Gokusen Fan Fiction ❯ boys girlish things ❯ My new hospitable mates! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I was really impressed. I was expecting to see black haired, four-eyed nerds. But what I saw really excited me. They are so cool. It is true that, girls go for bad boys.
These were my thoughts a couple of seconds before:
“What is this?
“Where did you get this kid, from kindergarten?
“What an asshole!”
“Go Home!”
Heh, how fast! They didn't even bother to find out on what business I'm here. I've just entered the class and they are telling me to bagger off. How rude! I was just about to say how kakoi they were, especially, the Blondie one, the one with the stylish haircut and also the one who sat besides him. Oh and this cute chubby.
“Guys, Yamaguchi-sensei started, how rude of you. He has just come from another country, from U.S.A.
“USA! Really? The one with stylish haircut shouted in excitement.
“Hey Noda, you traitor! Shouted the Blondie and turned toward teacher. So what? What is my business in it? He can carry his butt back to America.
Everyone started to shout me to bagger off.
Yamaguchi tried to calm them down, but this idiots, didn't allow me to say a single word since I came in. How undemocratic!
“Argh enough! I screamed. Look here, you, bunch of idiots. I also don't feel delight that I will be studying with such dumbass as you. And, you! I pointed to the Blondie. Don't you dare tell me whatever I should leave or go back from where I have come. As far as I know Japan is a democratic county.”
“Yamaguchi-sensei, I used the time while these idiots where in the mental knock out, where can I sit?”
“Hai, Yamaguchi answered, sit there please, she pointed with her hand, I will ask them to bring an extra desk. By the way where is Sawada-kun?”
“He couldn't come today, answered the chubby.”
“Oh I see even Sawada has weak points…Yamaguchi said.”
“Nah, it's not like this. His aunt is ill, so he went to visit her.”
I headed to the desk in the back of the class, while somebody was following me from behind.
“Hey, you! It was Blondie's hostile tone. What do you think you are doing? This is Shin's place.
“Listen here smarty! I turned to him, since this guys is absent, and he won't come sand resulting from thing I said bellow, he doesn't need it. That means that I can use it.
I sat down, and didn't utter a single word to the end of the classes.
“Hey class, we are writing a test next time. Yamaguchi announced.
“What? Everyone started to protest. What' with this? Holly shit!”
During break some of my mates approached to me. There were four of them, those whom I noticed as I entered the classroom. They stood around my desk.
“Hey, have you really lived in America? The stylish guy was asking with the same excitement.”
“Well, yes! I lived there my entire life, up to present.”
Sugoi…..He exclaimed in amazement. I am Noda. He gave me his hand and shook mine. Will you tell me about America?”
“Sure…I returned the shake.”
“For a person who has lived in America his whole life, you look too accommodated with Japanese culture. “
“That's because I was visiting in every summer. My grandfather lived here, so I've never forgotten my roots.”
He smiled.
“My name is Minami. He followed Noda's example and shook my hand too. It's pleasant to hear that people don't forget their roots wherever they are.”
Wow, he is so full of patriotic spirit.
“One more thing, he hesitated, will you introduce me to some American girls? I've heard that they are hot!!!!”
That's where the dog lies buried. I smiled to him in the sign of agreement.
The other two looked at me with disdain and walked away. I continued the conversation with other two.
Someone entered and said something about a guy from other class fighting with the one from 3D. Minami and Noda ran to the place. So I didn't have another choice, so I followed them.
The guy from 3D involved in the conflict was, guess who, blondie. What a show off! The day has just started but he has already manifested himself in so many aspects. As soon as we arrived to the battlefield, Yamaguchi had already beating the shit out of both.
“Why did you do it? Huh? Answer Uchi! She was shaking the blondie , while the other students were holding the other guy.”
Everyone silent please! It was Japanese Alen Delone who has just appeared at the horizon. He looks kind of evil, wearing a triumphant smile.
“What's the matter , Yamaguchi-sensei? Another fighter for justice? he laughed ironically.” I bet 3D are the initiators of the conflict.”
Hey!Hey! Everyone from 3D started to protest.
“Silent! Shouted the vice president, Yamaguchi-sensei, Fujiama-sensei is absent today, so you do take your brave warriors and give them some educational lessons until we decide what to do.”
After a couple of minutes, we were following vice president's orders. My first day of school, and I have to stay an extra lesson, dedicated to the situation happened earlier. I really hate this guy.
“Uchi, started Yamaguchi, and this refer to everybody. No matters what the causes of the conflict are, you should bring your emotions back. Else you will always get in trouble…”
“Why do they always suspect us on doing this? Uchi asked.”
“Because looser is fate! I said angrily.” (I still can't forgive him.)
“Hey aren't you too arrogant? He turned his head toward me. “
“This is not the main problem! Yamaguchi said.”
“But guys from 3A, they are really a pain in the ass, said the chubby. They always provoke us, saying that it would be a miracle if we get accepted in the University. And even if we did, it's going to be the worst university in the whole Japan.
“Kuma is right! Guys supported the idea.”
“Don't we know by ourselves, Kuma continued, that it is impossible for us to get in any universities? Why should they remind us?”
“Hey guys how does it come? Are you so unconfident about yourselves?” Yamaguchi asked.
That situation reminded me about one case which happened in my ex-school, when I still was in America. It was the beginning of last school year. Everyone was discussing about which colleges and universities they are going to attend. Although no one of them what do they really want to do, they all did some assumptions, and someone had dreams, he or she was trying to hold on.
“Hey Yuki, what are you planning to do in future?”
“I? I let the pencil down and started to think. I don't know yet. Actually, I think, Universities are bullshit. The society makes you get in a university and get this shitty diploma, so that you wouldn't look stupid in the eyes of others. What about those who have a dream? They are distancing themselves from the thing they want, when in fact those around you just want you to become looser like them. They do always criticize you and yell that you have to grow up, because you look like a hell-raiser lost in adolescence, with lots of complexes and stuff. I was speaking more and more passionately.”
`What are you talking about you foolish kid? Homeroom teacher stood up and approached to my desk furiously. Do you call this things DREAM? He pointed to my sketches with his index finger. Would it bring you money in future? Are this paintings at least useful to society? I doubt. Things you are talking about are some romantic rubbish invented by some losers who are chasing after their mirage dreams. These people are the worst! They are selfish, thinking that they can do what they want. Why would they? Are they privileged? We all live in a society. Help this society prosper is our ultimate goal. Those who are after their dreams are just parasites of the society. So please don't act as Jeanne Dark and stop confusing this children, cause you give them nothing but meaningless hopes! He said all this with such bitterness in his voice.”
“Teacher, I asked, are you happy?”
End of Flashback
I never found out, what did Yamaguchi said. And I didn't notice immediately that someone was calling me.
“Hey Yuki-kun! Are you planning to sleep here?” It was Noda and Minami.
“Why should we wait for him?” Asked Uchi with indignation.
I smirked at him.
This evening I couldn't think about anything else except the situation what happened in my ex school. I can still hear the voice of my homeroom teacher, when he was telling all those words.