headed to my desk.
“Hey Ucchi!” Some guys were trying to calm him down.
“Hey what is going here? It was Yamaguchi's voice. She has just entered the class. “Where is Noda and Minami?”
“The hell I know! Ucchi barked. Dating some chicks probably. Yankumi , don't bother us for nothing.”
He pointed with his clenched fist to my direction.
“OH I see…Your friend is in the hospital because he had an accident. What kind of friends are you, if you still don't know anything about this.” Yamaguchi said angrily.
I heard the sound of the moving chair behind my back. It was this guy with insightful look. He walked quickly from auditorium.
“Hey Shin! Shin wait!” The guys started to shout. Then one by one they ran out the class. I did the same. After all it was Noda and Minami, the only people who were friendly to me in the first days.
“Wait! Wait!” Kuma was running until he got totally out breath. How will I catch them, if they are running so fast?”
“Hey Kuma! I pointed to him toward a car parked not far away.
“No way! It belongs to vice-president!
“So what?” I asked.
He looked a little bit confused.
“And you call yourself delinquents ? The worst and fierce class in the school? I am disappointed.
“Anyway it is about Noda and Minami?Right?
I nodded my head.